Beth Phoenix to the Hall of Fame

No real surprise on this one but I’m starting to wonder how many more women they can put in without scraping the bottom of the barrel.  That being said, Beth was really underrated as she was a big deal in a dead period for the company while also being a very beautiful woman.


  1. NightShiftLoser says:

    She never screamed “Hall of Fame” to me, but she was by far the best in a weak period. I’d have rather seen something like the Jumping Bomb Angels, especially with Asuka dominating nXt, if they needed to put a woman/women in this year.

  2. Maw says:

    Torrie, Stacy (they were huge), Sable, Mickie James , Victoria and Chyna should be the next inductees

    NightShiftLoser Reply:

    Mickie is active, and it will be a long time before Chyna has a chance, but that’s it off that list. Sable will get in, because of her husband, but I don’t see a legitimate reason to put any of the rest in.

  3. Aeon Mathix says:

    not feeling it at all in anyway but the hall of fame has been a joke for so long now i wouldnt be surprised to see steven richards in there one day. its nothing but a participation trophy

    Jay H (the real one) Reply:

    Maybe just maybe and im only guessing I imagine it means something to them to get a HOF induction.

    broken james gracie Reply:

    Yeah it means a quick payday.


  4. #MrScissorsKick says:

    The title of this post says, “Best Phoenix to the Hall of Fame”…

    I couldn’t find a “Best Phoenix”, I think you meant Beth Phoenix!

  5. broken james gracie says:

    LOLOLOLOL What an honor to be inducted into the “prestigious” WWE Hall of Fame! What a fucking joke. They already are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Can’t wait in a few years when there’s no one left to induct and they have to induct the likes of Byron Saxton and Todd Grisham.

    Just rename the WWE Hall of Fame to the WWE All Time Roster cause honestly all it takes to get into this joke of a hall of fame is to just have worked for the WWE/F at some point. They’re gonna have to induct no name WWE Headquarters office people pretty soon just to fill the time.