Ring of Honor TV – February 8, 2017: Ring of Ho-Hum

Ring of Honor
Date: February 8, 2017
Location: Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Colt Cabana

We’re getting closer to the 15th Anniversary Show and tonight it’s about the minor titles. First up we’ll have the Young Bucks defending the ROH Tag Team Titles against the Tempura Boyz. After that though we have a six way match to crown a new #1 contender to Marty Scurll’s TV Title. Let’s get to it.

BJ Whitmer/Punishment Martinez vs. War Machine

It’s a brawl to start as Cabana is in full on heel mode, talking about how awesome he is at everything in life. Rowe takes over on Martinez to start but misses the shotgun knees in the corner, allowing Whitmer to get in a cheap shot from the apron. We take a way too early break and come back with Hanson cleaning house with back and forth corner clotheslines to Whitmer and Martinez.

To make things even worse, Hanson puts Martinez on the top rope and rams Whitmer’s head into Punishment’s ribs over and over. An overhead belly to belly makes things worse for Whitmer as everything breaks down. Whitmer gets in his exploder suplex but grabs a table instead of covering. Cabana doesn’t care for the lack of disqualifications but settles for a double countout at 9:43.

Rating: C+. This is what the match should have been as War Machine is a great power brawling team. Whitmer is fine once they cut off the Kevin Sullivan nonsense and Martinez is capable of doing some very horrible looking things to jobbers if given the chance. I had fun with this one and the ending was one of the only logical ways to go.

They brawl to another break after the match.

Kingdom vs. John Skyler/Corey Hollis/Joe A’Gau

Non-title. The Kingdom doesn’t waste time as they take Joe to the floor for a triple bomb. Hollis gets sent into the post and it’s Skyler alone against all three champions. That means a triple teaming but a double underhook backbreaker only gets two. A superkick into an enziguri gets the same as we hear about T.K. O’Ryan being a sassy horse. Skyler finally slips out and of a pumphandle and dives over for the hot tag to Hollis. Everything breaks down and the Triple Bomb ends Hollis at 5:03.

Rating: C. Better than I was expecting here with the jobbers getting to put in a little more offense than you would have thought. The Kingdom is still not all that interesting because it’s just Matt Taven (who wasn’t that interesting in the first place) plus two guys who just debuted as part of the team. Give us a little more and maybe I’ll care but that isn’t the case yet.

Post match the Kingdom says they’ll never lose the titles but here are Dalton Castle and the Boys to interrupt. Taven isn’t impressed and says bring it on, which shows how short the aisle really is in this arena. Dalton gets in but Cabana shoves the Boys down.

We look back at the Young Bucks agreeing to defend against the Tempura Boyz.

Colt Cabana leaves commentary due to a zero tolerance policy.

Tag Team Titles: Young Bucks vs. Tempura Boyz

The Bucks are defending and it’s Nick cleaning house on Sho to start, including an assisted superkick to send him outside. Back from an early break with the Bucks in full control (duh) and a big highlight reel from the champs. Matt kicks Nick by mistake though and we get stereo deadlift German suplexes on the floor.

Things settle down again with the Bucks actually in a bit of trouble…which of course lasts all of ten seconds before some kicks and dives get them out of trouble. That means a SUCK IT/DELETE chant from Matt but Nick gets caught in a Boston crab. Cue the superkick for the save and the corner enziguri sets up the 450 to retain the titles at 9:27.

Rating: C-. Not much to see here but that’s so often the case with Young Bucks matches. I’m not entirely sure on the idea of the Bucks vs. the Hardys but it’s one of the biggest indy matches you can do at this point. If nothing else it gives me a great chuckle at the idea of the Bucks never showing up in TNA, making them look even worse by comparison, which is always a good thing.

Post match Hangman Page comes out to help the Bucks lay the Boyz out.

Marty Scurll loves the idea of six people fighting for a shot at his title.

Lio Rush vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley vs. Donovan Dijak vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Jay White

One fall to a finish and all six hug before the match. Scurll, on commentary, wants to gag at the sight. Thankfully there are tags here so it’s not quite as insane, though it’s under Lucha Rules, meaning going to the floor counts as a tag. Speaking of which, that exact rules quickly gives us Rush vs. Dijak with Marty saying he can do everything Lio can do. I’m already liking Scurll and I’ve heard him talk for all of a minute and a half.

Everything breaks down and we wind up with Shelley calling a spot to Rush, who can’t quite fight his way out of the corner. With Scurll, who is holding an umbrella, talking about the Power Rangers, Sabin and Shelley argue for a bit, only to quickly hug us to a break. Back with Sabin knocking Shelley to the floor but getting Stunned by Gresham. White and Rush get into a very fast paced exchange with Jay getting the better of it as Rush is knocked out to the floor.

Dijak gets Rock Bottomed (Scurll: “I would kick out of this.”) for two and it’s time to hit the dives. Scurll: “THEY’RE ALL GONNA DIE! I could do that!” Dijak adds a springboard corkscrew dive so Gresham and Rush double team the big guy down. Gresham goes up top but the freaking Rebellion comes out to get in a big brawl. Back in and Rush kicks Dijak in the head but his top rope dive is caught by the throat. Feast Your Eyes gives Dijak the shot at 9:45.

Rating: C+. This was the usual over done match with too many people involved. The action was good though and that’s what matters most here, along with Dijak getting the title shot. I mean, he’s not going to win the thing because he’s leaving but it’s a nice bone to throw him on the way out.

Scurll stares him down.

War Machine is brawling with Whitmer/Martinez in the back to end the show.

Overall Rating: C. Just a show really as they’re still setting up the pay per view with a long time to go. I’m not sure how interesting that show is going to be with all the names that are rumored to be leaving the promotion but it’s nice to have a show focused on the ROH names instead of everyone else possible for a change.

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