MVP Out of Slammiversary, Replacement To Be Announced Sunday

This was expected for awhile.  They don’t have a ton of options, but maybe they swap in Lashley and bring Bobby Roode back in to fill in a spot.  It’s the danger of the taping schedule but there’s not much else they can do.  Unfortunately this probably means more Eric Young as champion.


  1. Jordan says:

    It was just announced it’s gonna be Lashley vs Joe and Aries vs King in two qualifiers. Then it will be a 3-way for the title inside a Steel Cage for some reason.

  2. M.R. says:

    What the hell happened to their roster? The last time I watched TNA Young was the divas tag team champion and now he was scheduled to face MVP of all people for the World title?

    Jerichoholic94 Reply:

    I’m in the exact same boat as you. Down to young as divas tag champ

  3. james gracie says:

    “Unfortunately this probably means more Eric Young as champion”

    Hopefully you were speaking for yourself. Young as champion has been a breath of fresh air and they’ve booked him strong(minus that Lashley thing Thursday which I agreed with you on). It’s also refreshing to see the shows actually booked around the Champion

    klunderbunker Reply:

    You seem to be one of the few people I don’t speak for on that. Young hasn’t been the focus for most of the shows he’s been champion. He feels like a chess piece in Ray’s feud against Dixie more than anything else.

    james gracie Reply:

    You clearly are never on Twitter then. The only people that seem to dislike it are you and the 3 other people that come to this site

    klunderbunker Reply:

    No I’m not. I’d rather be watching the show week in and week out and decide that I don’t like him that way.

    Rocko Reply:

    Wait, there is actually someone that likes Young as champion? How incredibly odd.

  4. M.R. says:

    Ray’s feud with Dixie? Meaning there’s TWO authority figure power angles going on in that company? And I thought WWE was bad…