Ring of Honor TV – December 6, 2017: Another Young Bucks Disaster

Ring of Honor
Date: December 6, 2017
Location: RP Funding Center, Lakeland, Florida
Commentators: Colt Cabana, Ian Riccaboni

Things are starting to pick up with two weeks to go before Final Battle. I’ve been liking the shows more and more as of late, which hopefully keeps up this week. They still need some more build towards some of the matches but they’ve certainly been doing more good than bad as of late. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Beer City Bruiser vs. Marty Scurll

Marty gets tossed outside to start so he gets a bit smarter by going after Bruiser’s fingers. Some forearms against the barricade have Bruiser in even more trouble as this is full on face Marty. Bruiser misses a charge and hits the barricade as we take a break. Back with Bruiser missing a frog splash and Jay Lethal coming out to watch. A superkick to the jaw and another to the leg have Bruiser staggered but a hard clothesline takes Marty back down for two.

Marty’s rollup with feet on the ropes gets two and Bruiser knocks him outside again. That means another missed dive and both guys are down on the floor. Bruiser dives back in at nineteen and it’s off to an octopus hold. The referee gets bumped (of course he does) and the fans say he deserves it. What a bunch of jerks. Marty hits Bruiser in the head with the umbrella for the pin at 10:16 with Jay teasing coming out for the save but standing his ground instead.

Rating: D+. I could go for Scurll as a face actually, even if his name is the Villain. I know it’s a stretch to have a villain as a face, but in a weird way it’s actually working. Bruiser wasn’t the best in the world here but having Lethal tease making the save and then allow Scurll to be the villain makes for an interesting story heading into the pay per view.

We look at Dalton Castle winning the first Soaring Eagle Cup tournament.

Castle talks about being a wrestler his whole life and it being who he is instead of what he does. Then he showed up here and worked his way to the top. It took a long time to get himself noticed and one person to notice him was Cody. They had a match earlier this year where Cody snuck in and attacked him. Cody even shipped the Boys out, which isn’t going to make him weak. Next week: they sign the contract. Castle was a lot more serious here and it worked that much better.

Earlier this week, the Briscoe Brothers went to Bully Ray’s training center but he wasn’t there. The trainees introduced themselves to the Brothers and of course got beaten up. The Brothers went on to break a bunch of pictures with Jay shouting at a picture of Bully, asking what it’s going to take to get in the ring. One of the trainees takes a 3D to wrap this up. Another good segment here for a good story.

It’s Coleman’s Pulpit time and hopefully I can hear him this week. Coleman’s guest is….himself. Coleman is ready for his TV Title shot and thinks Kenny King is just jealous. Kenny isn’t a king, a peasant or a pawn but rather a ho. I still don’t get the point of this show.

Tag Team Titles: Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Kingdom

The Kingdom (TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia this time) are challenging and this is from a show in Fort Lauderdale. The Guns get jumped from behind to start but come right back with some clotheslines. That means a double dive to the floor, only to have the Kingdom whip the champs into the barricade.

Back in and Marseglia gets punched out of the air, setting up something close to Poetry in Motion in the corner. The champs start in on O’Ryan’s leg and we hit a Figure Four. Marseglia gets one as well but both holds are pretty quickly broken. Everything breaks down with the Kingdom grabbing a spinebuster on Shelley to take over. The Kingdom holds up the titles and we take a break.

Back with Sabin hitting a high crossbody onto the two of them, only to have O’Ryan grab a Twist of Fate. Marseglia’s Swanton gets two and the assisted Regal Roll gets the same with Sabin driving O’Ryan into the cover for the break. With nothing else working, it’s time for the baseball bat and the ax but TK hits Marseglia by mistake. Since IT WAS A BASEBALL BAT TO THE HEAD, something like a double One Winged Angle is needed to put Vinny away at 11:53.

Rating: C. Hopefully this helps to get rid of the Kingdom being around the Tag Team Title scene. They may not be horrible but I really don’t need to see them near the titles. Watching them wrestling is still better than listening to Matt Taven talk, though that’s not saying much. Good enough match, but they completely lost me after the ball bat to the head. I mean…..really? That’s not even worthy of a cover?

Flip Gordon vs. Adam Page

No transition here as we’re back in Lakeland for the main event. Flip gets shoved away but he backflips to stay on his feet. Page can’t clothesline him due to a series of nipups as the announcers plug the Being the Elite series. They trade flips off the apron and there’s the handstand into a headscissors to put Page on the floor. Another flip dive takes Page down but he’s still able to kick Gordon in the face to take over. It’s chair time with Page launching up into a hard shot to the face as we take a break.

Back with Page getting two off a bridging suplex but Gordon scores with an enziguri. They kind of botch a sunset flip and both guys are down for a bit. A running shooting star gives Gordon two but Page sends him outside for a big moonsault to the floor. Rite of Passage is broken up and the Samoan Pop (a reverse Regal Roll), followed by a springboard spinning Stunner for the pin on Page at 8:44.

Rating: C-. So here’s the problem: Gordon is known for his flips and being all athletic and stuff. They were trying to make him stand out….and then they have Page match him move for move and flip for flip. That just makes me think Page is his equal and a win by a relative newcomer isn’t going to help that. I like the idea of pushing someone new, but they execution didn’t work.

Post match the Young Bucks come in and superkick Gordon down, drawing the big face pop. OH COME ON ALREADY! You just gave Gordon a big, clean win and THIRTY SECONDS LATER you have him getting beaten down again for the sake of ANOTHER YOUNG BUCKS MOMENT! The Bucks didn’t need to be there and it would be nice to have pushed Gordon on his own for a few minutes. But no, let’s push the big stars instead because they’re what matters and they might not get every viewer to their YouTube show if we don’t push them as the biggest deal in the world. My goodness this made me mad and that shouldn’t happen.

Cody says Gordon won’t take the Six Man Tag Team Titles, just like Castle won’t take the World Title.

Overall Rating: C-. That ending just destroyed any good things this show had going for it. I liked the Briscoes segment and the Scurll match was the right idea but none of that matters if we don’t focus on the Bucks AGAIN. Would it be the worst thing in the world to have them leave for a bit? Maybe they could actually have some other names get somewhere and not be so reliant on them all the time. But nah, let’s go with the Bucks every single time because that’s never going to get old.

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  1. Heyo says:

    Sadly, ROH is going to use that face pop to justify having the Bucks out there.

  2. AB Morales says:

    I was actually fine with the Young Bucks here. The story is they bully him at every turn. Yeah, the crowd cheers them but that’s not the story’s fault and them saying “Were do you think you’re going” has been a pretty important detail. They keep undermining everything he does and attacking him when he’s alone. If he gets the win at the PPV, I’d say job well done. The crowd cheering them does get in the way though.