Thought of the Day: AJ Styles As Sting

I saw someone mention this and it makes a lot of sense.It’s clear that TNA is doing the Sting from 1997 storyline with AJ.  That would be fine but the motivation doesn’t work.  Sting had been WCW’s flagship for years and then they decided they didn’t trust him when the NWO lied about him.  AJ is like this because he lost a match to Christopher Daniels.  Yeah there was all the stuff before that with Claire, but once AJ was exonerated of that he was fine.


In other words, AJ is just whining and we’re supposed to be all upset because he can’t get over a loss to a guy he’s fought (and lost to before) like a thousand times?  That’s kind of hard to buy into.


  1. Mouldylocks says:

    Not only has he lost to Christopher daniels before, I’m fairly certain if you added up all the wins/losses in their feuds A.J would surely be the victor? The Parallels between this storyline and the sting storyline are certainly there but it feels rushed. I’m sure AJ is usually the “here of TNA” the past 10 times it’s been taken over… with the exception of his time in fourtune but I stopped watching then so maybe I’m wrong and fourtune did turn on Immortal.

    KB what are your toughts on the M.E.M storyline? and did you ever review the “riot” episode of Impact?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    It was the same stuff Russo always comes up with: a faction war.

    I don’t believe so.

  2. M.R. says:

    It’s an insult to the NWO and Sting to call this rendition a watered down version. This is a torrential downpour.

  3. Jordan says:

    AJ as Sting is the only slightly believable part of this whole angle. AJ has been there since day one and was the face of the company in the early years. He has been pushed aside since Hogan came along, so the angle works to an extent. But Aces and 8’s as NWO? Bully Ray as Hogan? Hall and Nash are replaced with freaking D-Von and Mr. Anderson? Not to mention the rest of the stable are just jobbers. If the stable was composed of different guys, then it could maybe work. But Aces is the worst stable I’ve seen “take over” a wrestling company.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    That’s anothe thing I don’t get about Aces and 8’s: how are they taking over? Last night we heard Sting say he was taking Ray’s power from him. I’ve never understood how being world champion gives you power. I also don’t get why Hogan doesn’t book Ray in like a 37 man gauntlet match for the title if it’s SO important to get it off of him.

    Jordan Reply:

    As long as BFG 2013 isn’t a repeat of Starrcade 1997, I’ll be okay with everything. Give AJ the moment Sting should have had in 1997 and put him over as the hero of the company.

  4. Jay H says:

    The problem with Aces/Eights is they were booked like idiots for 9 months and then Bully Ray turns at Lockdown which helps it a little but not much. Its the Dudleyz & Mr Anderson along with guys who haven’t done anything their whole careers combined. BTW KB do you think Bully’s Promos are getting a little recycled with the whole Do U Know Who I am and all that?

    The AJ thing bothers me thinking about it. Hasn’t he pretty much won every major Match with Christopher Daniels? Then he loses the last one and is all of sudden fed up with TNA,just doesn’t add up.