Ring of Honor TV – December 14, 2016: It Makes You Appreciate NXT

Ring of Honor
Date: December 14, 2016
Location: William J. Meyers Pavilion, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Ian Riccaboni

This is another special show with the Women of Honor getting the spotlight for a change. I saw one of these shows before and had a good enough time with it though it’s hard to keep caring when they only make air a few times a year. ROH has promised to make this a bigger deal for years now so it’s really hard to buy their promises. Let’s get to it.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Candice LeRae

Purrazzo has been all over as of late, including on Smackdown and NXT. LeRae is from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride which pretty much guarantees that I’ll be a fan. We get a quick introduction from both women so they’re already one up on the WWE cruiserweights. Feeling out process to start with Purrazzo working on the arm until the much more experienced LeRae taking her down to the floor for a suicide dive.

Back in and Candice tries to run up the corner but gets dropped down onto the ropes to send us to a break. We come back with Purrazzo working on the left arm and adding in a kick to the bicep for two. A few forearms and a top rope double stomp to the back gets two for Candice. She makes things a bit odd with something like a crotch grab suplex (Did I mention she and Joey Ryan are regular partners?) for two more. Not that it matters as Purrazzo grabs another Fujiwara Armbar for the tap at 10:04.

Rating: C. Here’s the problem with specials like this one: there’s no story or reason to care about either of these women, at least based on what they’ve done in ROH. Why should I be interested in two women facing off with no characters or story behind it? This really was the definition of “just a match” and that’s rarely enough to make anything work.

Veda Scott/Kennadi Brink vs. Faye Jackson/Sumie Sakai

Scott is gone from the company since this was taped. Jackson and Sakai have Solo Darling with them. Faye and Veda start things off with the much bigger Jackson running her over. It’s off to Kennedy, who is taken down with one of the worst looking hiptosses I’ve ever seen. Speaking of hips, Kennedy is sent face first into Jackson’s, shall we say, hips, for two.

It’s off to Sumie for a missile dropkick but she’s taken into the heel (I’m pretty sure at least) corner. The announcers keep talking about various matches from house shows that I guess we’re supposed to have seen. I mean, there’s no indication of storylines or anything like that but that’s pretty standard for a lot of ROH material.

Veda gets two off a spear and Solo offers a blend of her “special drink” to bring Sumie back to life. Instead it’s just a tag to Faye for her stumbling elbows. Various hip theme attacks have Veda and Kennadi in trouble, including a rolling splash (Chocolate Thunder) for two on Scott. Some very bad looking heel miscommunication sees Brink drop Scott, setting up a top rope Cannonball for two on Kennadi. With Scott and Sakai on the floor, Brink grabs an Anaconda Vice for the tap at 7:34.

Rating: F+. This was one of the worst matches I’ve seen in a good while and it’s more proof that some people just aren’t ready to be on a national TV show. Jackson is clearly green and the match fell apart as a result. I’m really not a fan of her kind of offense either as it’s a mixture of comedy and dominance, which isn’t something that often works.

We recap Mandy Leon vs. Taeler Hendrix which is the result of Leon issuing an open challenge. Hendrix got beaten up so she sent in Jessica Havok to take care of Mandy. See, that’s a simple story and while Leon’s promo (saying she’s a Woman of Honor over and over) wasn’t great, this is better than anything else we’ve had so far.

Mandy Leon vs. Jessica Havok

Leon goes right after the monster and is knocked down with ease. Some HORRIBLE forearms have little effect on Jessica but a huge running legdrop misses. A wheelbarrow slam gets two on Mandy and we take a break. Back with Mandy grabbing a sleeper, only to be driven back into the corner. Something like White Noise gets two on Mandy but Havok pulls her up. Thankfully the announcers are right there to remind us about Havok being a hired gun who only wants to inflict pain. Cue Deonna Purrazzo for a distraction, allowing Mandy to grab a rollup for the pin at 7:01.

Rating: D-. There isn’t much of another way to put this: Leon looks outstanding in her gear but she’s one of the worse in ring performers of this group. Then again it’s not like these women get much ring time and Havok really didn’t do much to help her out either. Not a good match whatsoever but they were certainly trying.

Havok chokeslams them both post match.

Video on Kelly Klein, who is treated as a killer.

ODB vs. Kelly Klein

Both come in undefeated. ODB shoves her around to start and takes it outside for a ram into the post. The idea here is that Klein has been a big fish in a small pond but is now getting to fight someone with some experience and more talent. Things stay bad for Klein on the floor as ODB hits some hard chops. Back in and Klein scores with some forearms to take over as we go to a break.

We come back with Kelly still in control until ODB low bridges her outside for a breather. Some shoulders drop Klein and it’s time for a few flask shots. Of booze that is, not to Klein’s head. Now, because ODB is gross you see, she rams Klein’s head into the buckles while simulating the shots going to her crotch. See it’s funny. Klein grabs a northern lights suplex for two until ODB runs her over for the same. Not that it matters though as Klein grabs a guillotine choke for the referee stoppage at 13:05.

Rating: C+. Not bad here as Klein is continued to be treated as the undisputed star of the division. Having her beat ODB is a good idea and helps to set her up as something big….if this division ever goes anywhere. That and seeing ODB getting knocked out is always entertaining, unlike almost anything else about her.

Overall Rating: D. These shows are so hard to grade as there’s almost nothing to compare them to. The matches range from horrible to watchable but I have almost no idea who these people are and there’s nothing for them to build towards with all of one show every four months. Either build a division up or do something else because this is getting a bit old. Not the worst but it makes you realize how good the NXT women really are.

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