Lucha Underground – February 17, 2016: She’s Right Behind Us

Lucha Underground
Date: February 17, 2016
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

The show is starting to pick up as the big stories are starting to show signs of potential. Last week we found out that the cops are after Dario and have already infiltrated the Temple, which could set up something huge by the end of the season. Somehow we’re going to be a sixth of the way done with the season after tonight, but to be fair it took a long time for last season to come together too. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at the issues between Ivelisse/Son of Havoc/Angelico, which lead into Pentagon Jr. breaking Mil Muertes’ arm.

Ivelisse comes in to see Catrina and wants another shot at the Disciples of Death and the Trios Titles. Catrina says there’s no such thing as an automatic rematch around here (SWEET) so if they want another shot, they have to beat another trios team tonight. Ivelisse is fine with that and can’t wait to get her hands on Catrina. That could be quite the brawl if Catrina can go even slightly in the ring.

Vampiro promises that Pentagon Jr. will beat Prince Puma later. I’m getting a bit of a Bobby Heenan vibe from him as he clearly wants to manage but has to hold it back. There’s even that medication to match Heenan’s booze.

Angelico/Ivelisse/Son of Havoc vs. Chavo Guerrero/Cortez Castro/Cisco

Muertes is watching as always and remember that Cortez is the undercover cop (which isn’t known by the commentators). The fans chant what sound like Spanish slurs at Chavo and the Crew as Cisco (thankfully in different gear this season) gets armdragged down by Angelico to start. It’s off to Ivelisse and Cortez with the non-undercover cop firing off knees to the chest. Cortez blasts her in the face and brings in Chavo (with his out of place white shorts) as the heels take over with cheating in the corner.

Ivelisse kicks away at the leg and then the face, allowing for the tag off to Havoc. The standing moonsault gets two on Cisco but Chavo trips Havoc in the corner, allowing for some triple teaming. Havoc fights off the goons and makes the tag to Angelico, who easily beats up all three of them. An enziguri from the mat (always cool) drops Cisco and Angelico hits the big dive, followed by a top rope double stomp for the pin on Cortez at 5:57.

Rating: C. It’s kind of hard to care about the Trios Titles when they’re not so much a division as much as they are a prop in this one particular story. Still though, Angelico and company have really turned into an interesting group that I want to see get the belts back. They’re getting the story right and that’s the best thing you can do in something as simple as this.

Post match Chavo yells at the Crew until Texano makes his return and goes after Chavo, who bails like a real coward.

Video on Johnny Mundo, who says he hasn’t been treated like the star he really is. Like seriously, putting him in the opening match at Ultima Lucha? Not that it matters as he stole the show anyway. This was a nice little profile on Mundo and summed up his character perfectly for outsiders.

Joey Ryan comes up to Cortez and brags about being a better cop because he’s better at convincing people he’s a better luchador, which he’ll prove next.

Prince Puma is the luchador of the week, which I believe he’s been every single week.

Cage vs. Joey Ryan

Ryan comes out to the music that Big Dick Johnson used to strip to in WWE. This is the standard Joey Ryan entrance as he rubs oil all over himself and Striker saying he looks like Joey’s evil twin brother. The fans are starting to get WAY into Cage which is a really good sign for his future. Joey uses his lollipop for a cheap shot (it works) but Cage just DROPS HIM with a clothesline.

Cage misses a charge into the post though and Joey nails a nice dropkick. A northern lights suplex keeps Cage’s arm in trouble but the hammerlock slam just isn’t going to work. Instead Cage powerslams him down and goes up for a moonsault…which only hits mat. Joey actually hits a spinebuster and three superkicks for two. Cage is tired of this defense nonsense though so he powerbombs Joey into a backbreaker and loads up a STEINER SCREWDRIVER (Cage: “KICK OUT OF THIS!”) to knock Joey out cold (Striker: “Joey Ryan is DEAD!”) for the pin at 4:06.

Rating: C. Not a great match or anything but anytime you have a Steiner Screwdriver (which means a few Steiner matches in the early 90s), it’s just a better day. If you somehow haven’t seen that before, go look it up because words simply do not do it justice. Ryan looked good here but Cage is doing Ryback better than Ryback.

Post match Johnny Mundo runs in for a spear (nice nod to Muertes) and a beatdown but Cage pops up and lays him out with Weapon X.

Rey Mysterio is training with the new Dragon Azteca. We get some backstory on the original Dragon and his connection to Cueto’s family. Apparently Cueto’s father came to Mexico to try and find the descendants of the seven tribes to let them fight again. Cueto’s father became obsessed with the bad side though and sacrificed his son to be a vessel for the gods, which lead to Matanza. Rey advises Dragon to not seek revenge but then tells him to reunite the seven tribes, which apparently Rey knows how to do.

Mundo vs. Cage is next week’s main event, as it should be.

Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr.

Puma tries a quick headscissors but Pentagon lands on his feet as Vampiro is in full on coaching mode. A second headscissors works a bit better for Puma but he has to bail out of a dive. Back in and Pentagon hits one of the loudest chops I’ve ever heard before dropping Puma with a backbreaker. A running cutter drops Pentagon though and the fans aren’t sure who to cheer for. That’s a good sign as Puma should still be a big star even though Pentagon has risen up the card in a hurry.

Puma hits a great looking corkscrew dive to take Pentagon down again but he jumps over Puma in the corner and pulls him down into the Backstabber for a SWEET counter. Vampiro is ticked that there was no leg hook on the cover though and talks about Pentagon going back to his old ways.

Puma’s comeback is stopped by a dropkick and both guys are down again. Back up and they chop it out but the Package Piledriver is broken up. Puma kicks the heck out of his head but the springboard 450 hits knees. Now the Package Piledriver connects but Pentagon loads up a surfboard instead of covering but Puma bends backwards for a cover and pops his shoulders up at two for the pin at 7:45.

Rating: B. Good stuff here and the ending was a nice touch as Pentagon looks to be missing a few steps without Vampiro guiding him. You can see Vampiro wanting to mentor him but at the same time wanting to retain his new found sanity. It’s pretty obvious that he’s going to snap at some point and when that happens, Pentagon is going to rocket up the card.

Post match Pentagon lays out the referee but gets kicked in the head again. Puma teases breaking Pentagon’s arm, even drawing Muertes off his throne. Instead though Puma says something to Pentagon and lets him go.

Sexy Star is stumbling through the hallways in a scene that feels like it’s out of a slasher movie. She runs into the Mack, who asks who did this to her. Star says Moth, but means Moth’s sister, who is apparently right behind her.

Overall Rating: B. Good wrestling, good storytelling and good storyline advancement. What more can you possibly ask for from about forty five minutes of wrestling TV? Well you could ask for less of the Crew but they fill in spots well enough. There’s a ton of potential for things around here though and that’s the cool thing about Lucha Underground: you don’t know how awesome some of the stuff they have could be and you want to keep watching to see what they have.

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  1. Heyo says:

    The Steiner Screwdriver might be a candidate for the best finishing move ever. Top 10 at worst.

  2. Isaiah Morrow says:

    That Cortez Castro and Joey Ryan segment in the back was really cringy. Bad acting. Besides that, another great show.