Summerslam 2014: On The A List

Summerslam 2014
Date: August 17, 2014
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry Lawler

It’s the second biggest show of the year and much like last year, the main event seems to pretty much set in stone. Brock Lesnar is challenging John Cena for the World Title and I can’t see any real reason for Cena to keep the title. There’s always the chance of Rollins cashing in but it doesn’t seem like something that happens. Let’s get to it.

Pre-Show: Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro

Rob takes him into the corner to start but gets thrown into the corner himself with pure power. Cesaro charges into a boot though and they head outside with Van Dam hitting a quick Rolling Thunder. Back in and Cesaro just throws Van Dam down as we take a break. We come back with Van Dam caught in a chinlock. A knee drop to Rob’s back gets two but Rob comes back with some clotheslines.

Rob gets two off the split legged moonsault before kicking Cesaro to the floor for an apron moonsault. Back in and the Five Star is broken up by a running uppercut but Rob breaks up a superplex. Another uppercut breaks up another Five Star attempt but once again Rob shoves him off. They do the sequence a third time until Rob finally gets off a cross body, only to jump into another uppercut. The Neutralizer is countered into a backdrop but Cesaro lands on his feet and levels Van Dam with a big boot for two. Not that it matters though as Rob kicks him in the face, setting up the Five Star for the pin at 7:56.

Rating: C-. Nothing special here but it’s good to see Rob get a win to reestablish his credibility. I guess they can rebuild Cesaro at some point in the future, though I feel like I’ve been saying that for months now. How in the world did he win a big match at Wrestlemania and fall all the way down here?

The show opens with Hulk Hogan coming out to hype up the WWE Network once again, talking about all the shows you can get for just $9.99. Nothing wrong with Hogan opening a show.

The opening video is played like a movie trailer (from Authority Pictures and Follow the Buzzard Films), playing up everyone’s nickname in a nice idea.

Intercontinental Title: Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

Miz is defending and talks about all the movies coming out on his way to the ring. He isn’t a talking turtle or robot, but even Drax the Destroyer would be intimidated by him. Tonight he’s going to turn Dolph Ziggler from a star to the WWE’s version of the Lakers. Feeling out process to start with Ziggler easily taking over on the champion, only to miss a charge in the corner.

A kick to the head gets two for the champion and we hit the chinlock. The fans tell Miz that he can’t wrestle so he nails a big boot to quiet them down a bit. There’s the running clothesline in the corner but Dolph blocks a top rope ax handle. A facebuster gets two for Ziggler but Miz avoids the Fameasser and tries to send Dolph outside. Ziggler skins the cat and fakes Miz out on a superkick into a small package for two. The Figure Four is easily countered and a superkick nails Miz in the face for another near fall.

Miz heads outside but gets sent into the barricade, only to slap on the Figure Four back inside. The hold stays on for a good while but Dolph finally makes it to the ropes. Ziggler gets back up and hits the Fameasser out of nowhere but it hurts the knee again, allowing Miz to hit a quick Skull Crushing Finale for two. Miz is stunned, allowing Dolph to hit a Zig Zag out of nowhere for the pin and the title at 8:00.

Rating: C. It wasn’t much of a match but I like the ending coming out of nowhere like that. You could see that the title was going to change as soon as Miz’s finishers didn’t work, but it was still a nice finish. Ziggler getting the title is a good thing as he’s needed a boost for a long time now. Granted he’ll probably lose while holding it over and over, though it’s still better than nothing.

We recap Brie vs. Stephanie/Megan on Raw.

Brie talks about being incarcerated on Monday and thinking about all the times Stephanie has insulted Bryan over the years or tortured Nikki week after week. She says Megan is lying and Brie isn’t going to let this chance slip through her fingers. Tonight she’s going to let the beast out.

Divas Title: AJ Lee vs. Paige

Paige is challenging and these two have traded the title since the night after Wrestlemania. Paige recently turned heel and injured AJ so tonight is her chance for revenge. AJ won’t shake Paige’s hand to start but bites the fingers instead. She pulls at Paige’s hair, sending the British chick out to the floor. Back in and a ticked off Paige chokes on the ropes but AJ kicks her in the face.

Both girls head outside with Paige dropping her face first onto the barricade. Paige takes her back inside and drops I believe a piece of her own hair on AJ’s face. We hit the chinlock on the champion before AJ sends her out to the floor. A BIG top rope clothesline drops Paige again before a bad looking Shining Wizard gets two back inside. Paige kicks her in the face but AJ counters the Paige Turner into the Black Widow. Again Paige counters into Rampaige (fisherman’s DDT) for the clean pin and the title at 5:00.

Rating: B-. This is the physical match that the Divas have been looking for and it was worth the wait. These girls beat the tar out of each other and almost nothing missed the entire time. That Rampaige is a great looking finisher and gives Paige a third finishing move if she keeps the Paige Turner around. Good stuff as this solid rivalry continues.

Sting WWE2K15 video.

Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

This is a Flag Match, meaning a regular match with the winner’s flag being displayed after the match. Lana talks about how unrealistic Hollywood is, because there will be no happy ending. Swagger comes out with a military escort and a presentation of the American flag. Rusev jumps Swagger before the bell so Swagger puts on the Patriot Lock. They’re finally separated but Lana says Rusev is too injured to wrestle. The referee says ring the bell and Swagger goes after him in the corner.

Rusev is sent outside but Swagger takes him back inside and hammers away. The Russian keeps running so Swagger runs him over with a clothesline on the floor. All Swagger so far. Back inside and the Vader Bomb is countered with a kick to Jack’s bad ribs. Rusev fires off some shoulders in the corner and puts on a bearhug. Jack can’t belly to belly suplex him and Rusev cannonballs down onto his back again.

Swagger fights back with a running clothesline and a big boot followed by the Vader Bomb for two. The superkick is countered into the Patriot Lock but Rusev quickly rolls out. A hard kick to the ribs has Rusev in trouble and a kick to the face sets up the Accolade. Rusev can’t stand on the bad ankle though so it’s a one legged Accolade instead. Jack rolls over into the Patriot Lock but Rusev rolls over and kicks at the ribs. A spinwheel kick to the shoulder drops Jack again and there’s a Warrior Splash, setting up the Accolade and Swagger is out at 8:53.

Rating: C+. Good match here with both guys bringing their harder games. Swagger looks good by not tapping out and the right guy wins. This should end the feud between the two though and hopefully sends Rusev after Sheamus and the US Title. Does anything else really make sense at this point?

Rusev nails Colter like a true villain would post match. The Russian national anthem is played and the flag is raised.

We recap Rollins vs. Ambrose. They were members of the Shield but Rollins turned on Ambrose and joined HHH. They were scheduled to fight last month, only to have a fight breaking out in the back beforehand. Therefore, Ambrose wanted a lumberjack match.

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

It’s a brawl to start with Dean getting the better of it. He stomps Rollins down in the corner and sends Seth outside. The lumberjacks do their job but Dean punches a few of them when he’s thrown outside. Back in and Ambrose is sent face first into the middle buckle and now the lumberjacks give him a beating. Rollins drops a knee for two but runs into a boot in the corner. Seth is able to tie him into the Tree of Woe before sending him to the apron.

Dean suplexes Rollins onto the lumberjacks, including sending Seth face first onto the announcers’ table. The lumberjacks have to break up the brawl on the floor until Dean backdrops Seth over the barricade and into the crowd. Dean dives onto a bunch of lumberjacks and then runs the announcers’ table to get at Seth, even taking out some more lumberjacks at the same time.

They brawl into the crowd as Kane comes out to yell at the lumberjacks for not doing their job. Dean tries to suplex Rollins over a barricade but they’re finally dragged back to the ring by the lumberjacks. Rollins beats up Sin Cara for no apparent reason and tries to leave, but an army is waiting for him at the entrance. They literally carry him back to the ring with Dean diving off the top to take everyone out in a big pile.

Dirty Deeds is countered into an enziguri, but it knocks Dean into the ropes for the Rebound Clothesline. Dean Curb Stomps Rollins (you read that right) but Kane comes in to break up the pin. Goldust of all people gets in Kane’s face and it breaks down into a huge brawl. The referee hasn’t called for the bell so the match is still going. Everyone is cleared out and Rollins hits Dean with the briefcase for the pin at 10:54.

Rating: B. It was awesome while it lasted but I could have gone for another seven or eight minutes. They kept this going very well and the lumberjacks were an interesting idea. There’s no way this is over and there’s a good chance this sets up a rematch for the briefcase, probably at Night of Champions.

We recap Wyatt vs. Jericho. Chris returned a few months back but was targeted by the Wyatts for reasons not entirely clear. Jericho won last month at Battleground but the feud isn’t over, setting up this rematch tonight.

Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt

The Family is barred from ringside. Jericho takes over with elbows and chops to start, followed by a springboard forearm to put Bray on the floor. Back in and a cross body gets two for the Canadian but Bray sends him out to the floor. Bray drives in knees to the ribs before taking Jericho inside again for some solid shots to the head. Jericho is sent shoulder first into the posts and throat first into the ropes for good measure.

We hit the chinlock for a bit before Jericho scores with an enziguri. Bray runs him over with ease though and hits the backsplash for two. A dropkick takes Bray down again but he comes back with heavy right hands. Jericho, sporting a nasty bruise on his thigh, takes Bray down into the Walls but Bray is right next to the ropes. Wyatt rolls to the apron and is able to DDT Jericho onto the apron for two.

Now it’s Bray going up top but Jericho counters with a hurricanrana for two. Jericho dropskicks him down again but Bray spiders up. He shouts that he’s already dead but there’s the Codebreaker for two. Bray avoids a baseball slide and sends Jericho into the barricade with Sister Abigail. Back in and Sister Abigail is good for the pin at 12:18.

Rating: C. Another pretty good match here with the right ending for a change. Bray getting the pin without the Family interfering is a good sign for him and hopefully the start of something new. It wasn’t a great match or anything but it’s very refreshing to see Bray get a pin on pay per view for a change.

Bray says Jericho learned what it means to follow the buzzards. Singing ensues.

We recap Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon. This is a complicated story but it boils down to Stephanie being mad at Brie for embarrassing her when she was trying to get Daniel Bryan to forfeit the title. Brie quit instead and ruined Stephanie’s plans. Then Brie got her job back by threatening to sue Stephanie for slapping her and set up this match. Stephanie brought up something about Bryan cheating on Brie and the whole thing is WAY more complicated than it needs to be.

Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie is almost in a black superhero outfit. They slowly shove each other to start until Stephanie stomps away in the corner. Brie comes back with a YES Lock attempt to send Stephanie running outside, but she blocks Brie’s suicide dive with a forearm. Back in and a Hennig necksnap gets two on Brie as the announcers talk about how awesome Stephanie is. She stomps on Brie’s head and cranks on the arms as Brie looks mildly annoyed.

Brie finally kicks her in the face so Stephanie turns on the EVIL FACE, only to get caught by a Thesz Press. Some kicks in the ribs have Stephanie in trouble and a hair drag does the same. A middle rope missile dropkick gets two on McMahon and there are some HORRIBLE looking right hands.

Cue HHH for a distraction but Brie counters Stephanie’s Pedigree attempt into the YES Lock, but HHH pulls the referee to the floor. Brie kicks HHH down and starts a YES chant as Nikki is at ringside as well. Nikki comes in and stops Stephanie from leaving before turning on Brie as almost everyone expected her to. Nikki helps Stephanie up and a Pedigree gives her the pin at 11:05.

Rating: C+. Well you knew she wasn’t going to job. It’s on a bit of an adjusted scale but the match was shockingly good. That being said, it was NOWHERE near enough to justify the push its been receiving. All this to set up the Bellas fighting each other? They really think this is something people are going to be interested in? Dear goodness imagine the promos we’re going to have to sit through. The girls all looked good though.

JBL sums up the entire story: Nikki was fed up with having to deal with the problems Brie caused her. Unfortunately that doesn’t make a lot of sense as the people she joined were the ones beating her up the whole time, but that’s WWE for you.

Package on some guy that won a contest and got to go to the Performance Center and create a character: Mama’s Boy.

Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

Orton is mad at Roman for costing him the chance to be #1 contender. Roman pops him in the jaw to start and follows up with a headbutt. Orton is sent to the floor and into the barricade but he reverses Reigns hard into the steps. Back in and Orton slams him head first onto the mat before stomping on Reigns’ hand. A big superplex gets two for Randy and we hit the chinlock.

Roman fights up into a chinlock of his own but Orton falls back to break it up. Reigns grabs it again and squeezes very hard, only to get caught in a side slam for two. Back up and Reigns nails a Samoan drop before winning a slugout. Some running clotheslines have Orton in trouble and there’s the apron kick. Reigns is reversed into the post and barricade for two though and the fight goes back outside.

Randy throws him over the announcers’ table but gets caught by a Stunner over the ropes. Orton fights out of a superplex attempt but Roman muscles him up into a top rope Samoan drop for two. There’s the Superman Punch but the spear is countered into a very fast powerslam for a near fall. The RKO is countered but Reigns dives into a second attempt, only to kick out at a VERY close two. I bought that as a finish for a second there. Orton misses the Punt and walks into the spear for the pin at 16:41.

Rating: C. The match was good but not really good if that makes sense. The fact that Reigns was the obvious winner didn’t help, but at least the match was good on the way to the ending. Reigns kicking out of the RKO is a big moment for him as his rise to the top of the company continues. This was by far his biggest win to date.

Summerslam is in New Jersey next year.

We recap Lesnar vs. Cena. There isn’t much to say about this one. Cena beat Lesnar at Extreme Rules 2012 but Brock came back by conquering the Streak. Tonight is Lesnar’s chance at the title.

WWE World Heavyweight Title: John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar

Cena is defending and charges right at Lesnar, only to get taken to the mat and pounded. Lesnar fights up and hits an F5 for two in less than thirty seconds. Brock: “THAT WAS YOUR CHANCE JOHN!” A wicked release German suplex sends Cena flying as this is starting like the first Cena vs. Lesnar match. Another one sends Cena across the ring and John is coughing. Brock hammers on him even more and just stares at Cena.

John drives him into the corner and hammers away but a single knee to the ribs puts him back down. Lesnar cranks on a chinlock and slams him head first into the mat as this is totally one sided. He stands on Cena’s hand before throwing him around with more German suplexes. The referee is looking at Cena like he wants to stop it but Cena waves him off. Lesnar hits his fifth or so German as Cena is looking like a ragdoll. The referee keeps checking so Brock suplexes Cena again.

Brock loads up another but Cena fights out with elbows and some clotheslines, only to charge into the F5. Cena escapes and hits a quick AA for two. Brock is down though and Cena has a chance to get a breather. Cena can’t follow up so Lesnar does the Undertaker sit up and smiles at Cena. He even dances a bit and tells Cena to bring it on. Cena gets up and charges at him but gets pounded on the mat UFC style. The referee tells Brock to get off and Cena can barely move. Now it’s rolling Germans and Cena isn’t moving.

Lesnar lets him get back to his senses before rolling even more Germans. This is probably about fifteen total now. Charles Robinson won’t call it off as some idiot fans say this is boring. Brock yells at the referee but Cena trips the leg and puts on the STF. There’s no strength though and Brock just unloads on him. Another F5 gives Brock the Title at 16:07.

Rating: A-. This was a squash. Lesnar demolished Cena and that’s exactly how the announcers are playing it up. This is the killer that Lesnar is supposed to be and the match was total dominance. I have no idea who beats Lesnar but whoever it is will get the rub of a lifetime. Awesome match though not quite as great as the 2012 version.

Overall Rating
: A. It never ceases to amaze me how WWE TV can be so horribly dull at times but their PPVs have been on fire this year. Off the top of my head there might have been one show this year that wasn’t somewhere between good and great. This one is on the high end though as nothing was bad and the main event was a sight to behold. Totally awesome show with everyone looking great and setting a really good standard for the coming months. Excellent show.

Dolph Ziggler b. The Miz – Zig Zag
Paige b. AJ Lee – Rampaige
Rusev b. Jack Swagger – Accolade
Seth Rollins b. Dean Ambrose – Briefcase to the face
Bray Wyatt b. Chris Jericho – Sister Abigail
Stephanie McMahon b. Brie Bella – Pedigree
Roman Reigns b. Randy Orton – Spear
Brock Lesnar b. John Cena – F5

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  1. The Wolf says:

    Exactly what I wanted from the Lesnar match, here’s to Reigns beating him at Wrestlemania.

  2. james gracie says:

    Oh man how bad was Summerslam? What a dull, boring, paint by the numbers show. That felt like a frickin’ episode of RAW. I knew the lumberjack match would bring down the Rollins/Ambrose match and I was right. Even the crowd agreed when they started doing their sarcastic ‘THIS IS AWESOME’ chant.

    It’s not often you get a clean win over a big superstar and you are actually worse after it. Congratulations WWE and Roman Reigns for accomplishing that. They should just rename Roman Reigns to ‘Trainwreck’ cause that is what his matches are.

    LOL at the whole Bella/McMahon garbage. Wow, I’m shocked Nikki turned. And now we all have to suffer watching their terrible acting on RAW in multiple segments.

    And wow, a squash match in the main event of Summerslam. I actually forgot I was watching Summerslam, thought I was watching an episode of Wrestling Challenge. What a load of crap.

    Boring, dreadful show.

    Hubcap Dave Reply:

    So, did you become a sheep and pick up the Network for $9.99?

    Or, are you still a moron paying $55 to your cable company?

    Hahn Zo Mon Reply:


    Looks like you should stop watching the WWE,bruv. Doesn’t seem to be for the likes of you.

    Great Show with a Brilliant Main Event. Every Result was Spot on Tonight!
    That is a huge positive for the WWE going forward!

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Dig the Revenge name.

    Hubcap Dave Reply:

    Pssst! Gracie is a troll! Best way to deal with trolls is a) Ignore them, b) mock them

  3. Heyo says:

    The only rating I disagree with is Romans vs. Orton. Probably a B or B+ for me. I thought that match was solid and further proof that Romans is a future main eventer. But that’s pretty much it.

    Damn it, that Lesnar/Cena squash was brutal. I didn’t think it would be THAT one sided in my life, because it’s Cena in a championship match in the second biggest show of the year. But I think he got…five hits in? Five? Does that sound right to anyone?

    Who the hell do you think will beat Lesnar? If Reigns doesn’t do it at WM31, I don’t know who.

  4. Eric says:

    Gotta disagree with you. The main event was a disaster. Absolute disaster. Essentially, if Lesnar faces anyone else leading to whoever takes the title, those people have to actually look worse, making all main events for the next 7 months terrible. Then whoever takes it would likely have to win on a hail mary.

    Also, Punk went toe to toe with Lesnar as did Cena in a way in 2012, and HHH of course. Now all of a sudden Lesnar has magical powers to be that much better than he was before?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Not really. Think about this for a second:

    Cena came right at Brock with power, which is Lesnar’s game. He played right into Lesnar’s hands and got beat. Punk got in shots where he could and waited for Lesnar to make a mistake. He stuck and moved instead of standing toe to toe with Lesnar, which no one (other than HHH of course) is capable of doing. Watch the Punk match again. He stayed in it with kicks, dives and weapons, not raw power. It makes sense after you process it for a bit.

    Eric Reply:

    Ok, but that still doesn’t explain how Cena did go toe to toe with Lesnar last time which was even more of a fight. This time was an extended squash. And like I said, it’s a HORRIBLE precedent for every PPV until Mania. That means every other contender has to do progressively worse than Cena because no one in WWE is as good as Cena at this point. Thus, you’re going to have Title match squashes on PPV for 7 months. Think about that.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Brock’s illness. I know it’s lame but that’s the reason they’re giving and it’s close enough to buy for me.

    Not really. Most people don’t rely on brute strength like he does. Also there’s no way Brock wrestles seven times on PPV. It’s not happening.

    Eric Reply:

    Still though, it’s not a good precedent to have. I would have had Cena do more. It just doesn’t make sense that beating Undertaker gave him super powers.

    deanerandterry Reply:

    WWE is trying to right their wrong with the year long Triple H feud. He murdered Cena at Extreme Rules, he just didn’t win. Only his HHH matches were booked horribly, everything else Lesnar has done was either awesome or at least had great impact.

  5. You Suck At This says:

    “All this to set up the Bellas fighting each other? They really think this is something people are going to be interested in?”

    With don’t you stop writing review? They’re fucking twin, they cannot have good rivalty? Or interesting chemistry?

    Do you write review to whine all the time like a girl?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    No. I write because I love wrestling, not watching the Bellas screaming at each other and embarrassing themselves in a ring.

    Eric Reply:

    They’ve been solid in the ring. I’d argue Brie is top 3 Diva in the ring at this point and I could argue that very well.

    M.R. Reply:

    Let’s be honest, Nikki’s breasts are more than enough to make this feud bearable.

    Acuzzam Reply:

    I heard that.

  6. Hubcap Dave says:

    This was an excellent show, top to bottom. After a week of hearing how bad flag and lumberjack matches suck, they both turned out quite well, with Rollins/Ambrose being quite excellent. Mark my words, these guys will go at it in a cage next.

    Couldn’t believe those few morons down front chanting “Boring!” (I think they’re kissing cousins of James Gracie) during Lesnar’s beatdown of Cena. I guess some people don’t get the story-telling aspect of a wrestling match. All they want are spot-monkeys…….BTW, that beatdown was brutal!

    The only thing that I thought was weak was the Nikki heel turn, for the reasons you gave above. The logic makes no sense, but whatever…..

  7. M.R. says:

    A bit harsh on the Orton/Reigns match KB, but other than that I’m with ya. I love how dominant they booked Brock, but it makes the Triple H feud look all the more silly.

  8. whosnext98 says:

    From what I’m reading in the review I’m glad I didn’t pay $9.99 to watch this.

    The owner books herself to get over? Is she channeling her inner Verne Gagne by any chance? Oh, Nikki turned on her sister? Thank God they haven’t been telegraphing THAT since the feud started…..oh wait!

    A squash match for the main event of a big-4 PPV? REALLY?!?!? It’s bad enough they’re putting the belt on a part-timer but the least they could do is book a competitive match to ease some of the bad taste from further devaluing the belt.

    Hubcap Dave Reply:

    You are definitely jumping to the wrong conclusions. This was a very strong PPV throughout. The Lenar beatdown of Cena may not have been good as a match per se, but it was more than effective storytelling, not to mention every IWC smark’s wet dream.

    whosnext98 Reply:

    Ah! But I’m not a typical IWC smark so I’ll be saving my load for my wife. Not to mention in general I really couldn’t care less what gives the IWC smarks woodies.

    The problem is the story it tells: That the WWE roster is such crap that a part-timer can walk in off the street, destroy the champ in a non-competitive squash, and snag a belt that’s worthless because nobody on the regular roster that’s held the belt is worth a damn. THAT’S the story that just got told. They just devalued the belt by devaluing their entire roster. Having the match be competitive and, say, Lesnar winning by a hair would at least take some of the sting off that.

    Hubcap Dave Reply:

    You know, I’d put some value into your opinion if you had actually watched the thing……

    whosnext98 Reply:

    So, basically you have no answer to the message and have to resort to making snarky comments about the messenger. Right.

    Rocko Reply:

    If you plan on blowing your load for your wife, you better be trying for a baby or be married to a condom. Don’t you know how dangerous unprotected sex is?

    Or a guy like Brock Lesnar isn’t a normal human and kill anyone he wants. That’s the story. A superpower needs to rise up and beat him. That’s how the story will finish. Simple.

    whosnext98 Reply:

    No worries! Ain’t no plumbing for baby making 😀

    They’re already doing the cliched monster heel angle with Rusev…..who’s actually a full-time member of the roster.

    Rocko Reply:

    Brock isn’t clichéd. No monster heel can come close to Lesnar. I don’t see that much of a problem with this. All someone has to do is what Cena did in 2012, hit a home run. Or hit and run like Punk did. He has weaknesses and Cena couldn’t exploit them.

    If anyone else did this, I would agree with you. But Brock is just a monster. This is what a monster like him should do. He is special. Rusev isn’t.

    whosnext98 Reply:

    Sorry, I’m not a Lesnar mark (or a mark for any other wrestler for that matter). Truth is, Lesnar isn’t much different from the way Vader was built up in WCW back in the early 90s. I’ve seen too many come and go over the past the past 36 years to mark out over the newest entry in an old angle.

    Rocko Reply:

    I’m not marking out. Only Matt Striker does that.

    I’m going off the way he looks, UFC stuff (though I only saw two of his fights), beating Taker and that one time he picked a ref up with one hand. He is visually impressive. He can kill anyone he wants. While Vader can too by sitting on you, Lesnar has many other ways to kill you.

    The dude is a monster. He can legitimately throw anyone he wants around. His strength is scary. His ability to flip onto his own head is scary. His weird yelling is scary.

    Put Lesnar and Henry together and you can just tell why Lesnar is different from monster heels.

    whosnext98 Reply:

    Sorry if I sound sceptical, but when someone starts jizzing over a wrestler’s LOOKS it sure sounds like marking out to me. And were you even around when Vader was getting his monster push? And if you were were you even old enough to know wtf you were watching? He sure as hell wasn’t just a fat guy who sat on people. Apparently you’re confusing him with King Kong Bundy who actually WAS a fat guy that sat on people.

    Rocko Reply:

    I was trying to make joke about Vader. Vader has almost always been fat to very fat. I know the difference between Bundy and Vader. I’m not sure why that set you off so much.

    If Hornswoggle was coming to attack you, you wouldn’t be scared because he isn’t visually impressive. If Lesnar was coming to attack you, you would shit your pants. Because he is visually impressive.

    You seem to like to talk about jizz and say sorry a lot. I think they have treatments for the premature people. Nothing to be ashamed of. The important thing to remember is that it’s not your fault.

    whosnext98 Reply:

    You mean you were FAILING to make a joke about Vader…..and made yourself look like an ignorant moron in the process.

    And by the way, Hubcap was the one who brought up jizz when he started talking about the IWC having wet dreams. I typically use the reference when people like yourself talk about certain wrestlers in a way that gives the impression that you have your pants around your ankles while your typing. But I do understand it’s not your fault: I know it must get VERY lonely down in your momma’s basement and you have to find stimulation in areas that normal people probably wouldn’t consider.

    Rocko Reply:

    I don’t have a basement. I live in California. No one has a basement here. I’ve never even been in a basement.

    Or maybe I’m secure enough as a person to say that someone has a nice look. I’m not saying he is attractive. I’m saying he is well built. Which he is. You don’t seem very secure and kind of come off as homophobic.

    Vader is fat. He has been fat for a very long time. I made a fat joke. I’m not sure where the failure was in that.

    Hubcap Dave Reply:

    It’s not snarky at all. You didn’t see it, so your opinion on it is not worth much opposed to someone who did see it. It may not have been a great match as far as actual wrestling goes, but as far as storytelling it paid off in spades. It will be very interesting to see where Cena’s storylines go from here. It will be extremely interesting to see the fallout of the Faustian bargain The Authority made with Heyman. Your “part-timer off the street” line of thinking is BS, because it’s freakin’ Brock Lesnar! The man is an imposing figure. Standing side-by side, he manages to make Cena look puny. But you didn’t watch, so you don’t know that…….therefore, your opinion is invalid

  9. Killjoy says:

    Summerslam was mindblowing. But I think Triplemania blew it away. Alberto didn’t just debut, he became a megaface and wrestled the surprise 4th main event match of the night. And then Rey Mysterio popped up.

    Hubcap Dave Reply:

    If that’s all true, I see lawsuits in their future…..

  10. Jay H. (the real one) says:

    Summerslam was a great PPV again this year. Brock Lesnar taking out John Cena was exactly how that Match needed to go down and anyone complaining about it needs to shut up (James Garcia). I would agree with you Dave that the Lumberjack,Flag,and Stephanie/Brie Matches turned out better than everyone thought. I was glad to see Dolph win a Title again and Paige winning back the Divas Title somewhat surprised me. Great Summerslam overall.

  11. CrazyHorse says:

    To all of you haters – this IS KB’s review page. It’s kinda supposed to be his opinion on the show(s) he reviews weither you like it or not.

    I agree with this review actually…extremely solid all around, and yeah…the TV shows have sucked…then here comes the PPVs to blow it all out of the water. Another spectacular “Network Special”

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Indeed it is, and they have the right to say whatever they like in rebuttal (as long as it’s not going too far). Granted I then have the right to point out the flaws in their arguments and show them why they’re wrong and shill books.

    CrazyHorse Reply:

    So was that promo from Lana a shot at the whole Robin Williams situation? Kinda seemed like it to me a little bit…

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I didn’t get that from it.

  12. klunderbunker says:

    Uh….this isn’t really the kind of main event you need to see. A description pretty much covers it.

  13. CrazyHorse says:

    I did a little…mostly from the “coward” and “no happy ending” lines…of course, I don’t have a problem with it either I guess even if it was the case…heat IS heat, no matter how controversial

  14. MWeyer says:

    If they don’t use that one little kid screaming out for Cena in the video montages, I’ll be shocked.

  15. Rocko says:

    Stephanie looked a lot more convincing on offense than Brie did. I’m honestly shocked.

    Heyo Reply:

    Probably the biggest surprise that was actually a surprise at the show. Stephanie was halfway decent in the ring for most of it.

    Rocko Reply:

    I did like HHH holding up the shoulder she was selling. Found that funny.

    But yeah she was miles better than Brie. The other divas have no excuse for being worse than Stephanie.

    Heyo Reply:

    That should be the new standard for Divas matches.

    Can you wrestle a better match than Steph, after she hasn’t wrestled in ten years? If yes, YOU GET A PUSH. If no…that’s just sad.

  16. klunderbunker says:

    As someone who was around for Vader’s push, I can tell you two things:

    1. It’s very similar and is a comparison I made myself.

    2. Brock Lesnar isn’t dropping the title in 21 days at a house show to a glorified midcarder.

    whosnext98 Reply:

    #2 That was some serious dumbass booking right there wasn’t it? Do you remember who had the book when that happened?

    whosnext98 Reply:

    Actually I just checked and that looks like is was Bill Watts running things then so I guess that explains it.

    MWeyer Reply:

    Reports are Vader was injured and needed time off so they had to do a quick title change. For Simmons, it was Watts trying to forestall accusations of racism and thought he could make Simmons like Junkyard Dog in popularity but didn’t work out right.

    Then again, it didn’t help that his idea of a WORLD TITLE challenger was the Barbarian.

    whosnext98 Reply:

    Watts is someone I’ve never been able to figure out. His booking in Mid-South was very good but he gets to WCW and all of a sudden he can’t book a decent show to save his life. Jekyll and Hyde.

  17. Da Prophet says:

    Marked out for the acknowledge of the Four Horsewomen at ringside.Stephanie doing the Horsemen signal at Ronda Rousey and the crew. By far the best moment of the show. Ronda to main event Mania before Punk does.

  18. klunderbunker says:

    Booking a territory and booking a national company are two entirely different things. You can’t book them the same.

    Heyo Reply:

    What’s the difference in booking style between the two?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Nationwide you have to book for the masses. In a regional company you can get away with MUCH easier stuff. There’s a much more personal connection with the wrestlers. Look at Memphis with Lawler. Nationwide no one would buy that character working for so long, but in Memphis is can work because they spent so long on him. You can repeat ideas more often and it works really well if done right. National just doesn’t work that way as you have to keep things fresh.

  19. Dmxfury says:

    KB do you prefer Brock’s wrestling style now or how he wrestled in 2002/2003?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Now. THe old style got a bit dull.

  20. Dmxfury says:

    Fair enough, I haven’t decided but all in all the change is good for him and refreshes his career. Solid show, not an A in my book but definitely in the B range