AAA Wrestler El Hijo del Perro Aguayo Dies After In Ring Injury

I’m sure you’ve probably heard about this by now and I’m no expert on lucha libre by any means but this deserves a mention.  From what I can tell, Aguayo was in a match with Rey Mysterio where Rey dropkicked him in the back to set up the 619.  Aguayo hit the ropes throat first and something happened with his throat/neck which led to his death.  Aquayo was 35 and the top heel of the promotion.

There’s nothing you can say about something like this other than it’s a tragedy and a freak accident.  I haven’t and won’t be watching the video of it but people who have seen it have called it a standard spot that Rey has done hundreds of times.  That’s the scary thing about wrestling or anything in life actually: you can do something time after times but freak accidents are always possible.  This is never easy to read about and it’s saddening even though I’ve only seen a handful of his matches.


  1. Killjoy says:

    I was such a massive fan of his work. He was very similar to Roddy Piper and Edge. The man was a master of working the crowd to his favor. He was no technician in the ring itself, but that didn’t matter because when he was in there he knew exactly how to push your buttons and make you invest in his matches and feuds.

    This is a terrible loss for AAA just days removed from the delays of Rey De Reyes and the tragic bus accident. Aguayo was facing Alberto Del Rio at Triplemania this year which was at some point planned to be pushed by Lucha Underground.

    Perro debuted at the age of 15 making him a 20 year veteran before his passing. R.I.P.

  2. Si says:

    My instant reaction was to not watch the video, but the description was a bit confusing so I did, and was sickened that not only did the match continue (4way) but they did a 619 spot over his body which was slumped on the bottom rope, his body was treated with little to no care and there was no one acting concerned in the slightest, he was clearly at the least totally unconscious and the standard to care and reaction was sickening

    Killjoy Reply:

    Rey wasn’t aware he was out as he was supposed to get out of the ropes like Manik. Rey managed to miss the move on purpose and when they noticed he wasn’t responding they went straight to the finish. It’s the heat of moment. Just like how Aguayo went on for a few seconds before the Dropkick and ropes did him in. He never noticed. No one else did.

    The only people who anything wrong were the paramedics who started to argue over how to get him out.

  3. Derek Hamel says:

    They thought he was unconscious and went to the finish quickly. I don’t feel like they reacted inappropriately. What a shame. Aguayo has been the top heel in Mexico for some time now. Brings back sad memories of Misawa.

    Becca Reply:

    They did react inappropriately. But just for those who think otherwise – any time a man is laying lifeless beside you after slumping the bottom rope – you stop what you’re doing and you help. You do not continue the match. You do not wrestle around said body, you stop and you help. There should have been medics there immediately. Wrestling is ONLY wrestling at the end of the day, despite how much we enjoy it. This is someone’s life, and FUCK KAYFABE in these situations, the audience will just have to deal with not seeing the end of a damn match.

  4. Jay H (the real one) says:

    He and his Father competed at the 1997 Royal Rumble,the son in the Dark Match and the father on the PPV.

    So sad though and nobody should get the blame for this. Its just a freak accident in a Business where these guys put their lives on the line every night.

  5. Killjoy says:

    An Update:

    They’re opening a Manslaughter investigation on the case. People on social media are pointing fingers at Rey which will bring problems to him when it was clearly a freak accident. The mishandling of Aguayo was due to the doctor already busy with another 2 wrestlers. One of which also had spinal injury and was on the stretcher. If anyone is to blame, it’s ill-equipped medical team.

  6. Derek Hamel says:

    I think that’s easy to say, but in the heat of the moment, things tend to happen differently. There was absolutely no reason for anyone in the match to think that anything happened that would prove fatal. At worst, the men competing probably thought he may have been knocked unconscious somehow. The VERY last result anybody would expect would be death.
    It’s monday morning quarterbacking like this that’s resulted in numerous idiots making death threats toward Rey Mysterio.
    Yes, the medical team was ill-equipped to handle anything of this level, and that’s on the promoters. But to blame the wrestlers is absurd.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Going from someone worried about someone’s health when they’re clearly far more out of it than they should be to saying it caused people to make death threats is a pretty insane jump.

    Heyo Reply:

    I understand that there’s going to be a manslaughter investigation over it, and social media wants Rey to be a suspect.

    Killjoy Reply:

    We have social media to thank for that due they’re sensationalising the story as “Mysterio kills wrestler with 619”.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I haven’t watched the tape but Rey didn’t actually give him the 619 did he?

    Eric Reply:

    No, he did it to the other guy with aguayos lifeless body slumped over underneath him. It’s pretty weird.