Lucha Underground – June 7, 2017: No Time For Pants

Lucha Underground
Date: June 7, 2017
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

After last week’s one idea show, it’s time to mix things up a bit. This time around we have a few fresh ideas, plus more of the same one. We’ll be seeing Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo vs. The Mack, one fall to a finish for the title. Other than that….who knows around this place. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at Prince Puma’s near death, Drago being kidnapped and last week’s title match.

Puma is going crazy in front of a mirror when Rey Mysterio comes up. Rey wants to check on his buddy but Puma doesn’t want his help. Vampiro appears in the mirror to threaten Rey, who breaks the mirror.

The announcers welcome us to the show. As usual, Vampiro makes no mention of the backstage stuff.

Lucha Underground Title: Johnny Mundo vs. The Mack

Mundo is defending and I always forget how awesome the Lucha Underground Title looks. Before the match, Dario Cueto comes in to announce everything, including making this falls count anywhere. Mack takes him straight down and gets two off a standing moonsault. Johnny will have none of that and hammers away but the Flying Chuck is countered into something like a Stunner for two.

They head outside with Mack hitting something like a Cannonball into the empty chairs (which had fans in them a few seconds ago), sending Johnny trying to crawl away. That’s fine with Mack who slams him onto a pile of chairs for two. A big chair shot misses but Johnny uses the powers of Parkour to escape.

Cue Ricky Mandel for a distraction, allowing Johnny to dive out of the crowd and take Mack down. Sexy Star comes out to get rid of Ricky so it’s time for a very slow slug out. Now it’s PJ Black coming out from underneath the ring to blast Mack with a kendo stick. A quick Stunner on the apron sends Black through a table but Mundo takes Mack down again. The End of the World hits knees though and Mack grabs a sitout powerbomb for two. Mack can’t suplex him to the floor onto the chairs so here’s Taya for a distraction, allowing Mundo to hit a sunset bomb onto the chairs for the pin to retain at 9:47.

Rating: B. They didn’t waste any time here and just started beating each other up. When you have a match that goes for nearly an hour, there’s no point in feeling each other out here and they didn’t waste their time as a result. Mack being overwhelmed by the numbers game helped and there’s no reason to have Mundo lose the title yet. Save that for something huge, especially with someone who has to deal with the Worldwide Underground first.

Here’s Dario for an announcement. We’re only at the halfway point of the season (I really wouldn’t bring that up boss) but we’ve already seen several new concepts. Now he has a new idea so here’s Melissa Santos with a trophy called the Cueto Cup. Starting next week, there will be a thirty two person tournament with the winner getting not only the cup but the Lucha Underground Title shot at Ultima Lucha Tres.

The question is who will the winner face. Well the Lucha Underground Title will also be on the line the night the cup is awarded with Rey Mysterio getting a shot. Right now though, let’s have a Trios Titles match! As usual, they got the point across in a hurry and Cueto nailed it. This company is so efficient with this stuff and it makes things a lot easier to watch.

Trios Titles: Aero Star/Drago/Fenix vs. Kobra Moon/Pindar/Vibora

Aero Star and company are defending. Pindar and Aero Star start things off as Striker is in really annoying analytical mode again. A springboard corkscrew dive takes Pindar down and a springboard hurricanrana sends him outside. Back in and Vibora kicks Aero Star in the face and we hit the chinlock. Striker explains why the placement of the arm keeps Aero Star conscious because that’s what he thinks commentary is about.

Aero Star fights out of the corner and grabs a super hurricanrana, allowing Fenix to come in and clean house. The tag looks to go to Drago….who mists Aero Star instead. He walks over and takes Moon’s place because she was never officially in the match. Somehow this allows Drago to go up top for a splash on Aero Star for the pin and the titles at 5:34.

Rating: C. So it’s the Hardcore Holly/Cody Rhodes story? I’m still not 100% sure what the story is between Drago and Kobra Moon but I’m assuming it’s something that it’s something where they’re going a bit too far to try to be creative. Vibora and Pindar aren’t the most interesting either and the story is really hurting as a result.

Mundo gets out of the shower and tells Mandel that they should celebrate all night long. Before that can get awkward, Taya comes in to tell Johnny about his match against Mysterio. Mundo sends Mandel off to deal with things and goes off to train, still in the towel. Johnny: “No time for pants.”

Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma

Street fight. Puma, in a shirt to start, comes in through the crowd to dropkick Muertes down. Another dropkick sends Mil to the floor for a dive but takes too long setting up a table, allowing Muertes to spear him through the wood. Vampiro can’t speak as Muertes DDTs him on the floor.

That goes nowhere as Puma hits him with a sign and gets in a DDT of his own. Another sign to the head slows Puma down and Mil knocks him up the steps and up towards the entrance. Puma finds a shoe of all things but Muertes throws him onto his shoulders to carry him back down to ringside.

With Striker calling Muertes the Heavy Handed One, Puma hits a spinning kick off the wall and throws a trash can (complete with trash) inside. Puma’s walk down the barricade gets shoved off and they fight into Dario’s office where he’s fondling the trophy. Back outside with Muertes hitting Puma in the back with a wrench.

Normally that would kill him but instead, Mil just stares Vampiro down. A swinging Rock Bottom gives Mil two but Puma hits something like a Van Daminator. Puma isn’t done and hits a front flip Van Daminator (cool) for a close two. The 630 looks to finish but Katrina comes in with the stone to knock Puma down. Not that it matters as Vampiro hands Puma a brick to end Muertes at 11:40.

Rating: B. This was two guys with a history beating the heck out of each other. The idea of Puma giving in to the dark side and nearly turning heel is a fascinating idea as he really could make for a good bad guy. That could make for a strong character down the line, especially if he gets to face a top face champion, or even another heel but with Puma as an edgy face.

Overall Rating: B+. Now that’s the Lucha Underground I was hoping for. The tournament announcement was interesting and we had a title change and two really strong matches to go with it. This company’s strength is from the high intensity matches with the over the top characters. Do that instead of the long complicated backstory stuff and things will be fine.


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  1. NightShiftLoser says:

    Didn’t Dr. Wagner win the title shot already? Should be an interesting tournament, if they handle it as well as they handle most things.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Not on TV but they tape the whole season at once.

    NightShiftLoser Reply:

    He stole Son Of Havoc’s Ultimate Opportunity at Ultima Lucha Dos, and won the million dollars, didn’t he? The opportunity was a title shot at Ultima Lucha Tres.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    If I remember right, and I’d have to look, I think he just got the money and not the title shot.