Lucha Underground – November 30, 2016: Break Up The Tribe

Lucha Underground
Date: November 30, 2016
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

It’s time to get back to focusing on one of the more interesting members of the roster as tonight we’re looking at Pentagon Dark. Black Lotus and her tribe are going after Pentagon so maybe we can get a bit more clarification on what’s going on with their story. One of the problems with Lucha Underground is they have so much going on that it’s hard to keep track of the individual stories. Let’s get to it.

We open with a much needed recap of Black Lotus vs. Pentagon Dark. This includes Pentagon breaking Dragon Azteca Jr.’s arm and Lotus sending her cronies to eliminate Pentagon from Aztec Warfare.

Vampiro and Pentagon run into each other in the back, meaning it’s time for flashbacks. Pentagon is threatened and doesn’t seem pleased.

The announcers open us up but Vampiro doesn’t have anything to say.

Pentagon Dark vs. Black Lotus/Black Lotus Tribe

Gauntlet match with Pentagon vs. all four in turn. First up is Doku, who walks to the ring with her arms folded for an odd look. Doku fires off some chops in the corner and a hard kick to the ribs, only to get dropkicked across the ring. Pentagon starts getting more serious so the kicks and chops get even harder. Well at least louder, with one sending Doku out to the floor.

A gorilla press toss sends Doku face first onto the apron and a sick kick to the thigh has her in even more trouble. Back in and Doku scores with a good looking spear followed by a top rope elbow. She tries it again though but Pentagon is waiting on her and breaks the arm for the win at 6:12.

Before we get back to the match, we see Catrina coming up to Jeremiah Crane in the back and taunting him about Ivelisse. It seems that they have a past and Catrina thinks he’s not over her.

Back in the arena, Pentagon promises to break Lotus’ arm as he waits for the next member of the tribe. That would be Yurei, who again is named for the first time here. The match (which is treated as an individual match instead of part two) starts fast with Yurei sending him outside for a big dive. They’re certainly giving the women some solid offense here.

Pentagon is sent into the chairs and hit in the head with a metal sign. Back in and Pentagon starts wrenching on the knee but Yurei comes back with a hurricanrana. A tornado DDT looks to set up something out of the corner, only to have her dive into the package piledriver. One more broken arm later and Yurei is done at 7:22 (13:34 total, not counting breaks between falls).

Before the third fall, Matanza is working out when Dario comes in. Next week Matanza will get his rematch for the title but the monster wants Mysterio.

The third entrant is Hitokiri, which translates to Assassin. A dropkick sends Pentagon outside and a big moonsault press has Pentagon in even more trouble. Hitokiri starts banging away with a chair and Pentagon is in trouble. Vampiro is getting turned on by the violence and Pentagon is thrown through some chairs. Again. Pentagon is slammed onto the exposed concrete and you can see his body being broken down.

One heck of a kick to the ribs slows Hitokiri down and now it’s her turn to go through the chairs. Her body being in a broken heap is quite the visual. An AA onto the concrete has Hitokiri reeling but she sends him into the post. That’s enough time for her to go up to the top of Dario’s office for the HUGE dive (the first woman to do so) and both are down. Back in and the Package Piledriver is countered into a standing Canadian Destroyer for the pin at 11:55 (25:29 total).

Actually we’re not done as Black Lotus gets to face the broken Pentagon as well. Lotus kicks the referee down and the entire tribe surrounds Pentagon. Things get even more personal as Lotus breaks Pentagon’s arm, bringing a smiling Vampiro to his feet. Cue Dragon Azteca Jr., who the women leave alone to break Pentagon’s other arm. No match with Lotus and I won’t add any time because the bell never rang.

Rating: B. I liked the match but I still don’t have much of a connection to this story. It’s such a complicated and at times intense story but the other problem is it rarely gets any attention. This is the story that’s been going on in the background instead of getting the main focus. That doesn’t make it bad but at least it’s an entertaining match, especially with the Tribe breaking Pentagon down and making him fight until he just couldn’t do it anymore.

Prince Puma wakes up in his coffin and Vampiro is waiting on him. Vampiro: “Come with me.”

Overall Rating: B. These one match shows are fun but you don’t want to do two of them in three weeks. I need a little more variety than this to really get into things, especially with how many stories are going around in this promotion. I’m also not sure where they’re going with Pentagon, who is one of the most over acts in Lucha Underground but is just kind of there on the side while everything else goes on.

Here’s my main issue with this season: what is the big story? You have Dario being evil and serving his master (whoever that is), Pentagon vs. Black Lotus vs. Dragon Azteca Jr., the cops running around, Matanza vs. Mysterio and the title picture but none of those feel like a bigger story than the rest of them, which is a problem. Still though, good show this week as the season is starting to get back on track.

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  1. Bloodbuzz Bunk says:

    I loved it and I think we have some new Trios Titles contenders with the Black Lotus Triad.

    I’m a fan of the continuity of the show and Pentagon is held accountable for his actions at Ultima Lucha Dos. This match/episode worked for me just because it let the fans cheer on Pentagon and still got them to chant “break his arm” at the end. I figure that Pentagon will handful of episodes off again before some character growth and return to get in the title picture as a proper face or likely have to deal with a new Puma/Vampiro alliance.