Smackdown – April 12, 2013: To Fandango Or Not To Fandango

Date: April 12, 2013
Location: TD Banknorth Garden Arena, Boston, Massachusetts
Commentators: Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield, Michael Cole

It’s the first show after Wrestlemania but more importantly it’s the first show after Raw where Dolph Ziggler FINALLY cashed in the MITB case and won the world title from Del Rio. Therefore tonight is likely going to be dealing with the fallout from both that and Wrestlemania, which includes an appearance from HHH. Also, given the insanity of the crowd last Monday on Raw, it should be interesting to see how the crowd to night reacts to the show. Let’s get to it.

The opening video is like a movie trailer with the focus on HHH returning to Smackdown to discuss the match with Lesnar at Wrestlemania. We’ll also be talking about Ziggler cashing in the briefcase for the title of course.

Big E. Langston (with no music) opens the show by introducing us to the new World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler. Langston can hold a note about as well as Ricardo can. Dolph talks about how he’s the most physically gifted athlete anyone has ever seen and that’s an understatement. He’s been called the future and this championship proves that the future is now. Dolph heard 80,000 people at Wrestlemania cheering his name in a match he wasn’t even in. His voice sounds really hoarse here. He didn’t win the title because of the fans but rather in spite of them.

Cue Swagger and Colter with the latter congratulating Ziggler for being born in Ohio and living in Florida. However, since Swagger is the one who did the damage to Alberto which allowed Del Rio to take the title. Dolph points out the obvious: Swagger blew his chance at the title at Wrestlemania so go to the back of the line. Jack goes to the ring, looks at Langston, and steps down. Colter says Swagger deserves a title shot and they go to leave, but Dolph cuts the music and keeps talking about how awesome he is.

This brings out Del Rio with a bad limp so Dolph invites him to the ring for his rematch right now. Alberto instead congratulates Ziggler on winning the title because he did the same thing in 2011. When his ankle heals and he gets his rematch, he’ll be getting the title back but until then, hasta la vista baby. Ziggler once again says cut the music because this is STILL his interview time. He’s tired of being interrupted so the next person who comes out here will find out why he’s the best in the world.

Cue Jericho to a big ovation with a big grin on his face. He asks Dolph to shut up because apparently Ziggler is crazy. Oh wait it’s AJ that’s crazy, which sends her into a bit of a fit. Jericho says he’s the original showoff and says that he just came from Booker T’s office. He talks about the Jerichoholics and the Dolphins (apparently Ziggler’s fans) getting to see Ziggler’s first match as champion against Y2J himself.

HELL NO vs. Prime Time Players

Non-title of course. Titus and Kane get things going with O’Neil taking him into the corner for an early advantage. Kane slugs him down and hits the top rope clothesline to take over. Young comes in but runs into the kicks of Bryan as everything breaks down. The NO Lock ends Titus at 1:39.

Shield pops up on screen and congratulates the champions on another win. Ambrose says they didn’t back down on Raw but rather weren’t ready to strike. Believe in the Shield.

Santino Marella vs. Wade Barrett

Another non-title match. Barrett runs him over with a shoulder so Santino tries to nip up, only to crash down to the mat instead of landing on his feet. Barrett kicks him in the ribs and Marella fails another nip up. Off to a chinlock by Barrett followed by a good looking Winds of Change for two. Barrett loads up the Bull Hammer but Santino finally nips up and hits his usual finishing sequence, only to get kicked in the face when he tries the Cobra. Bull Hammer ends this at 2:24.

We look at the Wrestlemania Week video from Raw.

Sheamus comes in to see Booker and is mad about everything Booker did on Raw. They get in an argument when Orton pops in. He wants to know why they were put together in a match but Teddy says calm down and don’t yell at him. Booker makes Orton/Sheamus vs. Big Show in a handicap match.

Funkadactyls/Kaitlyn vs. Tamina Snuka/Bella Twins

Kaitlyn and Tamina start things off and Kaitlyn spears down both Tamina and I think Brie within the first thirty seconds. Off to Naomi for a cross body on Nikki and a mostly botched headscissors. The Rear View slows Nikki down but Brie trips Naomi off the top. Everything breaks down and Nikki slams the back of Naomi’s head onto the mat for the pin at 1:30.

Here’s HHH for his first speech since beating Lesnar. He’s in sunglasses here and says he told us he’d be back. HHH had told Lesnar they weren’t going to fight but rather to war….and here’s 3MB. Slater tells HHH to shut up because 3MB wants to get noticed, so they’re here to jump on HHH. Before they can get in the ring here’s Shield of all people. They pull 3MB off the apron and destroy the Band before starting to swarm HHH themselves. Before they can do anything though, here’s HELL NO for the save. No contact made just like on Raw.

Big Show comes in to yell at Teddy and Booker so Teddy ducks out. Show accuses Booker of being biased against him and threatens to walk out because he doesn’t have to do what Booker says. Booker says go ahead and walk if you want, because Booker is tired of hearing about this contract.

Randy Orton/Sheamus vs. Big Show

Orton’s ribs are taped up. During the entrances we get a video on Sheamus vs. Orton from Raw which edits out all of the chants. Orton and Sheamus have an argument about who starts the match until it’s finally Orton. Randy pounds away in the corner to start but walks into a side slam to change momentum.

Show stands on Orton’s ribs and slams him down for good measure, only to miss a middle rope elbow. The hot tag brings in Sheamus to take Show down with some ax handles to the head. Show comes right back with a spear and a right hand to Orton’s ribs. Orton comes back out of nowhere with an RKO and the Brogue Kick puts Show on the floor for the countout at 4:02.

Rating: D+. This is the first match of the night that I can rate and that’s the best they can do? This was more about story development than the match, even though I’m not sure what this exactly advances. Orton vs. Sheamus would be an interesting feud and the winner would likely be the next challenger to Ziggler, assuming Orton doesn’t turn heel in the process.

Sheamus and Orton are in the back after a break and seem to be fine. Orton goes to get his ribs looked at while Sheamus says that he doesn’t mind that it took two people to get revenge on Big Show. He says size doesn’t matter in the WWE, so here’s Mark Henry to run him over and say yeah it does matter. So much for Orton vs. Sheamus I guess.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston

Non-title yet again. Cesaro overpowers him to start and fires off some forearms, only to get caught in a sunset flip for two. Cesaro hits the gutwrench suplex and the Yodeling Uppercut in the corner for two of his own. Off to a quick reverse chinlock but Kofi fights up and hits some fast chops to take over. Antonio throws Kofi into the air for the European Uppercut to change momentum again but Kofi hits the pendulum kick in the corner. A top rope cross body is caught in a powerslam, only for Kofi to slip down the back and hit Trouble in Paradise for the pin at 3:05. Antonio looked sleepy instead of out cold.

Rating: C-. Wrestlemania has passed, Kofi is still Kofi and Cesaro is still Cesaro. I wouldn’t care for Kingston being champion again as he’s been down that road about five times before, but at least it would protect the title a bit better than Cesaro has been able to do. When did he last get a pin anyway?

We see the end of Raw with Ryback turning on Cena. I’m still not sure if that was a heel turn or not. The video seems to treat it like one.

We hear about Rock being badly injured in the main event of Wrestlemania.

Fandango comes out for the main event. Some fans sing the song but it’s nowhere near Monday.

Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler

It’s non-title again. Ziggler wears the belt backwards for a bit for his entrance and even JBL thinks that’s disrespectful. Jericho hiptosses him down to start and the fans start singing Fandango’s song. Ziggler sends Jericho into the corner and pounds away before charging into a boot from Jericho. Chris chokes away on the ropes but has to chase AJ off, allowing Dolph to hit a Fameasser for two.

We take a break and come back with Ziggler driving an elbow into Jericho’s face. A neckbreaker gets two for the champion and we hit the chinlock. Jericho fights up and hits some shoulder blocks followed by a top rope shot to the head. Ziggler comes right back with a jumping DDT for two and both guys are down. Chris is up first and takes out Langston before getting two off a top rope cross body.

Dolph comes back with a great dropkick for two but the Zig Zag is blocked. The Walls don’t work either but Jericho bulldogs Dolph down and gets two off the Lionsault. Fandango gets on the apron but gets caught by the springboard dropkick. Jericho blocks another Fameasser attempt but is sent into Langston who blasts him a rollup by Dolph for the pin at 7:37 shown of 11:07.

Rating: B-. This was about what you would expect from Jericho vs. Ziggler. Dolph getting a win, even by interference, is fine as he had to get a win after winning the title on Monday. It doesn’t erase nearly a year of being destroyed by everyone in sight but you have to start somewhere I guess. Anyway, fine match for Ziggler to debut with as champion.

Post match Jericho goes after Dolph but Langston lays him out.

Fandango hits the top rope legdrop on the back of Jericho’s neck and poss to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. This was ok, although I’m torn on the ending. Yeah Ziggler is the new world champion, but this Fandango thing has actual mainstream status at the moment. It’s not going to last long though, so I’d find some way to strike while they can. At the same time it would be nice to see Dolph get the spotlight, but he did win and he won because of his enforcer and not Fandango, so at least he’s got that. The crowd wasn’t as interesting tonight but the show was better overall, so Smackdown is ahead of raw after Wrestlemania so far.


HELL NO b. Prime Time Players – NO Lock to O’Neal

Wade Barrett b. Santino Marella – Bull Hammer

Tamina Snuka/Bella Twins b. Funkadactyls/Kaitlyn – Mat slam to Naomi

Sheamus/Randy Orton b. Big Show via countout

Kofi Kingston b. Antonio Cesaro – Trouble in Paradise

Dolph Ziggler b. Chris Jericho – Rollup

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  1. thanks for the review KB – as always

    curious to know, why you think the Fandango gig won’t last long?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I have little faith in the company to be able to maintain a push in any way, shape or form for more than a few months at most.

  2. CCTV says:

    KB, don’t you think HHH is the semi-Hogan of WWE right now? people don’t give a shit to his feud with Lesnar, but he appears, takes time & shoots boring promos as if he has saved this earth from Brock..

  3. Cena sucks says:

    Were there any crowd noise edits?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I didn’t notice any but I rarely notice the noise being pumped in or anything like that in the first place.

  4. Jay H says:

    Sounded like the Boston Crowd was pretty into it and I rarely heard any noise being pumped in.

    SuperSteve16 Reply:

    The fans seemed to cheer way too much for the divas so I would say their was edits