Monday Night Raw – January 13, 2014: YES I Did Tell You So

Monday Night Raw
Date: January 13, 2014
Location: Dunkin’ Donuts Center, Providence, Rhode Island
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry Lawler

We’re only two weeks out from the Rumble though it feels like there are months to go. The field is still wide open and that’s usually a good sign, but the Rumble doesn’t feel like a big deal right now. Actually nothing does, as everything feels only big but not huge. Obviously that could change, but we’re still a long way off from Wrestlemania which is all that really matters. Let’s get to it.

Wyatt Family vs. Usos

It’s Bryan/Bray for once here and Bryan is extra aggressive tonight. Jey fights him off but Daniel takes him into the corner for the tag off to Wyatt who kicks away in the corner. Back to Bryan who rips at Jey’s face and drops a knee to the chest before it’s off to Bray for some evil sneering. Bray cannonballs down onto Jey’s chest and runs him over in the corner.

Daniel comes in again for the YES Kicks as the fans aren’t pleased with Bryan at all. Daniel puts on a chinlock but Jey fights up and enziguris him down, allowing for the hot tag to Jimmy. The Usos start cleaning house and send the Wyatts to the floor for the stereo dives. Back in and the other Family members run in for the DQ at 5:35.

Rating: C-. This was more about the story than the action and there’s nothing wrong with that. Daniel is still going to get something big out of this, perhaps even winning the Rumble, but tonight was a good way of using him in the stable. It advances the story, which is what you need right now.

Post match the Usos fight off the monsters and escape, leaving Daniel on the mat with Bray pacing back and forth. Daniel gets up and Bray whispers something to him, sending Bryan to his knees with his arms out. Bray gives him Sister Abigail and says that was for all of them. All four Wyatts leave together.

John Cena vs. Damien Sandow

Cena armdrags him down to start and cranks on an armbar as the announcers talk about how bad Sandow’s year ended. A hiptoss puts Sandow down again for two but he pops back up and takes over with some headbutts as we take a break. Back with Sandow working on the arm but missing a knee drop. Cena initiates his finishing sequence but the AA is countered into an Edge-O-Matic for two.

Sandow’s neckbreaker is countered but Cena can’t get the STF. Damien kicks the knee out and puts on an Edgecator (Sharpshooter to start but Sandow doesn’t step over and pushes the legs forward instead of pulling). Cena is easily out and grabs a half nelson slam, only to spin around into a neckbreaker for two.

John goes up top and shoves Sandow away, only to catch him with a tornado DDT for two. Sandow counters the AA into a sunset flip for two more before spinning a neckbreaker into a DDT for another near fall. You’re Welcome is countered into the STF but Damien is quickly into the ropes. Sandow grabs a Crossface but Cena powers up into the AA for the pin at 10:25.

Rating: B-. Not as good as the MITB match due to the lack of drama but this was a very nice surprise. These two have chemistry in the ring but Sandow’s stock is so low that there’s almost no way to believe he’s going to beat Cena. Still though, much better than I expected it to be.

Video on the WWE Network. That’s going to be awesome.

Kane is looking at some papers when Brad Maddox comes in. Brad makes fun of Kane for letter the show fall apart already but Kane says Brad should be reenforcing the rules. Maddox makes Bryan/Bray vs. Usos in a cage for later. Kane says the door is chained and locked and he’ll have the key.

Big Show vs. Jack Swagger

Before the match we see Big Show throwing Lesnar around last week. Show throws Swagger around to start and headbutts him around the ring. A splash in the corner sets up a shoulder tackle to send Jack flying. The chokeslam ends the squash at 1:20. It’s so nice to have them mix up the jobbers every now and then.

Big Show chases Cesaro off and punches Zeb out because he’s not a nice guy.

New Age Outlaws/CM Punk vs. Shield

Rematch from Smackdown. Billy starts with Ambrose with Dean getting in some shots to the head to take over. Off to Rollins who is in long sleeves tonight and allows the tag to Road Dogg. Seth kicks him in the ribs and brings in Ambrose to rip at Dogg’s face a bit. Punk gets the tag and cleans house on Dean, including driving elbows into the head in the corner. Rollins comes in but has to fight out of a GTS, only to bring in Reigns to a noticeable pop.

Punk and Reigns slug it out with punk getting the better of it, only to be punched in the chest to give Roman control. Reigns is low bridged to the floor, allowing Punk to hit a suicide dive as we take a break. Back with Rollins dropping Punk and tagging in Reigns, who heads to the floor for a dropkick to the side of Punk’s head as it hangs over the bottom rope. That’s INSANELY athletic. Ambrose puts on a chinlock and stops Punk’s comeback attempt before bringing Rollins back in.

Seth takes Punk into the corner for some knees to the ribs. Dean stays on those ribs with some stomps and throws Punk to the floor in a heap. Punk reverses a whip into the steps but Reigns throws Ambrose back in to cut off Punk’s chance. A springboarding Rollins can’t take Punk own but Reigns gets between Punk and the corner. CM is all good with that and high kicks Reigns down…..but the Outlaws drop to the floor, leaving Punk 3-1. The numbers game catches Punk about 30 seconds later as Reigns spears him down for the pin at 15:31.

Rating: C. This was again about the story and there’s nothing wrong with that. If I had to guess, that’s the start of Punk vs. HHH at Wrestlemania which is a match about two years overdue. It’s also likely a way to get the Outlaws out of the ring, which is the right idea. They’re a nostalgia act, meaning their shelf life is limited at best.

Punk gets TripleBombed post match.

Bray tells Bryan that they’ve been inside a cage their entire lives but tonight they find absolution. Bryan freaks out and says the same thing.

Funkadactyls vs. AJ Lee/Tamina Snuka

Before the match, NXT Diva Emma is shown in the crowd and identified by the announcers. That’s a good addition to the division if it happens. Cameron takes Tamina down with a headscissors to start but gets draped over the top rope for two. Off to AJ who gets two off a neckbreaker, skips around a bit, and ends her with the Shining Wizard at 2:52. Total squash and Naomi was never in.

Post match Naomi makes the save and sends AJ running.

Orton is looking for the Authority and finds Kane after the break. He raves about all the people coming after him because he’s the champion but Kane cuts him off. Orton can have Kofi tonight.

We get the first inductee into the Hall of Fame: the Ultimate Warrior.

Paul Heyman goes on a long rant about Big Show having his pituitary gland removed, leading to a massive case of stupidity. That’s the only way you can explain him going after Brock Lesnar. Heyman ensures us that Lesnar isn’t as easy to take out as Jack Swagger and he’ll prove that at the Rumble.

Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston

Non-title. Orton is especially ticked off tonight and sends Kofi to the floor. A whip into the barricade gets two for the champ and he clotheslines Kofi down for no cover. Kofi is sent to the floor again but he manages to send Randy into the announce table a few times to get a breather. Back inside and Orton sends him face first into the middle buckle before superplexing Kingston down for two. Orton drops a knee to the face but Kofi comes back with strikes to the head to knock Orton outside. Kofi follows him to the floor and sends Orton face first into the barricade as we take a break.

Back with Orton ramming Kofi into the announce table before taking him back inside for a chinlock. Kofi fights up but gets sent to the floor and into the steps for the third time tonight. Make it four as Orton is all insane again. A hard stomp to the side of the head gets two and we hit the chinlock again.

Orton shrugs off a comeback and walks around a lot more. Kofi gets a quick two off a backslide so Orton uppercuts him down for another chinlock. The hold is broken and Kofi avoids a knee drop. A dropkick sets up the Boom Drop but Orton rolls away and loads up the Elevated DDT….but Kofi counters into the SOS for the completely clean pin at 16:51.

Rating: D+. This was mind warping. First and foremost, WAY too long with the chinlocks and walking around. I get the idea of Orton letting Kofi hang in there and getting pinned, but there are far better ways to go about it than that. Then there’s the booking which is crazy enough if you think about it for more than three seconds. Orton is the new world champion, meaning he should not be getting pinned on Raw. It’s stuff like that which crippled the World Heavyweight Title and they don’t need to do it with the one title.

Post match Orton throws a fit and destroys a bunch of stuff before hitting John Cena’s dad in the front row. Security pulls him away and Cena comes out to tend to his Pop.

After the break Cena’s dad is taken out on a stretcher.

Cody Rhodes/Goldust vs. Ryback/Curtis Axel

Non-title again. Axel hammers away on Goldust to start before the golden one comes back with an uppercut. Off to Ryback as the announcers mention his big Twitter rant over the weekend. Cody comes in with a not great moonsault press for two before it’s back to Goldust who has to deal with Axel making a blind tag. Curtis gets in a clothesline to the back of the head and it’s quickly back to Ryback for a chinlock. The announcers tell some far more entertaining inside jokes about Lawler in the AWA but unfortunately Cole gets back to the match.

Goldust comes back with a bulldog to put Ryback down and the hot tag brings in Cody. House is cleaned very slowly with Cody hitting a kick to the ribs and a missile dropkick to put Curtis down. The Disaster Kick staggers Ryback on the apron but Axel grabs a rollup for two. Axel’s neckbreaker is countered into Cross Rhodes for the pin at 6:05.

Rating: D+. This just didn’t do it for me for some reason. Ryback’s Twitter rant looks like it’s going to be turned into a storyline which isn’t a bad idea at all. The match however didn’t work, possibly due to Cody and Goldust clearing out the division in just a few months. Not terrible but nothing to see here.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysteriou

Del Rio is still aggressive, driving Rey into the corner and slamming him down for two. Rey comes back with a headscissors but can’t hit the 619. Del Rio bails to the floor and gets caught by a seated senton off the pron. Back in and Rey kicks Alberto in the head for two, only to get caught with a Codebreaker to the arm.

An armbar doesn’t get Del Rio anywhere so he takes Rey down with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. The arm is wrapped around the ropes again but Del Rio’s chargs hits the post to give Rey a break. Alberto’s Alabama Slam is counterd into a headscissors and the 619 but Rey gets crotched on the top. The running enziguri sets up the armbreker to make Rey tap at 4:55.

Rating: D+. Again this didn’t have time to go anywhere but it wasn’t far above a squash. Del Rio’s psychology in the ring continues to be solid but his character is so boring that I just can’t care at all. He’ll still be a good first feud for Batista, even though he’s just a warmup for Big Dave.

Post match Del Rio says that was a preview for Batista.

Same Network video from earlier.

Punk complains to Kane about the Outlaws and enters the Rumble.

We get a very well edited clip of the Usos talking about their match, show “moments ago.”

Usos vs. Wyatt Family

Inside a cage with Kane holding the key to the door. It’s a brawl to start with the Usos being sent into the cage and choked a lot. Jey gets backdropped into the steel as the pace slows even more. Daniel tries to throw a charging Jimmy into the cage but Jimmy climbs up for an escape attempt. Bryan and Jimmy fight on top of the cage but Bray goes up as well to pull Jimmy backinside. Jey pulls Bray down to the mat and does the same to Bryan with a Russian legsweep as we take a break.

We’re quickly back with the Wyatts in control again until Jey slams Bray’s head into the cage a few times, setting up a Whisper in the Wind for two. A double belly to back superplex puts Daniel down but Bray is back into it. He blocks a superkick from Jey but takes too long setting up Sister Abigail, allowing Jimmy to superkick Bray for the save. The Wyatts make a double save to keep the Usos from escaping but the twins knock Bray and Daniel down. Jimmy dives on Rowan and Jey climbs down for the win at 11:15 for our second big upset of the night.

Rating: C-. It’s nice to see a new team win the match and we get more development in the Bryan storyline. Kane played no role in the match at all but he doesn’t have a connection to anyone in it at the moment. I’m an Usos fan so I have very few complaints here. Not the best match but still good enough.

Post match Bray smiles and Bryan drops to his knees, but this time he shoves Bray away from hitting Sister Abigail. Bray’s eyes get all freaky as Daniel is listening to the fans. Now Bray is looking nervous and offers to let Bryan have a free shot. Daniel isn’t sure what to do so Bray calls him a coward. Bray charges but misses in the corner and Daniel erupts on him with running dropkicks. There are the YES Kicks as Harper and Rowan can’t get past the locked door. Daniel rips off the coveralls and destroys Bray with everything he’s got. One of the loudest YES chants you’ll ever hear sets up the running knee to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. The show had an energy that it’s been missing for way too long now. The Rumble is starting to take shape which has been missing until tonight. We have a personal reason for Cena and Orton to be fighting and people started talking about winning the Rumble. That’s all you can ask for about one of the last shows before the Rumble and Batista returning will make for a great go home show. As for Bryan, I told you two weeks ago that he wasn’t going to be a Wyatt long and would come out of this looking fine. Why you people don’t listen to me more often is beyond me.


Usos b. Wyatt Family via DQ when Luke Harper and Erick Rowan interfered

John Cena b. Damien Sandow – Attitude Adjustent

Big Show b. Jack Swagger – Chokeslam

AJ Lee/Tamina Snuka b. Funkadactyls – Shining Wizard to Cameron

Kofi Kingston b. Randy Orton – SOS

Cody Rhodes/Goldust b. Ryback/Curtis Axel – Cross Rhodes to Axel

Alberto Del Rio b. Rey Mysterio – Cross armbreaker

Usos b. Wyatt Family – Usos escaped the cage


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  1. WWEFan2014 says:

    Awful show for me tonight. Ending and more Punk/HHH seeds being planted was the only good I got from this show. Everything else I’ve pretty much forgotten.

  2. Bill says:

    Jesus Christ, you write the same shit over and over.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    You’re just now picking up on that?

    LSN Reply:

    Its called developing a style, Bill. Whether you realize it or not, if you want to be good at your job, if you have one, you need to define how youre going to do it.

  3. Killjoy says:

    Kofi upsets Orton and Orton jumps Cena’s dad? Seems WWE decided to go green and recycle.

  4. Jay H. (the real one) says:

    KB I believed all along Daniel Bryan would not be with The Wyatts long. It was short lived but what a great moment at the end and a very good Show I thought.

  5. Mystery Man says:

    That ending sucked. Biggest letdown in years.

  6. roger says:

    “Why you people don’t listen to me more often is beyond me.”

    Egotistical comments like that mostly.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Well feel free to call me egotistical. I’ll be over here being right.