Lucha Underground – August 30, 2017: It’s About Time

Lucha Underground
Date: August 30, 2017
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

We’re into the final stretch of the season now (after what feels like 183 years) and that means we’re on the way to Ultima Lucha Tres. With the main event set, there shouldn’t be too many more weeks to go before we get to the big show. That being said, this is Lucha Underground so we’ll likely have three tournaments and ten new characters before we get there. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at Marty Martinez being creepy, Cortez Castro being unmasked, Son of Havoc vs. Son of Madness and Johnny Mundo retaining last week.

Dario Cueto comes in to see Matanza, whose protection he now requires. In two weeks, Matanza gets to face Mysterio one on one.

Ultima Lucha Tres starts in four weeks and will be four weeks long this year.

Son of Madness vs. Mascarita Sagrada

Sagrada comes out in the biker vest given to him by Son of Havoc. Madness kicks him in the back to start and stomps him down in the corner as this is looking squashish. Sagrada gets in a kick of his own but a suplex puts him away at 2:13.

Son of Havoc comes in for the save as Dario makes Havoc vs. Madness in a Boyle Heights Biker Brawl for an Aztec Medallion later tonight. As he’s making the announcement, Paul London comes out to carry Sagrada away.

Marty Martinez vs. Argenis

Marty drives him into the corner for some rapid fire shots to the face and chest but misses a charge. A springboard….something is broken up with a faceplant and it’s time for Marty to start after the mask. Marty gets sent outside for a big dive and a hurricanrana off the steps. Since it’s just a hurricanrana, Marty sends him into the post to draw some blood. With his blood on Marty’s shoulder, Argenis comes back with a neckbreaker as Striker talks about platelets falling. Marty loads him up for a Dominator and flips it into a Codebreaker (cool) for the pin at 5:11.

Rating: C-. The blood was a nice touch and the finisher was cool as Marty looks like a killer all over again. That’s the kind of thing you get around here that’s missing from other promotions and it helps a lot. You can pretty much guarantee Fenix vs. Marty at Ultima Lucha and I’m actually looking forward to that one a bit, especially with Fenix’s great in-ring performances more often than not.

Post match Marty beats on him even more and steals the bloody mask. Marty gets in Melissa’s face, saying he wants Fenix’s mask. He’ll get it at Ultima Lucha Tres. Fenix comes out for some kicks and issues a challenge for mask vs. hair.

Joey Ryan vs. Sexy Star

Watch your arm Joey. Star hammers away in the corner as Striker babbles about smart women loving smart men. A tornado DDT gives Star two and a victory roll gets the same. Joey pulls her down by the hair and here’s Taya with a sign to mock Sexy and her fans. I’m not sure how many fans she has but then again Lucha Underground has blown her importance WAY out of the water for a long time now. Star biels him around by the chest hair, followed by Three Amigas for two. She dives onto Taya instead of following up though and it’s a superkick to give Joey the pin at 4:57.

Rating: D+. Just a match here but Star’s recent actions have somehow made me care about her even less. She’s already one of the most overpushed wrestlers I’ve seen in a long time and now there’s only one thing you can think about when she’s out there. Joey getting the win is a nice surprise, though we’re just waiting on Castro to come out for the brawl.

Post match Joey tries to put the lollipop in Star’s mouth so Castro comes in for the save with a kendo stick.

Back from a break with Castro coming into Dario’s office. He should arrest Dario right now but Dario gives him a street fight with Joey for an Aztec Medallion next week.

Aztec Medallion: Son of Havoc vs. Son of Madness

Street fight. Havoc knees Madness (thankfully in a vest so we can tell them apart) in the face to start as the vest is already off. A trashcan shot drops Havoc and they fight into the crowd as Striker makes Repo Man jokes. They take turns being sent into various objects with some fans catching Havoc as he’s thrown into the crowd again.

Madness gets thrown back to ringside for a dive out of the crowd, only to have Havoc knee the barricade by mistake. A backdrop sends Madness into the same barricade though as Striker talks about how you would do some of this stuff in a bar fight. Back in and Madness clotheslines him down (I think. Having these two looking identical is really annoying.) as Striker keeps making jokes about the beards, completely missing the point of something that is supposed to be so serious.

Havoc sends him outside again and into the steps, setting up a handspring elbow in the corner. A cutter gives Havoc two but Madness drops him again and goes to find a toolbox. Instead he picks up a garbage can for a Death Valley Driver. Now it’s time for a hammer but Havoc charges into a beer bottle to the head. The shooting star gives Havoc the pin at 13:03.

Rating: B-. Good brawl here with both guys beating each other up, though it was rather difficult to keep track of which was which most of the time. Havoc winning is the right move as Madness seems like a one off character. The match was fun enough and felt like a fight, save for Striker being more annoying than he’s been in months with all of his unfunny jokes and talking about how you wouldn’t do this stuff in a biker brawl. But Striker isn’t going to change and the match was still good so it’s hard to complain about all that much.

Overall Rating: C+. The fact that this season finally has an end date in sight helps a lot but sweet goodness does it really matter at this point? Next week will be a year since this “season” started and it’s still got the better part of two months to go after. At least they’re starting to set up some more stories for Ultima Lucha Tres than just the main event, which is really needing the build up with so little time to go. Good show this week though and that’s important right now.

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