New Column: Ode To A Shovel

Handing out an education in wrestling theory to fans who run off at the mouth without thinking about what happened.


  1. Heyo says:

    *cracks fingers*

    Alright. This might be long, it might be short, I don’t know. And if I’m saying BS, feel free to correct me.

    I read the part about Zack Ryder’s burial, and I remember another blog reviewer talk about how the IWC were terrified that, just because Cena was involved with the Ambrose/Rollins feud, it might end with Rollins and Ambrose getting buried to make Cena look better.

    Now, I don’t count what happened to Rusev to be a burial. What’s going to happen after this? Rock will probably be gone until Mania season, and Rusev will beat Big Show at the Hell in a Cell show(no pun intended).

    But if you ask me, the reactions you see from the IWC isn’t so much running from logic as much as fear over what might happen. They’ve seen what happened with WCW, where ANYONE that organically got over was buried quickly, and how Zack Ryder was buried and you can argue that CM Punk was depushed a bit after WM29(I’m not sure if this is a rumor or not, but I heard Punk left WWE because he didn’t like how he was being pushed down the card).

    Because of those previous examples, I don’t think people are reacting like this because they think that’s what’s going to logically happen. They’re scared because they know it CAN happen. Much like how Bryan winning the title at WM30 was all but certain, but people were still freaked out because HHH was involved in the storyline, and we all know his past with burying wrestlers.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    The full answer to this would be about five pages so I’ll keep it short: if Rusev winds up being fed to Cena in a big match, he should be thanking his lucky stars that he got that far, as should anyone like him.

  2. ted says:

    Of course how different would it have been if Russev put rock in the clutch and beat him down?

    I don’t buy this it’s a honour to just be in the ring with the rock. Big star sure but he doesn’t need to beat down Russev as much as Russev needed to beat rock down.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    No way Rusev should have beaten down Rock. If you do that, you do it on pay per view and make people pay for it after months of build up. Guys like Rock or Lesnar should never take a big beating for free or unless there’s a match right around the corner. With Rock only being around every now and then, you need to keep him looking like a Superman who you should pay to see when he’s in the ring.

  3. ted says:

    Yes because without this segment no one wold accept the rock as a big deal. Rock doesn’t need building up Rusev does.

    Seeing as how no match between the 2 is going to take place. Get the beat down in. It’s not like Rock would go through the floor from the beat down. Hell the shield beat down the undertaker. What did that to takers credibility?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Which he got. Having Rock talk positively about you is a very rare thing and that’s what Rusev got.

    If you want to have Rock get beaten down, make it a thing, not something announced on the fly.

  4. james gracie says:

    Sure Rusev originally got beat down by Swagger, Henry and Show. But the difference is he actually got to beat those guys in a match(he’ll do the same to Show eventually) You know damn well he’s not having a match with the Rock.

    Just to say he got an automatic rub just by being in the ring with him is pretty naive. How did being in the ring with the Rock putting them down work for La Resistance back in 2004? Yeah some rub.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    You really think Swagger, Henry and Show should be treated the same as Rock?

    I’ll ignore you apparently not paying attention to the rest of what I said.

    jamesgracie Reply:

    You brought up how he got beaten up in past segments as a comparison. And yes, if you really wanna get over Rusev as a killer, why not book him in a match with the Rock and have him beat him? Do it at the Rumble and build to it.

    I don’t see how it does Rusev any favors to get beat down by a part timer and never getting any kind of revenge. If they have a match down the road, then I’m fine with this. But you know they wont

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Because Rusev isn’t ready for a match with Rock and would be a waste of one of Rock’s rare matches.

  5. Hubcap Dave says:



    You, sir, are one of the smartest minds writing about wrestling today. I hear so often about how John Cena “buried” bray Wyatt at Payback. (Well, he did literally bury him underneath an equipment cabinet, but that’s not what we’re talking about here….) It seems to me that any “burying” of Wyatt, if that is even the case, occurred from that point to now, and involved a great deal more people than just John Cena. Furthermore, I can’t see how the man has been “buried”, as he seems to be just as over as before (if the “fireflies” are any indication).

    Compare him to Fandango. When’s the last time we even saw that dancing fool on TV? Does he even wrestle anymore?

    And now, I’d like to ask you a question. In reading your article, it sounds like there was a great deal more involved in his burial than just John Cena (FYI, I wasn’t watching wrestling at that point in time). In your estimation, is the amount of criticism Cena gets for that burial commensurate with his actual involvement?

    Thanks again for an excellent article!

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Fandango isn’t so much a case of being buried but rather WWE just getting bored with him (there’s a whole article on that some day). I compare it to a baby getting a new toy, having fun with it for awhile, then throwing it away when they see something new.

    As for (I’m assuming) Ryder, Cena didn’t have much to do with it. They lost me when Ryder spent half the show running from Kane when Ryder was holding A BIG FREAKING WRENCH. He never even tried to put up a fight and ran like a 17 year old from a slasher villain.

    As for Cena’s part in it, that was some of the most off base booking WWE ever had. Looking back at the slasher idea actually, Ryder was the nerd that was actually way better than anyone gave him credit for and Cena was the quarterback that succeeded at everything he did. People got behind Ryder because they could identify with this guy that was never given the chance but kept working until he finally got there and won the US Title. He even got the girl but then she runs off to Cena. Basically it was saying “thanks for doing all the work kid. I’ll take it from here.” Most people don’t identify with being an alpha male like Cena. They identify as being one of the crowd.

    It was the bad booking more than Cena, but that’s the case with 90% of the stuff Cena gets blamed for.

  6. deanerandterry says:

    Great article KB, couldn’t agree more.

    ted Reply:

    I actually agree with Gracie. Russev should of beat the rock down. It does not do any favours to be beaten down. Regardless of how many punches it took.

    It doesn’t help that it will lead to nothing.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    It’s already leading somewhere: to a bigger push for Rusev.

  7. james gracie says:

    And that’s my point. If you or the WWE don’t think he’s ready(which is the biggest crock of shit excuse I’ve ever heard) then why book him in that segment in the 1st place? Don’t wanna waste Rock’s appearance on a match with one of the guys WWE is trying to build up? What kind of BS is that? Please come up with something better to back up your article please

    Hubcap Dave Reply:

    It’s the kind of BS that isn’t BS at all. As opposed to your comments on each week of Raw, which is the finest Grade A BS available.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Rusev isn’t ready to beat up the Rock. His biggest win is over Mark Henry, which Bo Dallas just did. Build him up more.

    Hubcap Dave Reply:

    Word! The guy hasn’t been on the roster for a year yet! furthermore, it’s only been since Memorial Day that his build with actual feuds started. His next stop should be feuding with Sheamus for the US Title.