WWC Lucha Estrellas – March 8, 2015: Carlito Still Isn’t Cool

Lucha Estrellas
Date: March 8, 2015
Location: Puerto Rico
Commentator: Nelson Santano

We’re going down to Puerto Rico today because my e-book cover artist is from there and enjoys making me sit through this company for some sick reason. I’m not familiar with this to say the least, but my limited Spanish should be able to get me through some of the stories instead of being lost in Japan. Let’s get to it.

We open with Carlito, a big star here and I believe WWC Universal (World) Champion (in his fifteenth reign to give you an idea of what we’re dealing with), going to a convenience store and acting like a jerk by drinking juice he hasn’t paid for yet and throwing stuff on the floor. I know you’re a heel but be tidy. A younger guy comes up and yells at him so Carlito spits an apple in his face. The younger guy goes to yell at someone named Bobby, who is walking on a crutch. We get some flashbacks to Carlito Backstabbing people inside a cage in what looked like a heel turn. I’m assuming Bobby and the younger guy are brothers?

Opening sequence.

I come into this show knowing absolutely nothing, so it could be interesting to see how well they can tell their stories to someone who is clueless.

Diablico vs. Xix Xavant

This is joined in progress with Xavant (found his name through Google) dropkicking Diablico (whose name I didn’t figure out until much later). Xavant nails a German suplex on Diablico but he comes back with a reverse gordbuster for two. Diablico goes up but eats a superplex for two more, followed by a powerslam for the same. The referee yells at Xix, allowing Diablico to pull out a foreign (maybe American?) object to knock Xavant cold for the pin.

Rating: D. This was pretty lame stuff so thank goodness it was clipped. Diablico is a big guy who wasn’t the most energetic in the world. Xavant looked like Dale Torborg, which is quite the insult if you’re familiar with your late 90s wrestlers. Bad match here and I thought Diablico was the face until the end.

House show ads.

A cruiserweight named Peter the Bad Romance (seriously?) has a question for us. He’s been the best wrestler in the world for the last three years but he keeps hearing about Samuel Adams and Chicano. Well now he’s going to prove that he’s the best Junior Heavyweight wrestler in the world by winning the Junior Heavyweight Title. Simple but effective here, assuming I understood it right.

Junior Heavyweight Title: Ricochet vs. Samuel Adams

Ricochet (not Prince Puma) is defending and wears a mask. Joined in progress again with Ricochet slugging away and hitting a springboard middle rope bulldog for two. Adams chops out of the corner and hits a buckle bomb followed by a hard clothesline for two of his own. That’s it for his offense at the moment as Ricochet gets two more off a high cross body, only to walk into a Diamond Cutter driver. Back up and Ricochet counters a superplex into a sunset bomb for another near fall, followed by a cool spot where he bounces from one foot to another to fire off kicks to Adams’ ribs, setting up a quick rollup for the pin to retain.

Rating: C-. Still not great stuff here as they were just trading spots for the few minutes they were out there. That’s one of the big dangers of having matches joined in progress: you go right to the ending and there’s almost no way to get into things as you have no idea what you missed before that. Not bad here but I need more between the big spots.

Universal Title: Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. Mighty Ursus

This one isn’t joined in progress for a change. Ursus is challenging and is a big strong guy in a mask. The champ starts fast and rams him into the corner over and over to a limited effect. Ursus starts shrugging them off and rams Carlito into the buckle himself. Carlito is sent outside for more punches to the head, followed by a trashcan shot. A splash into the post works as well as a splash into the post would be expected to work and Carlito gets a breather.

Carlito posts Ursus again and chops him against the barricade but the Mighty one starts Ursusing up. That means it’s time for chops to the champ’s chest, followed by going back inside so Carlito can choke him a bit. We take a break and come back with Ursus choking with his boot. They’re not exactly going nuts with the offense here. A DDT drops Carlito and a snap suplex (not bad for a guy Ursus’ size) gets two. Ursus goes to the corner but some guy comes in with a flag for the DQ.

Rating: D+. Well it was better as I got to see most of the match but the ending was pretty lame. Neither guy seemed interested in cranking it past about a three here and it showed really badly. Nothing much to see here and I’m really seeing why Carlito can only get a big push in his dad’s promotion.

La Revolucion, a three man military team, comes in to take out the guy with the flag and rips off his mask. It’s the young guy from the opening segment, so Carlito yells at him about his father. He tells La Revolucion to let the kid go as he loads up an apple, only to take a low blow so the kid can run away. A lot of shouting ensues.

Carlito yells at a guy for being on the phone but peace is quickly made.

Carlito is ready for his showdown with Mighty Ursus.

Ursus and his manager with a very scarred head aren’t worried about Carlito because it’s Ursus’ day.

We see the end of a Tag Team Title match where La Revolucion and Los Boricuas (the champions) had a double pin, meaning the titles are held up.

La Revolucion says they’re winning the titles to take over the company.

Los Boricuas say bring it on.

The young guy goes back to tell his brother what happened but the brother is worried about him. I think the young guy is going to be fighting soon so the brother writes something down, which pleases the young guy.

Overall Rating: D. Uh….yeah. The wrestling sucked, the stories weren’t all that interesting and a good chunk of the hour was spent on the same ad for the big show. I can easily see why this company isn’t very well received these days if this is the kind of product they’re regularly putting out.

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  1. Killjoy says:

    Wow. You got to it faster than I assumed. The guy in crutches is Ray Gonzales and the kid Carlito spat was his son. The store is there’s. Remember the Wrestler of the Day and how Carlito debuted? Yup, that’s still going.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    So basically this company has one idea every 25 years?

  2. Killjoy says:

    Well just look at who theTag Champs are.