Ring of Honor TV – April 5, 2017: Lost in Space and Time

Ring of Honor
Date: April 5, 2017
Location: Sam’s Town Live, Las Vegas, Nevada
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Kevin Kelly

We’re past Supercard of Honor and if we’re lucky we’ll hear about it in a few weeks. The big story at the moment seems to be Adam Cole having issues with the Bullet Club as he’s been on a losing streak as of late. That sounds like fuel for a face turn or a way to get to NXT. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

We open with bonus footage from after last week’s show. Adam Cole asked the Young Bucks to get in the ring because he’s disappointed in them. They left him alone at the Fifteenth Anniversary Show and he lost the title as a result. Then they superkicked him in the face and cost him a match tonight. Cole fires both of them from the Bullet Club but the Bucks say they brought him in. They remind Cole that Kenny Omega leave the Bullet Club and walk out.

Cole is furious about losing the title. He can live with losing the belt in a fair contest but he lost in a 2-1 situation. Not that it matters as he’s won the title three times and he’ll do it again.

Ray Rowe vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Davey hits him in the knee to start and we get a bell while the beating is going on. Ray is in early trouble as Davey wraps the knee around the post, only to get punched in the face for his efforts. The knee is dropped onto a table though and you get a rare shot of hardwood floors in the arena. I don’t remember seeing that very often but it’s a unique look.

A Hartbreaker around the post has Ray screaming as we go to a break. Back with Rowe punching him in the face again but the knee gives out on a suplex attempt. An STF makes the knee even worse until Rowe makes the ropes. Davey switches to a reverse Muta Lock before missing a charge in the corner.

Rowe uses the shotgun knees in the corner despite the injury but he didn’t get a running start and stays down after hitting them. A German suplex drops Davey again but Rowe wrenches his knee again. Davey’s Batista Bomb gets two more, only to have Rowe knee him in the face. A full nelson slam into a knee to the back (Death Rowe) is good for the pin on Davey at 11:04.

Rating: B-. I liked this way more than I was expecting to and I’m really surprised at how much better Davey really was since the last time I saw him. I’m not sure I get having him lose here (assuming this wasn’t a one off appearance) as he dominated the match until losing to a few knee strikes at the end. Good match though.

Marty Scurll says he’ll beat Kenny King.

Kenny says he’ll win.

Top Prospect Tournament Semifinals: Brian Milonas vs. Josh Woods

Sweet goodness END THIS TOURNAMENT ALREADY. This is from Manhattan Mayhem. Milonas is the huge guy and Woods is the submission specialist. Woods goes for the leg but can only drive Milonas into the corner for almost no avail. With that not working, Josh grabs an arm hold around the ropes but of course it has to be broken in a hurry. Milonas gets in a major side slam and we take a break.

Back with Milonas using standard huge man offense, including the fat man elbow. A knee to the head finally staggers the big man and an armbar has Milonas in trouble. That goes nowhere so Milonas sits on him in the corner. Since that’s not the best offense in the world, Woods knees and kicks him down again for two with Brian grabbing the ropes. That weird falling splash gets two on Woods but he comes back with a German suplex for the same. A kneebar finally makes Milonas tap at 9:28.

Rating: D. This just kept going with the same story throughout: Milonas is huge but Woods is a good striker and kept cutting him down. It’s not the worst match I’ve ever seen but sweet goodness it took forever to get to the end. Woods is definitely the right call and while Milonas isn’t horrible, he ran out of things to do in a hurry.

We see stills of Bully Ray debuting to join forces with the Briscoes.

The Briscoes talk about teaming up with their childhood hero to challenge for the Six Man Tag Team Titles.

Kazarian won a #1 contenders match for a shot at the TV Title. Later that night, he helped Christopher Daniels win the World Title for the first time ever.

TV Title: Marty Scurll vs. Kenny King

Scurll is defending and Kazarian is on commentary. After some big match intros, it’s time to hit the mat with no one getting anywhere. They fight over wristlocks instead with Scurll spinning out and posing to take us to a break. Back with King grabbing a headlock on the mat, which goes as far as anything else has so far.

King snaps him throat first across the top but Marty pops back up for a superkick from the apron. Back in and Scurll starts going after the arm with a few twists. A kneedrop onto the arm gets two and it’s off to a double arm choke. King reverses into one of his own before getting in one heck of a near fall for two. We take another break and come back with Scurll getting two off a brainbuster.

A piledriver gets the same as Marty is now working on the neck. That’s very smart to set up the chickenwing. Scurll heads up top but gets stunned by a dropkick. They head outside with King hitting a charge up against the barricade, followed by a Blockbuster for a close two back inside. Not that it matters as Scurll pops the finger and gets the chickenwing to retain at 13:17.

Rating: B-. This should have been better but it felt like we were waiting around for the chickenwing. That’s perfectly fine as Scurll is a really solid choice for the championship right now, though I could go for more character stuff from him. Other than breaking the fingers and his entrance, there isn’t a lot of villany in him. Good match though, with King wrestling a bit better than usual.

Overall Rating: B-. If you can get around the fact that this has NOTHING to do with the pay per view storylines and accept that we won’t pick them up again for a good two or three weeks, you can really enjoy this episode. I really don’t get why Ring of Honor can’t get this right somehow. They tape enough TV to make it work but the scheduling is ridiculous. Does it really take that long to turn around an hour of TV? Just figure out something other than this as I have no idea when this is supposed to take place as we’re a few days past a show where a team is defending titles they haven’t even won yet on TV. Fix this stuff already!

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