Alberto Del Rio Suspended 30 Days

Due to a Wellness violation.  Based on his rather sluggish performance last night, it’s quite possible he knew this was coming and was off his game.  Normally I would say this might let him get a bit refreshed but really, WWE has shown that they have no interest in fixing him up and there’s no reason to hope otherwise this time.  Smackdown needs another upper midcarder but it’s not like Del Rio was lighting the world on fire or anything.

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  1. FingerBoy10 says:

    I’ve always thought that creating a Cartel-like stable for del Rio is a missed opportunity. Take,for instance, the Shining Stars, who are solid to good wrestlers but have a completely bland act join the stable and be the Enforcers of del Rio in matches.

    They can make this stable over-the-top and it would make for fun TV, even if it’s an undercard stable. Considering the appalling Smackdown Live undercard, I would take anything of that nature!