Monday Night Raw – February 10, 2003: Sacre Bleu What A Waste Of My Time

Monday Night Raw
Date: February 10, 2003
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

We’re coming up on No Way Out, meaning Eric Bischoff is still looking for Steve Austin and we’re still being subjected to Steiner vs. HHH. Evolution is officially around now, meaning the dark days of Raw are now upon us. There’s very little good going on at the moment, meaning this is going to be in for a long episode. Let’s get to it.

We open with an In Memory graphic for Curt Hennig who died earlier in the day. It’s a shame he had so many substance abuse issues.

We recap Vince’s ultimatum to Eric, giving him 30 days to turn Raw around or Shane McMahon will take his job. Eric’s solution: bring back Steve Austin. He went to Texas to find Austin last week but just found some very strong stereotypes.

Theme song.

Apparently the thirty days are up tonight. How a thirty day countdown can start on a Monday and end another Monday isn’t exactly explained but here’s Eric to open the show. He isn’t sure if Austin will be back at No Way Out or not but Vince might be on the way here to fire him right now. Eric is glad to be back in Hollywood among his own people instead of being stuck in that horrible Texas town from last week. He asks the fans one favor: please let Vince know that they support Eric’s efforts. This turns into a demand but the fans still aren’t pleased.

Eric reminds us that he’s still the boss around here until Vince arrives, so let’s talk to JR a bit. Bischoff demands JR get up and take off his headset so Eric can yell at him over his lack of support for re-signing Austin. It’s all JR’s fault, but JR says maybe it’s because Austin hates Eric’s guts for how he fired Austin from WCW. Eric likes this firing idea and fires JR until Austin signs again.

Evolution arrives.

Christian vs. Test

Christian is Jericho’s buddy so this is a result of Jericho blasting Stacy with a chair a few weeks ago. Test throws Christian around to start and chokes with the boot, only to have Christian rakes the eyes to take over. A boot to the head gets two as Coach comes in to replace JR on commentary. Test comes back with some clotheslines and a tilt-a-whirl slam for two. The first attempt at a big boot misses but Test counters the Unprettier and kicks Christian’s head off for the pin. Nothing match here.

Post match Christian gets in a cheap shot while Test is talking to Stacy. Christian goes after Stacy but Jeff Hardy of all people makes the save, despite teasing a heel turn for awhile now.

JR is on the phone with someone and trying to get hold of Austin.

We look back and Booker and Goldust splitting after losing their tag title shot last week. This continues to make no sense given how hot they were as a team, but nothing made sense on Raw in 2003. Goldust also got electrocuted by Evolution after the loss, turning him into an epileptic.

Booker T vs. D’Lo Brown

Booker dedicates this one to Goldie but Brown’s music cuts him off. Before the match, Teddy Long suggests replacing Goldust with Brown so that the white man can’t keep the man down anymore. Booker pops Brown in the face and pounds away in the corner but can’t hit the ax kick. Brown leg lariats Booker down but the ax kick connects a second later for the pin. Total squash.

Jericho barges into Bischoff’s office and tries to get out of his match with Test. The match isn’t canceled but Jericho gets a match with Jeff Hardy as a bonus.

Jazz vs. Molly Holly

This is Jazz’s first official match back after being out for about nine months. Jazz easily takes her down to start before cranking on the arm. Molly comes back with a quick Japanese armdrag, only to be elbowed in the jaw for two. Jazz hooks a SICK looking submission hold which can best be described as a half Indian deathlock and half reverse Cattle Mutilation.

She has to let it go pretty quickly to prevent from killing Molly but gets two off a butterfly suplex. Molly tries some chops as the idiot fans are calling this boring. That submission hold alone keeps this from being called boring. Jazz’s half crab into an STF gets the submission.

Rating: C-. The match was nothing great but Jazz looked awesome out there. Yeah I actually said that. We never really got a good submission master in the Divas division so this was a nice change of pace. Unfortunately Jazz had the personality of a slug so she never went anywhere.

Jazz beats up Molly again post match with the double chickenwing and another STF.

JR gets a call from Steve. From Oklahoma. Isn’t it amazing how lucky it was to have the cameras there to pick this up RIGHT AFTER A MATCH? I know this is normal for wrestling, but have this kind of stuff pop up in the middle of a match to make it seem realistic for a change.

Kane/Rob Van Dam vs. 3 Minute Warning

Jamal (Umaga) slams Rob down to start but Rob takes out the legs and gets two off the standing moonsault. Rob goes up top but gets shoved face first into the barricade, allowing Rico to get in a cheap shot on the floor. Back in and it’s off to Rosey for a splash for two. The match keeps going slowly as Jamal comes back in, only to have Rob backflip out of a belly to back suplex.

A clothesline puts Van Dam back down for two but he ducks another clothesline which takes Rosey down by mistake. Kane gets the hot tag to clean house with all of his usual stuff. Rosey breaks up a chokeslam attempt on Jamal so Kane kicks both of them in the face. Rob comes in as well for his usual stuff and Rolling Thunder gets two on Jamal. Everything breaks down and it’s a chokeslam and Five Star to Jamal for the pin.

Rating: D. This is one of those matches where you can only say it existed. There’s just nothing else going on in this match and it showed badly. I have no idea who thought splitting up the tag titles in 2002 was a good idea but it was clear by this point that there was no way to support them. Hence why they went on for about five more years of course.

Vince arrives and wants to know why JR is in the parking garage.

Here’s Vince in the arena after a break. Vince says he has to make a lot of hard decisions but tonight isn’t one of them. He calls out Bischoff and Chief Morely for the firing, despite it being 22 days since he issued the thirty day warning. Morely isn’t going to be fired immediately, but he has to beat all three Dudleys in a match to keep his job.

That leaves Eric alone with Vince. Bischoff says he hasn’t signed Austin for No Way Out and that’s enough for Vince. Before he can fire Bischoff though, Eric brings out some special lesbians. They’re bisexual lesbians and I suddenly have a throbbing headache. Vince says tonight is about business and fires Bischoff anyway. We even get the goodbye song from the boss and a McMahon strut.

Regal and Storm suck up to Vince in hopes of getting the GM spot. Vince promises to name a new GM tonight.

Chief Morely vs. Dudley Boys

Morely gets a jobber entrance and is in street clothes. Remember that this is a three on one match with Spike teaming with the more famous Dudleys. Spike jumps Morely to start and the beatdown is on quickly. Morely has his shirt ripped open as the fans want tables. Apparently the Dudleys don’t have to tag here. A triple stomping sends Morely to the floor and Bubba throws Spike on top of him for good measure. Morely is sent into the steps a few times including once with Bubba holding them in the air. The Dudley Dog and 3D end this destruction.

Rating: D-. The fans liked it at least but there wasn’t anything else to that. This has been a very story heavy version of Raw and that’s not good in large doses. It helps to have Morely gone due to how annoying he could get, but that still doesn’t really make the show all that entertaining. Nothing to see here, again.

The Dudleys put Morely through a table because they can.

Eric asks JR if he’s heard from Austin but JR says he hasn’t. JR isn’t interested in being friends either.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Batista

Spear, Batista Bomb, pin.

Evolution comes in for the beatdown but Booker comes in for the save. He gets beaten down as well but Scott Steiner makes the real save.

Jeff Hardy and Shawn have a moment in the back after Shawn kicked his head off last week.

Stacy has a new marketing idea for Test: GGW. Yes it’s Girls Gone Wild, no there weren’t any naked Divas.

Bischoff is cleaning out his office when the Dudleys come in to sing the Goodbye Song again. He’s staying isn’t he?

Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy

This HAS to get some time right? Jericho takes him down with a headlock to start but Jeff fights up with some right hands to the head. A headscissors gets two on Chris but Jericho throws him out to the floor. Jericho does the Hogan hand to the ear but misses a springboard dive, allowing Jeff to score with a not great looking Asai Moonsault. A whip into the steps gets two for Hardy and he dropkicks Jericho out of the air to keep control.

Hardy loads up the Swanton but Jericho sends the referee into the ropes to crotch Jeff. This match isn’t flowing well at all but it’s not terrible. Jericho goes up top for a butterfly superplex but Jeff is up at two again. Hardy gets his back bent over Jericho’s knee but he rolls up Jericho to block the Walls for two. A clothesline puts Hardy down again though and Jericho chokes on the ropes. We hit the chinlock for a bit before Hardy avoids a charge to send Chris’ shoulder into the post.

The Twist of Fate gets two but the crowd is just gone. Back up again and Jericho pounds away in the corner but gets caught by the Whisper in the Wind for two. Jericho takes out the legs and puts on the Walls but Hardy quickly makes the rope. Chris goes up top, only to have Jeff run the ropes ala Kurt Angle into a belly to belly suplex. The Swanton gets two due to a foot on the ropes but Hardy’s hurricanrana is countered into the Walls for the submission.

Rating: C. The match was ok but there was no spirit to it. It’s like they were just going through moves instead of having a match if that makes sense. The match wasn’t bad or anything, but Hardy looked like he was just out there to fill in a spot on the card instead of doing anything great.

Vince tells Evolution he’s about to name the new GM. He also makes HHH/Batista vs. Booker T/Scott Steiner for next week. Anyone ever notice we almost never get a match advertised for the next week’s show anymore?

Here’s Vince for the announcement. Lawler: “Pick me!” Instead Vince brings out JR….but he’s not the GM. Bischoff follows him out as JR is guaranteeing Vince that Austin will be here. Since Austin is coming back, JR can come back too, meaning he’s rehired. Bischoff and Morely get to keep their jobs too, making tonight ENTIRELY POINTLESS. Oh wait Vince says Eric has to join his special club so there go the pant. He makes it do tricks but Bischoff refuses. Therefore, Vince makes Bischoff vs. Austin for No Way Out to end the show.

Overall Rating: F. This might have been the least important show I can remember in my entire career of reviewing these things. We spent the entire night building up an angle, only to have the whole thing be rendered pointless at the end. On top of that, the matches SUCKED and nothing of note happened as a result of any of them. Horrible show with no redeeming value at all.

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