2013 Awards: Most Improved

This one took some time.One of the most common choices I see for this is Magnus and I really don’t get why.  He’s improved somewhat but it’s really more that he’s been pushed more than gotten better.  The same holds true for Roman Reigns, who has been the explosive power guy of Shield the entire time but has been pushed as a major force over the last few months.

If we’re talking about someone who got much better, look no further than NXT Champion Bo Dallas.  This guy started off the year as one of the only acts on NXT that made me want to fast forward but the heel turn changed everything.  Now that Dallas is just SO over the top that it’s hard not to live him.  The reaction when he loses the title is going to be off the charts and that’s why the character works so well.  Also getting rid of that spear and switching to the bulldog was a great change.

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  1. ajrodz says:

    Cody Rhodes,is the best hes been in wwe this year.