Hell in a Cell 2014 Preview

This show has a strange build to it as we’ve seen almost everything there is to see for the setup but I don’t know if WWE can give us the payoff we need due to the lack of the violence. We always hear about the violence inside the Cell and how insane it’s supposed to be but there’s a good chance we’re not getting anything close to that. Let’s get to it.

We’ll start with what is likely going to be the main event and say Cena beats Orton. That’s unfortunate as Orton vs. Lesnar could headline a few PPVs in a row but it looks like we’re going to get another Cena vs. Lesnar match which really doesn’t have a huge audience. Orton is on the brink of a face turn too and face Orton with the RKO against Super Beast Brock would have me drooling. Instead though it’s probably going to be Cena and it’s probably going to headline the show because that’s what WWE seems to think we want to see.

Next up is the match that has had the build and should be the main event since Cena and Orton don’t need it, but instead will probably be the show stealer that people want to see close things out. I think Rollins beats Ambrose due to some shenanigans but the drama is going to be amazing. Ambrose could be a huge deal, but I don’t see him winning while holding the briefcase. Unfortunately Reigns is kind of holding the match hostage and there are so many possibilities with him in there. I just can’t see Ambrose winning, but I think Rollins takes the beating in a lifetime to get the win.

Nikki beats Brie due to interference of some sort. There’s just no logic in having Brie win, but it means I don’t have to listen to BRIE MODE twice in a row. Nikki wins and is all evil to Brie for a month, setting up yet another match that drags the show down. Somehow Brie is the best face the division has at this point, but I have no idea why I’m supposed to care about these two fighting.

Sheamus beats Miz to retain the title and we get Miz vs. a face Mizdow in the future. Damien has a future due to pure hard work. Imagine that.

Rusev beats Big Show, hopefully by TKO. These two had a match that was way better than it had any right to be recently so maybe they can do it again here.

AJ beats Paige in another match we don’t need to see again.

The Dusts retain in a match that feels like we’ve seen it a dozen times due to all the six man tags.

Ziggler retains over Cesaro, making the losses mean nothing whatsoever.

Overall the show has me interested but my expectations are low due to the violence not being allowed. That’s the problem with PG: they can talk the matches up as being the most violent things you’ll ever see but they can’t deliver due to the restrictions. There’s nothing wrong with the restrictions and you certainly can have a violent match in the Cell in this era, but I don’t know if the young guys can pull the pathos to make it work.

As for the other Cell match….I just do not care. I’ve seen these two fight about 40 times now and I do not want to see it again. I don’t care that it was in the Cell, I don’t care that it’s for the title shot and I don’t care that it’s likely going to headline the show. The interest isn’t there and it’s high time WWE figures that out. They’ve WAY overplayed this match and there’s almost nothing left for them to do anymore. When they’ve traded the title so many times before and talked so much about how big and epic their rivalry is, I just do not have enough interest in seeing these two fight.

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  1. Sroxy says:

    Do you think a key reason for Cena-Orton to be as stale as it has become, is that througout their whole rivalry, both have been the same characters squaring off against each other : Cena as the white babyface and Orton as the generic evil heel.

    I mean Austin and Rock had an on again-off again rivalry from 1997-2001 but the difference was that their characters underwent constant changes over the years that kept things new and exciting. Apart from the obvious fact that they were bigger stars than Cena and Orton.

    Thinking about it more I remember that the only time a potential Cena-Orton match seemed interesting was in mid-2010 to 2011 when Orton had just turned a hot babyface. That gave it a new dynamic.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    That and Rock vs. Austin only happening about 5-6 times on PPV. It was kept fresh and never overstayed its welcome. Once a feud hits that oversaturation point, it’s almost impossible to get back.

    That’s true as well though. There isn’t much you can do but it’s true.

    Stormy Reply:

    It’s terribly unfair to compare Rock/Austin with Cena/Orton. Austin and Rock didn’t really have the chance to have as many matches. Orton first won the Worlds Championship in August 2004 and Cena won the WWE Title at Mania 21 in 2005. Orton has been a top guy for 10 years and Cena for 9.5.

    Rock and Austin were active together on top from November 1998-November 1999 (Austins neck injury), September 2000-March 2001 (Rock took a break), July 2001-June 2002 (Austin left the company), and February 2003-March 2003 (Austin Retired). That’s 19 months they couldn’t work together because they weren’t active at the same time.

    Rock and Austin combined have spent less time on top than Cena or Orton by themselves. Hell Cena and Orton have been top stars for more time than Austin or Rock’s ENTIRE WWE CAREERS (1996-2003 for Austin and 1996-2004 for Rock). This much longevity of 2 main stars has been unseen in the wrestling industry since the territory days (and there the mainstays were the promoter or their kin), so naturally they will work together a lot.

    Cockadoodledoo Reply:

    Rock & Austin >>>> cena orton

  2. Aron Mathix says:

    Is no one as excited about ambrose vs rollins as much as I am? Doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as much discussion about it as I thought there would be. Might be because I am more than likely overhyping it and as you said kb I don’t think it can live up to the build with the violence toned down. I still think ambrose and rollins will try to go all out with what they are given though and it should be awesome nonetheless

  3. Jerichoholic94 says:

    The video package of this Orton – Cena match is awesome. Wrestlemania quality. However I doubt it’ll be as good as the package.. I hope I’m wrong