Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode #2

This time the focus is on NFL football with wrestling taking a bit of a backseat.  This is a bit of a bonus episode and an introduction to my fellow featured guest Ty Burna (who has helped me keep this site operational in the past).  Also in case you weren’t wild on them, this show cut down on the F Bombs, but they’re still there because that’s just how NorCal talks.  Assuming there’s no complications on my end, I should be back on this weekend for an Extreme Rules preview show so keep an eye out for that.


Link for episode 2


  1. dookie blaster 3000 says:

    you guys should totally use that old RAW song as your theme

  2. Sroxy says:

    Hey no problems on the F bombs on my end. Norcal always seems bad-ass in his forum posts, now its even more evident upon hearing him on the show.

  3. Jordan says:

    Really like the podcast. The one thing I have noticed that is annoying though (and this was prevalent on both episodes) is that Norcals volume is way quieter than his guests. Nitpicking but just something to think about for the future.