Nice Soccer (Football For You Strange European People) Website

It’s for a local team called Darlington 1883 and is operated by one of my readers.  I’m not entirely sure what level they’re at as I’m not a fan of the sport but the team name sounds cool.  Check them out.


  1. zappa says:

    Technicality North america would be the weird people, as every other country in the world calls soccer football.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    USA! USA! USA!

    zappa Reply:


    zod Reply:

    I believe he’s trying to suggest america is more correct than the rest of the world?

  2. jimmyglass says:

    your such a great guy KB,vthank you for plugging the site. here’s a link to a Wikipedia article on the team. and please make sure to visit the site if you have a interest in soccer or just English culture in general