Money in the Bank 2015 Preview

We’re up to another show here and I’m not the most interested. However, this is more like the TLC and Extreme Rules shows: if you just let the gimmicks carry the show, everything should fall into place (and off the top of the ladders). Hopefully we get a cash in on the night of the show so we don’t have to have the briefcase carried around all year. Let’s get to it.

On the pre-show, I’ll go with Barrett over Truth. I know Truth has been doing some funny stuff lately, but I have to have faith in the wrestling world. I know they’ll likely job Barrett again and chuckle at the idea that people believed in him for the dozenth time, but I have to believe that it can happen just one time. I mean…..please?

Now for the matches that people actually care about, that might actually get more than five minutes, and won’t involve a bag of rubber spiders.

I’ll take Cena to win over Owens, but not by pin or submission. They seem to be taking care of Owens and the other rookies, so hopefully they just have him walk out or get disqualified this time. There’s nowhere near enough heat for this rematch to take place so soon and it’s really holding things back. This should have been at Summerslam to build up Owens even more and take away some of the awesome memories of the first match. Still though, this should be fun and something very interesting depending on the ending.

As weak as it is, I’ll take Reigns for the Money in the Bank briefcase. It’s such a simple idea that you would think they might mix things up, but there’s really no reason to have anyone but Reigns take it down. Kingston and New Day would be awesome for a moment before you remember they’re the Tag Team Champions. Neville isn’t ready. Orton doesn’t need it. Ziggler, Sheamus and Kane are Ziggler, Sheamus and Kane. Reigns is tied in and the logical move, which is why it probably doesn’t happen if WWE tries to get cute. I’ll go safe here though and hope that Reigns cashes in very soon.

I’ve already gone into the World Title scene but I think Rollins retains and brags about it tomorrow night on Raw, only to have Brock come back as the biggest monster face in the history of monster faces to chase the belt. I know a lot of people have been wanting to see Ambrose win the title and that’s still a possibility, but the Lesnar factor changes so many things.

You combine that with the possibilities of something interesting happening with a Shield reunion and there’s almost no way of telling where this goes. Well I mean between the two people who are possible winners so it’s really 50/50, but saying there’s no way of telling sounds better, despite it not really being that hard to tell. I’ll take Rollins retaining and Ambrose turning heel as a result, because why listen to the crowd cheering for someone they love when you can turn Reigns heel and let him build himself up for a year or so down the line.

New Day retains the belts. I’ve been chuckling at the Prime Time Players and Darren is actually showing some potential, but I don’t see them being the team to beat New Day for the titles. New Day is getting even stronger as kind of associates of the Authority, which is even further of a miracle than they were expecting.

Ryback keeps the Intercontinental Title. As easy as a Big Show joke would be here, let Ryback retain and build himself up a bit more with a Shell Shock on the giant. You remember that move. They did it on Raw because why save it for the pay per view when you can show 18 replays of it on Raw. Odds are Ryback moves on to feud with Miz after this, or maybe back to Wyatt, who beat him so recently.

Oh and Nikki retains as the march to 295 continues, meaning she can pass AJ Lee as the longest reigning Divas Champion ever so WWE can put her in montages with Trish and Lita, because it’s totally the same thing.

This is a show that is going to be based entirely on the strength of the ladder matches and little more. Cena vs. Owens is a big match, but it’s going to be dealing with the big expectations that the previous match built up. Other than that though, the Money in the Bank ladder match should be a big fun mess and Ambrose vs. Rollins could be great. The interesting thing is going to come the following night though as an angry Lesnar is going to be back to go a Rollins hunting.

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  1. Jimmyglasso says:

    I see wyatt costing Reigns MITB to set up
    a feud and then Kane or sheamus winning MITB. Or lesnar comes out and just takes the case becuase his brock lesnar

  2. Your Eternal Reward says:

    What i would like to see is Kevin Owens just walk out of the match with Cena after a promo saying “why should i wrestle you again?”

    Don’t have them fight or anything, KO already proved he is the better man, what else does he need to prove by facing Cena again?

  3. Pugman57 says:

    What if Reigns turned heel and cashed in on Ambrose if he were to win. For some reason I see that happening

    klunderbunker Reply:

    That’s a solid possibility too and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happening.

  4. CrazySole says:

    So I was really disappointed Bray Wyatt wasn’t in the match as I would have loved to see him win the briefcase. Ideally, I would like to see him attack someone (possibly Neville), enter the match and win the briefcase. If not, New day to win. I would much rather see Reigns win a different way, this is just an easy alternative.

  5. Awesome_Miz says:

    After hearing, reading, and thinking about a possibility in the MiTB match which I would prefer to see rather than Reigns winning unless, as said before, Ambrose wins and Reigns turns heel in the process. The other possibility is having Kofi/New Day win and then have Paul Heyman come and manipulate into having Kofi and/or New Day defend the briefcase against Brock Lesnar in the WWE Network special and just have Brock win obviously. From there on they can easily figure out how to protect Brock when he cashes in and loses, because we don’t want another “Oh Where Is The WWE Title Reign”.