On This Day: August 6, 1988 – Superstars of Wrestling 1988: How Could They Do This To Tito?

Superstars of Wrestling
Date: August 6, 1988
Location: LaCrosse Center, LaCross, Wisconsin
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jesse Ventura

This is an interesting time for the company as we’re coming up on the first Summerslam. Interestingly enough Hogan isn’t champion at this time as Savage won the title at Wrestlemania IV. There’s almost no way of telling what you’re going to get on these syndicated shows but odds are there will be a lot of squashes. Let’s get to it.

Vince and Jesse talk about Summerslam where Jesse will be the guest referee in the main event.

Intro sequence.

Don Muraco vs. Dave Wagner

The arena appears to be tiny. Wagner looks like Taz with Daniel Bryan’s beard. Muraco takes him into the corner as Greg Valentine talks trash in the inset interview. They didn’t have a match at Summerslam so I’m not sure why we’d hear from him. The announcers talk about Muraco having a match against Dino Bravo at the PPV so I wonder why Valentine is already setting up another feud. Muraco sends him into the corner and rides Wager down to the mat with a knee. A tombstone so sloppy it would get Taker fined today is good for the pin.


This is the control center segment, which is something I’d like to see come back. It’s Gene in a studio previewing various Summerslam matches. We get a clip from a few weeks ago of DiBiase jumping Savage from behind so Andre could destroy him. Savage needed a partner for the main event of Summerslam and the choice was obvious. Jesse was named as guest referee, which made it look like DiBaise had the match in the bag. Jesse appaered to be afraid of Andre and to be on DiBiase’s payroll. It’s a really basic video but it hits every point it’s supposed to and tells you exactly what you need to know.

Also Summerslam is on a Monday. Sign of the times.

Ted DiBiase vs. Mike Richards

Richards is from Milwaukee so he gets one of the biggest reactions ever for a jobber. He would have a long run in WCW as part of the jobbing tag team Disorderly Conduct as Mean Mike. DiBiase has Heenan, Andre and Virgil with him. Richards scores a quick armdrag but DiBiase easily takes him down and hits a series of falling fists. A powerslam plants Mike and the Million Dollar Dream ends this quick.

Hart Foundation vs. Tom Stone/Chris Curtis

The Harts are faces here and get a tag title shot at Summerslam. Jimmy Hart is still their official manager but he doesn’t associate with them anymore. Stone was one of the longer tenured jobbers of the company. Why am I going into such detail on a squash? Anvil dropkicks Curtis down and it’s off to Stone for a hard slam. Off to Bret who drops some elbows before it’s back to Anvil for shouting. The squash just keeps going and Anvil pulls Stone up after a powerslam. The Hart Attack finally ends it.

Rating: D. Nothing to see here but the fans were excited for the Hart Attack. The idea of the tag title match is that the Harts have no chance without Jimmy in their corner so they get to look good in a squash. It’s a simple idea that doesn’t involve a GM or a qualifying match or anything stupid like that.

Terry Taylor vs. Chris Todd

Taylor has been in the company for about a week here. His inset interview would suggest he’s a heel but with a nickname of Scary Terry, I don’t see good things in his future. It could be worse though: he could be a cross between a person and a bird. Jesse brags about how he’s in good shape until Taylor finishes this with a Sharpshooter.

The Mega Powers are ready for the Mega Bucks. Liz gives Savage a kiss on the cheek and Hogan asks for one as well.

Tito Santana vs. Tim Dixon

Tito grabs the arm to start as the announcers talk about Summerslam matches other than the main event. That lasts for all of twenty seconds as Vince asks Jesse if he’s afraid of Andre. Tito stays on the arm for a minute and a half until Dixon bails to the floor. The announcers bicker some more until Tito realizes how boring this is and wins with the forearm.

Rating: D-. My goodness dude you’re Tito Santana. You’re better than this. The match was terrible with the whole match being an armbar until the ending. I’m a big Santana fan but this was really dull stuff. That being said, it’s a late 80s Superstars match so this is par for the course for the most part.

Here’s Honky Tonk Man with something to say. Summerslam is Beefcake’s final chance at Honky Tonk Man’s title so Honky is thrilled to sign. Beefcake won’t be cutting Honky’s hair or taking the title.

Bolsheviks vs. J.T. Thomas/Warren Bianchi

We get the Russian national anthem before the beating begins. The Powers of Pain are ready for the Russians and talk about a wild kingdom. Boris slams Warren down and drops him throat first on the top rope. Off to Bianchi who gets kneed in the head and put on Nikolai’s shoulder for a powerbomb. Boris comes off the top with a forearm to the chest for good measure and we’re done.

Jake Roberts vs. Harley Manson

We’re almost out of time so Jake hits a quick DDT for the pin. Seriously there’s almost nothing more to it than that.

Demolition is ready for the Hart Foundation.

Dino Bravo of all people gets to say he’ll beat Muraco to take us out.

Overall Rating: D-. This was boring even for Superstars standards. The whole thing was dull squash after dull squash and Vince accusing Jesse of not being a good choice as referee for the Summerslam main event. When you can bore me with a Tito Santana match, it’s clearly not a good show.

Here’s Summerslam if you’re interested:


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  1. MikeCheyne says:

    Man, even by dork face Vince standards, he was kind of annoying in this episode, constantly whining about Jesse being a questionable choice as referee. Usually I find Jesse pretty unlikeable on commentary but I was taking his side by the end of the show.