2013 Awards: Worst Wrestler of the Year

I changed my mind on this at the last minute.My first pick was Eva Marie, who serves no purpose other than looking good in small outfits.  To be fair though, she’s not half bad at that so she at least has something going for her.  Instead, my pick is from TNA.  Well he was at least.


I’m going with Chavo Guerrero.  I’ve watched wrestling for a long time and I can’t remember anyone that made me lose interest faster than Chavo.  His matches are usually good but I just do not care about anything he does or says.  His character is simply “I’m Eddie’s nephew!” which is even less than people like Miz or Alex Riley, the black holes of characters.  Most of the time I can bring myself up to indifference, but Chavo brings me down to a level that no one else is capable of.  Chavo wins this but thankfully he’s gone for now.

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  1. Ted says:

    If Eva Marie’s only talent is looking good she should be a model. Not a wrestler who could injure herself or others.