Impact Wrestling – July 24, 2014: I’m As Shocked As You Are

Impact Wrestling
Date: July 24, 2014
Location: Manhattan Center, New York City, New York
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz

It’s the second show in New York and the main story is whether or not Austin Aries is going to cash in the X-Division Title for a shot at the World Title next week. Does TNA think that the fans believe he might keep the midcard title instead of going after the big one using an idea he created? Other than that I’m sure Bully will be chasing Dixie around the arena with a table in hand again. Let’s get to it.

Austin Aries arrives.

We look back at the end of last week’s show where Ray almost put Dixie through a table.

MVP vs. Bobby Roode

Falls count anywhere. There’s no MVP so we go to the back where Angle orders MVP, still on crutches, to the ring. Roode runs to the back and goes after MVP before ramming him into various hard objects. They head back to the arena and fight in the crowd. There hasn’t been a bell yet. MVP throws a beer at Roode and hits him in the ribs with chair but misses a running kick to the face.

They get back to ringside and MVP knocks him down for some two counts. I didn’t hear a bell but I guess that doesn’t matter in a brawl like this. Roode suplexes him on the ramp for two as Kenny King makes a save. Eric Young jumps King from behind and chases him off as Roode is sent into the steps. Back in and MVP nails Roode in the back with a chair over and over. He tries a running boot to drive Roode’s head into the chair but Bobby moves and kicks out the bad knee. Now it’s Roode with the chair and hammers away at the knee before putting on a bad looking Sharpshooter for the submission at approximately 8:00.

Rating: C. This was nothing too great but at least Roode comes out looking strong. It really would have hurt him if he had lost to a one legged boss, and TNA is NEVER known for having their top face get treated like a loser. Good enough match here though and it’s nice to see a match open the show for a change.

Video on Hardy vs. Lashley last week.

Here’s a limping Jeff Hardy with something to say. Jeff says we’ll see Willow again someday and he does everything to entertain the people. He says he’s got someone special for us here and the fans chant for Matt. That’s exactly what they get too and Matt looks better than he has in awhile.

Matt thanks Jeff and the fans for letting him come back because he needed to go away and get healthy. He thinks he’s let the fans down but they tell him thank you. Matt thinks it’s time for the Hardy Boys to be back on top of the roster, and what better way than to win the Tag Team Titles at Destination X? He invites the Wolves down to see them and here come the champions. There isn’t much said here, but the Wolves respect the Hardys very much and would love to give them a title shot.

Aries has made his decision.

All three BroMans are in the ring with Jesse bragging about Robbie E. being on a reality show. He won’t say what it is but says it’s a big deal (it’s Amazing Race). DJZ brags about being the best in the X-Division. Now it’s time for his match.

Low Ki vs. DJZ

DJZ actually takes over to start and gets two off a running knee to the face. Ki comes back with kicks to the face and right hands in the corner and a quick Ki Crusher (sitout fisherman’s buster) gets the pin at 2:30.

Gunner is in the back with Samuel Shaw and talking about some girl when Anderson comes in. Shaw knows Anderson doesn’t like him, but maybe one day he’ll have to.

Ethan Carter III is with Rhino and Spud and talks about being from the streets of Boca Raton. Dixie comes in with King Mo and tells her men to take out the extreme guys in their hometown.

Magnus/Bram vs. Gunner/Mr. Anderson

Gunner elbows Magnus in the face to start but it’s quickly off to Bram with a big slam. More slams have him in trouble and Gunner hammers away with right hands. It’s back to Magnus who gets elbowed down by Anderson, followed by the rolling fireman’s carry. Everything breaks down and Bram posts Anderson before sending him back in for a Spine Shanker (German suplex into a sitout Rock Bottom) for the pin at 2:48.

The Brits keep up the beating post match but Shaw runs in to take the shot with the piece of metal for Anderson. Abyss runs in and beats up Bram for the save.

Bully Ray says he’s losing sleep over not being able to put Dixie through a table. Tonight he’s teaming with Dreamer and D-Von in a New York City street fight.

Video on Austin Aries and the history of Option C.

Kurt Angle comes out and explains Option C to the fans before asking Aries to come out. Austin says this sounds like a no brainer. This brings out MVP and Bobby Lashley with the former boss talking about how Lashley is bigger, stronger and faster than Austin Aries. MVP says Aries has built up the X-Division and should stick to what he knows.

Aries cuts them off and says he knows how to touch things and make the great. He knows what it takes to be the World Heavyweight Champion. Aries knows that MVP held him down and says he can do things in this ring that MVP couldn’t do with four legs. Lashley may be bigger and stronger than Aries, but there’s no way he’s tougher. Austin cashes in the belt for a shot next week.

Video on Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell’s rivalry.

Knockouts Title: Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

Gail is defending and starts fast with a takedown followed by a superplex. The running cross body in the corner gets two but both girls try cross bodies at the same time. Taryn makes her comeback with a snap suplex and goes up to but the Beautiful People come in for the DQ at 4:04.

Rating: D+. Nothing to see here other than Taryn in her very revealing outfits. These two had a great rivalry but it was over a year ago and I don’t think a lot of the fans remember it all that well. The ending likely sets up a tag and then a fourway because that’s almost all this division knows how to do.

Great Muta vs. Robbie E.

Kicks, power drive elbows, Shining Wizard, pin in 57 seconds.

James Storm comes out post match and yells at Muta about earning your spot. He spits beer in Muta’s face and beats him down but Sanada comes in with the save. Sanada turns on Muta with the mist and lays him out before nailing a moonsault. He bows to Storm and leaves with him.

Dixie and King Mo talk about regretting allowing Tommy Dreamer to come in here a few years ago. They want those chants to stop and will be sitting in the balcony to watch the match.

Tommy Dreamer/Team 3D vs. Ethan Carter III/Spud/Rhino

Street fight. It’s a brawl to start of course and Ethan is coming in with bad ribs from the attack last week. The extreme ones take over to start and Bully throws Spud over the top and down onto Carter. Rhino is dropped as well and we take an early break. Back with Ray using the cheese grater on Ethan’s chest but Rhino makes the save.

Dreamer takes Rhino down and Spud goes after D-Von in the corner, only to get caught in a Doomsday Device. Dreamer does the baseball slide into the chair in the Tree of Woe and it’s table time. A fan in a black hoodie tries to jump the barricade but Ray is right on him. Dreamer hits Carter with a Singapore cane and loads up the piledriver but Ezekiel Jackson from WWE runs in and lays Dreamer out, allowing Ethan to hit the 1%er onto a chair for the pin on Dreamer at 11:43.

Rating: D+. It’s another ECW match and another WWE reject being brought in. Jackson is all look and little more, but I’m assuming this is part of the “REAL ECW” being brought in to take out the extreme guys. It’s a nice idea but at the end of the day, it means we have to watch Ezekiel Jackson.

Post match a gloating Dixie comes out and tells security to let the other guy up, revealing Snitsky. The beating is on and Team Dixie stands tall to end the show. Rhino holding up the unconscious Spud made me chuckle.

Overall Rating: C. The wrestling wasn’t as good but it’s incredible how energetic these New York shows have been. I can’t imagine Aries takes the title next week but it’s always fun to see a challenger being built up, even if it’s just for a week. Dixie has to be going through a table before they’re out of this set of tapings or TNA is somehow more inept than I thought they were.

Bobby Roode b. MVP – Sharpshooter
Low Ki b. DJZ – Ki Crusher
Bram/Magnus b. Gunner/Mr. Anderson – Spine Shanker to Anderson
Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell went to a no contest when the Beautiful People interfered
Great Muta b. Robbie E. – Shining Wizard
Ethan Carter III/Rhino/Spud b. Team 3D/Tommy Dreamer – 1%er onto a chair to Dreamer


  1. David says:

    It could been worst they could had brought back Colin Delaney.

    Opti Reply:

    If by worse you mean better then sure. Colin Delaney was an ECW legend.