Which Royal Rumble Should I Redo?

Other than 2015 of course.  The count-up starts on Sunday so get your votes in quickly.


  1. MC ChickaChicka says:


    M Reply:


  2. M.R. says:


    M.R. Reply:

    Or 2000, my favorite Triple H match.

  3. CrazySole says:

    2007 for sure with it’s excellent ending. Wouldn’t mind the controversial 2014 one too.

  4. Jerichoholic94 says:


  5. Jay H (the real one) says:

    I have a couple in mind. 1994,1997,2000,and 2007.

  6. Jimmyglasso says:

    2007 or 2001

  7. Gunther_224 says:

    2000. One of the best non-Mania shows they’ve ever done.

  8. The Rock and Sock says:

    1999 Best plot twist in WWE history.

    Greg Reply:

    No, it wasn’t. That show was awful. Rock/Mankind was great but looking at it now is sickening.

    Steve Holt Reply:


  9. BSE says:

    2000 was my favorite with Tazz’s debut, an epic tables match, and of course The Rock winning.

  10. SamualDude says:

    2007, 2008 or 2011

  11. Malcolm Shields says:


  12. Aeon Mathix says:

    I want to see you in agony and then subsequently joy so therefore 2003

  13. #MrScissorsKick says:

    1992. For reasons, you know, KB.

  14. The Crock says:


  15. DDPYoga Plug in says:


  16. Sroxy says:

    Any of the following:
    1992 (for reliving the greatest Rumble ever and of course Heenan’s commentary gems)
    2000 (The greatest Royal Rumble PPV ever)
    2003 (Scott Steiner. And yeah Benoit/Angle is there too.)
    2011 (The 40-man Rumble. It was long but Perhaps the most fun I’ve had in any Rumble match)

  17. Katie Vick says:


  18. Cactus Jack says:

    1999 would just piss you off and pissed off KB reviews are the best

  19. Sebastian Howard says:

    1999 just because its so terrible.

  20. Juan Pablo Montoya says:


  21. Stone Cold ET says:


  22. Rocky Vs Cena OMG says:


  23. NightShiftLoser says:

    I didn’t know we could vote for more than one! 1992, or 1994. If forced to pick one, 1992.

  24. 1999 says:

    1999 better win KB I wanna read your review.

  25. dead benoit joke says:

    plz 1999

  26. Rocko says:

    I feel like someone is stuffing the ballot box with 1999.

  27. Socko says:

    Honestly 1999 just because of how bad it was.