Ring of Honor TV – October 5, 2016: What They Do Best

Ring of Honor
Date: October 5, 2016
Location: MCU Park, Brooklyn, New York
Attendance: 1,500
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino

It’s the first show after a pay per view and that means…..well I have no idea what that means actually as this could be anything for the most part. We could be getting a special look at someone or a special show with nothing to do with the regular shows. Or it could just be a stand alone show that focuses on some midcard storylines. My guess: New Japan. Let’s get to it.

We’re going to a special show called Field of Honor from Brooklyn back on August 27, 2016.

National Anthem.

Opening sequence.

TV Title: Bobby Fish vs. Evil

Fish is defending and gets his eyes raked to start. An early kneebar attempt sends Evil outside and Fish is right there to kick at the leg. Evil is right back up with a chair to the back before wrapping it around Fish’s throat to send it into the post. It’s not a DQ for reasons that aren’t clear and we take a break.

Back with Fish suplexing Evil into the corner because that’s a required spot these days. They trade forearms until Fish gets in a Samoan drop for a breather. A half and half suplex gets two for Evil and he takes Fish’s head off with a clothesline. Fish pops right back up with a falcon arrow into a kneebar and Evil taps at 10:40.

Rating: C+. This is the kind of match that I can always go with: simple wrestling with a random challenger coming for a title despite there being no chance of a title change (partially because this was taped six weeks ago). I’m not big on Evil but he was the perfect choice to go after the champ like this. Fun little match.

IWGP Intercontinental Title: Michael Elgin vs. Donovan Dijak

Elgin is defending and this title has never been on the line in New York before. Dijak gets powered into the corner but he punches Mike in the cut on his forehead. That goes nowhere so Elgin shoulders him down and follows with the delayed vertical suplex. Dijak avoids a charge in the corner and lifts Elgin up for some knees to the back. It’s too early to finish the champ off though and he muscles Dijak up for a suplex as we take another break.

Back with Elgin hitting Dijak in the face and getting two off a really hard clothesline. The Elgin Bomb gets two and Dijak grabs a fireman’s carry into a sitout powerbomb of his own for two more. A chokebreaker sets up Dijak’s moonsault for two. Elgin shrugs that off too and hits a quick Death Valley Driver onto the apron. A German superplex knocks Dijak silly and it’s a buckle bomb into the Elgin Bomb to retain the title at 11:45.

Rating: B-. I had a lot of fun with this as they just beat each other up for a long time. There was nothing scientific here and that’s all it was supposed to be. Elgin is a beast who can run people over and Dijak is the kind of athletic freak that you only get every now and then. Fun match here as this show has been good so far.

Bullet Club vs. ACH/Lio Rush/Motor City Machine Guns

Yujiro Takahashi/Hangman Page/Young Bucks for the Bullet Club here and ACH/Lio Rush and the Motor City Machine Guns for ACH/Lio Rush/Motor City Machine Guns. We have to wait for ACH to run around the bases before it’s time to get going. Matt and Lio start things off and it’s a thumb to the eye to give the Club the early advantage. Rush flips around and starts kicking both Bucks so we can take a break.

Back with Sabin headlocking Page and bringing Shelley in for a top rope armdrag. Nick gets hung over the top with three guys holding him in place for Rush’s top rope double stomp. Quadruple strikes have Nick in even more trouble and the rest of the Club FINALLY comes in for the save. A bunch of superkicks have Rush and ACH down so the fans gets behind the Club. Of course they do. Back in and the powerbomb into a kick to the head knocks Rush silly.

We come back from another break with Rush diving at the corner but getting suplexed over for two. Matt grabs a camel clutch so Nick can run the ropes, only to stop for a Too Sweet poke to the eyes. Rush doesn’t seem interested in sucking it so he makes the hot tag to ACH. Everything breaks down with ACH doing a bunch of dives and kicks to the head of anyone he can find.

A belly to back suplex gets two on Page and the Guns hit a Magic Killer on Matt. Rush starts firing off suicide dives and some superkicks send Page into a German suplex for two. The Guns start their rapid fire offense on the Bucks but a double superkick knocks Rush to the floor. Now we get the Bucks firing off dives but ACH hits an even bigger one to take everyone down. Back in and a double superkick into the Rite of Passage knocks Sabin out for the pin at 15:29.

Rating: B. This was exactly what it needed to be with eight guys who were there to fly all over the place and pop the crowd all over the place. The Bullet Club continues to dominate the promotion because that’s what Ring of Honor is about anymore. The Guns/Rush/ACH are fine enough for a group to lose to the Club so it’s all gravy here.

Overall Rating: B. Now this is the kind of show that I can get into. They aren’t trying anything over the top or anything stupid like the Kevin Sullivan story and just went with the wrestling, which is what you need every now and then. There’s good stuff in this promotion (meaning it doesn’t need New Japan) and it’s fun to watch them from time to time.

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