John Cena Taking Time Off From WWE After Hell in a Cell

I know this broke yesterday but I have to say something about it.

Well first and foremost this means that we’re going to get a new US Champion. It should be interesting to see who they put the title on as Cena isn’t really feuding with anyone at the moment. There are a bunch of options but I’d love to see Cesaro get it, even though there’s almost no chance of it happening. Hopefully it goes on someone who could use the title though and won’t sit there and waste our time, though that’s WWE’s standard operating procedure more often than not.

Other than that, it might mean Cena being freshened up. The logical move would be to have him win the Royal Rumble (tying Austin for the most all time) so he can move on and win title #16 at Wrestlemania in Dallas but that might be a bit too easy. I’d have him take #17 at Wrestlemania number whatever in the future but I can’t imagine WWE keeps the title off him that long.

The other interesting case is going to be the ratings. The numbers are already at some of the lowest in years (due to a ton of reasons, namely Monday Night Football and the third hour being too much TV but that’s another story for another time) and Cena is one of their few proven draws. Take him away and WWE is really going to have to mix things up, which could certainly benefit the fans.

I hope he gets back soon because there’s no one better, but this might be a good thing just a few months before one of their biggest shows ever.

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  1. Greg says:

    There goes a guaranteed entertaining 20-30 minutes of Raw every week.

  2. Aeon Mathix says:

    Streak or no streak I don’t really care, I would love to see Cena take on Undertaker at Mania.