WWC Lucha Estrellas – March 9, 2015: Featuring Vince McMahon!

Lucha Estrellas
Date: March 9, 2015
Location: Puerto Rico
Commentator: Nelson Santano

This almost has to be better than the previous show I sat through, as I believe we’re still coming up on the big show that they spent half the hour hyping up. Carlito is still feuding with Mighty Ursus but also has to deal with the young guy from last time…..whoever that was. Let’s get to it.

We open with a shortened version of the same opening from last time, with Carlito destroying the convenience store and flashbacks to the cage match.

Clips of the end of yesterday’s main event with the young boy (wearing a mask) coming in and attacking Carlito until La Revolucion ran in to save Carlito. We also get the young guy talking to his brother.

The young guy was on the phone since yesterday.

Opening sequence.

Same Peter the Bad Romance promo from yesterday. Why don’t I just watch that show again?

Clip of the ending of Peter vs. Angel Cotto with Peter winning with a fisherman’s driver.

Same house show ad that I’ve seen like five times in an hour and a half.

And now, back to June 27, 1977 in Madison Square Garden for a WWWF match announced by Vince McMahon! Why you ask? Well likely because this is on the Network and more interesting than whatever nonsense I’ll have to sit through otherwise.

Chad Nelson vs. Jose Gonzalez

Joined in progress with Chad cranking on the arm. Jose fights up and sends him into the buckle with one of those firey Latin comebacks. This time it’s Jose starting in on the arm before four straight dropkicks put Nelson away.

Rating: F. Four dropkicks? Seriously, four straight versions of the same move? This went on nearly ten minutes in full and I can’t imagine wanting to ever see either of these guys again. Luckily neither guy ever did anything that I know of and it’s fairly easy to see why after a performance like this.

Same promos for the Tag Team Title match from yesterday.

Carlito and the guy on the phone, just like yesterday. They really don’t change these things do they?

Puerto Rican Title: Chicano vs. Ricardo Rodriguez

Yes that Rodriguez, who is challenging here. Chicano is very tattooed but has a good look for the most part. As you might expect, Ricardo is quickly knocked to the floor to start and Chicano sends him into the post. Back in and Rodriguez gets in a shot to take over and heads back outside to choke from the floor. We hit a reverse chinlock but Ricardo lets it go to yell at the fans as we go to a break for more promos and house show ads.

Back with Chicano kicking out at two and backdropping Ricardo to get a breather. A huge clothesline gets two for Chicano as the announcers are now doing house show ads. Ricardo hits a jumping knee to the face but misses a moonsault. He’s up fast enough to go up top, only to get shoved back down, setting up a Swanton to give Chicano the pin.

Rating: D+. Chicano looked good and thankfully Ricardo had a shirt on here. This wasn’t much of a match but at least Chicano got to show off and hit a good looking Swanton to end it. He would win the Universal Title less than a month after this show, so there was clearly something to him.

La Revolucion runs in to beat Chicano down post match. Apparently Chicano is challenging for the Puerto Rico Title, held by one of the nameless members of La Revolucion.

La Revolucion rants about Chicano.

Chicano rants about La Revolucion.

The young guy gets out of his car and goes to the house of some old guy, presumably for training.

Hey look: ads for a show.

William de la Vega and another guy yell about Superstar Ash.

The old guy talks to the young guy to end the show.

Overall Rating: F+. This show comes off like the old Memphis TV show: a glorified commercial for the upcoming arena shows, minus the interesting promos and the cool angles. Maybe the language barrier is messing things up for me, but this really isn’t a fun show to watch, even if you can cut out about forty percent of it with the ads and replays from last week.

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  1. Killjoy says:

    Chicano is Miguel Cotto’s cousin and a boxer himself.

    Now you see why I’m so tolerant of TNA. I grew up on far worse stuff.