Ring of Honor TV – December 7, 2016: An Early Christmas Present

Ring of Honor
Date: December 4, 2016
Location: William J. Myers Pavilion, Baltimore, Maryland
Attendance: 600
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness

We’re past Final Battle and that means a few weeks before we actually get anything substantial in storyline terms. It’s really hard to say what we might get here but it could be anything from a house show to some nothing TV matches, but there’s almost a guarantee that it won’t be anything storyline driven. Let’s get to it.

Will Ferrara/Cheeseburger vs. Tempura Boyz

Joey Daddiego, Ferrara and Burger’s trainer, is on commentary. Ferrara and Burger double team Sho in the corner to start as we hear about Daddiego working on the Americans’ weight training. It’s off to Yo as the beating begins but Sho runs over to pull Cheeseburger off the apron to break up a hot tag attempt.

That goes nowhere though as Burger gets the hot tag a few seconds later, meaning it’s time for all the chops. Everything breaks down and the palm strike into a jumping Flatliner….only gets two as we take a break. Well it’s a special show so they have to fill in time. Back with Cheeseburger taking a package piledriver for the pin at 8:00. The post break stuff was less than a minute.

Rating: D+. Not much to this one but that’s going to be the case on the whole show. There’s nothing interesting to this one but at least the Tempura Boyz stand out a little bit instead of being a very similar kind of act than you see so often. Also it’s not like you can ever have too much talent on a roster so this is all fine. Not a good match or anything but fine enough for what it was.

Post match here are Prince Nana and Donovan Dijak to destroy Ferrara and Cheeseburger. Daddiego gets in and says this isn’t happening so let’s have a match.

Joey Daddiego vs. Donovan Dijak

Daddiego slugs away but can’t do much on the much bigger Dijak. A brainbuster gets two on Donovan but Nana crotches Daddiego. Feast Your Eyes gives Dijak the pin at 2:29.

We recap the Cabinet getting rid of their gimmick and calling themselves….the Rebellion. That’s really the best they could come up with? The idea of just scrapping the thing was out of the question? They also attacked Dijak and the Motor City Machine Guns at a house show.

Video on Kevin Sullivan/Steve Corino/BJ Whitmer. Thank goodness Corino just left the promotion instead of making us sit through this anymore.

BJ Whitmer/Damien Martinez vs. War Machine

As expected, they don’t even bother with the wrestling and just head outside to set up tables. The big brawl takes us to an early break with neither team in any real control. Back with a wrestling match having broken out with Whitmer and Rowe down off a double clothesline. Everything breaks down again with Hanson and Martinez slugging it out on the floor. The referee gets shoved and the match is thrown out at 7:16. Not enough to rate it but this was the kind of brawl it should have been.

Rowe gets chokeslammed through a table and Hanson gets kicked a lot. Kevin Sullivan talks to Hansen and apparently they knew each other back in the day. Hansen used to call himself Steve NEW SCHOOL Corino so Sullivan calls out the real Corino. This means a staredown between Corino and Hansen which goes….nowhere. Much like EVERYTHING ELSE IN THIS STUPID STORY!

Briscoe Brothers/Silas Young/Jay Lethal vs. Motor City Machine Guns/Lio Rush/Jay White

There are three people in this match named Jay. The referee is so confused by the horrible naming decisions that he doesn’t ring an opening bell (or maybe I just missed it) but Lethal shoulders Rush down to start. Rush starts firing off strikes and kicks Lethal in the head, setting up a big dive to the floor. That triggers a parade of dives to put everyone down as we take a break.

Back with more chaos, albeit slightly more controlled chaos. Mark takes a trashcan to the head and stops to chat about it on commentary for a bit. Lethal gets in trouble but there isn’t a heel corner for him to get caught in. Some quadruple teaming allows Lio to fire off some YES Kicks but Young tags himself in to save Lethal.

Rush gets caught in the corner as the Rebellion comes out to watch for reasons of general annoyance. We take a second break and come back with Rush handstanding his way out of a cutter (not a fan of the guy but that was cool). The hot tag brings in White as everything breaks down.

Everyone else winds up on the floor so Rush’s frog splash hits Lethal’s knees. White gets the tag but Mark makes a blind tag to kick White in the head. The Guns do their rapid fire stuff to Young and a double suplex staggers Jay Briscoe. White’s Kiwi Crush actually gets the pin on Jay Briscoe at 15:22 in a big upset.

Rating: B-. Rush is slowly growing on me though I still find him vastly overrated. White getting the pin is a nice touch though as he and Briscoe had that great brawl for one of White’s earliest matches. This was the high energy match that this promotion is capable of putting on and it worked well for this nothing show.

Overall Rating: C. For what we had here, this was actually a watchable hour. I like the idea of giving the lower stories and talent a show of their own like this as it’s not often they get a chance to shine. There are even stories to them most of the time, even though they don’t get to be on the pay per view. At least they get a chance to advance them, though unfortunately one of them is Sullivan vs. Corino. Good little show here, which was a nice surprise.

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