Wrestlemania Pre-Show Match Announced

It’s the Tag Team Title fourway.  No shock there and it’s a good choice to fire up the crowd.

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  1. Killjoy says:

    To be honest, that kinda sucks. Swagger, Cesaro and Big E. had a developing feud going and WWE just tossed out of the card because they didn’t want 2 Triple Threats on the show. Even though they basically have 2 battle royals. The Uso’s tag team title won was built up for a good while and they don’t get to the main card? Neither does Cesaro after headlining the last show?

    I know it’s the pre-show and such, but to me it feels like being on the episode of Heat before Wrestlemania airs rather than the actual show itself. It doesn’t help that now only the World title and Divas title will be defended on the show.

    WWE has 6 titles and only 1 title gets defended consistently on the show. There’s plenty of space on the 7 match card.