Middle Kingdom Wrestling – September 17, 2015: In Any Language

Middle Kingdom Wrestling Episode 2
Date: September 17, 2015
Location: CWE Gym, Dongguan, China
Commentator: Eddie Strong

This show wasn’t terrible the first time I looked at it and maybe the second show is going to be better. If nothing else I’m kind of interested in seeing which of the two matches from the first show is the more accurate indicator of what this promotion is about. Maybe the commentator won’t be as annoying this time either. Let’s get to it.

I’m not sure what the deal is with the dates but I’m going with when they’re posted on Youtube.

The intro is the same last week, down to the same video packages and captions.

The Slam (CWE Champion. For the first time it’s confirmed that CWE and MKW are different things) is in the ring and wants to talk to the MKW GM about why he isn’t in the title tournament. The unnamed GM isn’t sure what to say so Slam demands a match against a big man in the future, which is granted. So we have another angle.

MKW Title Tournament First Round: Jason vs. Dalton Bragg

Bragg’s entrance is in fast motion. I’m digging the way they’re doing things differently like that as it’s not something you see in most promotions. Before the match we get a video on American Dalton Bragg, who brags about his success in America. I’m more interested in his South Park tattoos. He knows he’s better than everyone in the tournament, including the Slam. That’s still kind of confusing and they need to clear it up. Maybe with a bracket or something.

The match is joined in progress with Bragg kicking Jason in the head for two. A Codebreaker gets the same as we’re told that Jason is Slam’s student. Jason comes back with a PerfectPlex and a Boston crab but Dalton rolls through for two. Bragg can’t get Jason up for what looked like a powerbomb and drops him into something like a Dominator instead for the pin. Too short to rate but Bragg is more polished and has a better presence than anyone else so far.

This show is already better than the first one and we’re not even half done.

MKW Title Tournament First Round: Ash vs. Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant is in this tournament? Ash has an American flag on the back of his vest but there are no videos this time. Instead Mamba grabs the mic and says he knows he’s underrated but he has a secret plan. He brings out someone named Da Li Sam as a coach and I guess we’re supposed to know who that is. Mamba is another of Slam’s students and it seems that a lot of these people wrestle in CWE. Ash drops Mamba but Sam pulls his……whatever Mamba is to him to the floor for a conference.

Back in and Da Li trips Ash up but Ash runs Mamba over anyway. We get a chase on the floor and Mamba finally takes over with an ax handle on the way back in. A lot of choking from both Mamba and Sam sets up an STO (not STF commentator) for two on Ash. Mamba grabs a camel clutch (called a signature move) but Ash fights back with a Stinger Splash and backbreaker but Sam shoves Ash into the referee. The brawl is on and the much bigger Sam (his head is over the top rope while he’s standing on the floor) sends Ash into the post for a long countout.

Rating: C. The wrestling wasn’t great but there was a far more important key here: I got the idea they were trying to present even though I have no idea who these people are and know nothing about them. It’s a sign of better storytelling and that’s the most important thing in wrestling. You really should be able to tell what’s going on no matter what and they covered that here.

The credits and a preview for next week take us out.

Overall Rating: B. Again on the sliding scale but this was WAY better than last week. There’s definitely better wrestling here with the stories being more well rounded and the ideas being easier to understand. I’ll keep watching this as it’s only twenty minutes and I can go for a change of pace to the simple stories and basic booking. Much better show this week though the commentator is still annoying.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Please continue to watch and criticize, we promise to improve.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I probably will keep an eye on it, especially with the shows being this short. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do for the company?