Lucha Underground – July 22, 2015: Fighting Death

Lucha Underground
Date: July 22, 2015
Location: Lucha Underground Arena, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

Ultima Lucha is almost upon us and the major story is Mil Muertes casually destroying Prince Puma last week. The title match seems to be inevitable but you never can tell with this promotion. Well you can if you read the spoilers but that’s just cheating. We also need to find out who the final medallion winner will be so let’s get to it.

The opening recap covers Texano vs. Blue Demon Jr. over who really is Mexico. Not Mexican remember, but the entire country of Mexico.

Big Ryck is in Dario Cueto’s office where the boss thinks Ryck has lost focus and has been blinded by Daivari’s money. Cueto holds up the last medallion and asks what’s more important, money or power. Ryck says he can have both and gets the medallion and a roll of cash. They finally see eye to eye.

Johnny Mundo vs. Texano

This could be good. The fans chant JOHNNY ZERO but change it up to a standard Texano chant. Mundo hides in a corner like he should do as a heel before kicking Texano in the face to take over. Texano kicks him right back for two and the fans are way behind the good guy here. Johnny comes right back and heads outside for a neckbreaker onto the floor in a nice looking move.

Back in and the running knee to the head quiets the JOHNNY ZERO chants, followed by a chinlock. That goes nowhere so Texano fires off a chop. Johnny ducks a second so Texano chops him in the back for a nice spot. A Rough Ryder gets two on Johnny but he blasts Texano with a Flying Chuck for two. Texano fights back again but the Crew comes in to beat him down for the DQ.

Rating: C-. This wasn’t bad but they were just trading kicks to the head for most of the time. I still like Texano and Mundo looks like the biggest star in the world (see what I did there?) around here. Nice little match here but it was there to set up the post match stuff instead of anything else.

Alberto makes the save and has a staredown with Texano but they both walk away.

Hernandez is in Dario’s office (and somewhere you can hear Dixie Carter crying) when Cueto says he’s splitting Ultima Lucha into two weeks. I’m not wild on the idea but it’s all they could do given their timeslot. As for Hernandez, he’ll be on the card in a match against Drago, but since so many fans hate him, they’ll be around the ring with straps. Hernandez doesn’t seem worried.

The Mack vs. Cage

Mack pinned Cage a few weeks back so this is a chance for revenge. Cage fires off a bunch of clotheslines to start….and gets sunset flipped out of the corner for a pin in less than 45 seconds. Dang it stop hurting your big stars.

They brawl on the floor and into the crowd until Dario comes out to make a hardcore match for Ultima Lucha with their match taking place next week. Dario isn’t done though as he’s going to explain the Aztec medallions after the break.

Back from a break with Dario in the ring and a new title belt next to him. The belt has slots for all seven medallions lined up across the middle in a kind of hideous design. It’s the Gift of the Gods Title, which is good for a Lucha Underground Title match anytime, as long as you give Cueto a one week notice so he can properly promoted. On top of that though, you’re going to have to defend the title if you take your time. Now we need a first champion, so everyone who has a medallion needs to come to the ring.

This brings out Jack Evans, Aerostar, King Cuerno, Bengala, Sexy Star, and Big Ryck. Everyone puts their medallion into the belt but since there’s no Fenix, we have an open medallion. That can’t work, so let’s have a battle royal where the final two will have a regular match for the medallion. Cue the returning Fenix, who is quickly put into the battle royal. I like the concept of the Gift of the Gods Title, with the one week idea being a very welcome change.

Battle Royal

Fenix, Kill Shot, Marty Martinez, Argenis, Famous B., Mascarita Sagrada, Vinny Massaro, Delavar Daivari, Super Fly, Ricky Mandel

Remember that it’s a battle royal until the final two, when it’s pin or submission. Fenix is in a shirt over his tights for some reason. It’s a brawl to start with Famous B. Pedigreeing Mandel and dropping a legdrop. Mandel is quickly tossed and Argenis is sent out as well. Daivari kicks Kill Shot out, followed by a slugout between Famous B. and Massaro as the fans try to remember who either guy is. Sagrada monkey flips Super Fly out but eliminates himself in the process.

We’re down to Famous B., Martinez, Daivari and Fenix. Martinez and Daivari double team B. out but Fenix quickly tosses Daivari, leaving us with Marty vs. Fenix for the medallion. Gee I wonder what’s going to happen. Marty hits a quick dropkick for two and Fenix rolls outside, where Marty isn’t willing to try a big dive. Back in and a Tajiri handspring elbow drops Marty, setting up a springboard wristdrag. They horribly botch a hurricanrana but it’s still good enough for Fenix to get a pin.

Rating: D+. The best part here was they kept it quick (about seven minutes total) when there it was obvious that Fenix was going to win. Fenix is probably the odds on favorite to win the title at Ultima Lucha but it should at least offer him some better competition than this did. Not bad, but it was pretty much just waiting seven minutes before the obvious.

Fenix puts his medallion inside the belt.

We run down the Ultima Lucha card.

Here’s Prince Puma for the hard sell before the title match. He’s about to speak for the first time (really? He didn’t talk back in the day?) but Katrina and Muertes (rocking a suit) cut him off before he can say a word. The Disciples of Death run in but Puma fights them off to stare at Muertes again. Mil gets in but Puma kicks him in the face, setting up the 630 to end the show. This was the kind of thing they needed to do with Puma as it’s been one sided to Muertes so far.

Overall Rating: C+. Not a great wrestling show but a solid push towards the biggest show of the year. That’s exactly what a go home show is supposed to be and they mostly nailed it here. It’s also nice to see what the Gift of the Gods Title is after all the weeks of hyping it up and the idea actually works well. Throw in Fenix returning and Puma finally getting one up on Muertes and I’m ready to see Ultima Lucha.

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  1. El Killjoy says:

    The irony of Hernandez’ match is amazing. The week after the mess to boot. I believe TNA called it Fans Revenge.