205 Live – June 11, 2019: Funny How That Works No?

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205 Live
Date: June 11, 2019
Location: Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, California
Commentators: Aiden English, Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph

Things are getting a little more interesting around here as there is a small army ready to challenge Tony Nese for the Cruiserweight Title. This could set up a variety of title matches at Stomping Grounds, which could certainly use the extra help. Other than that we have Drake Maverick chasing R-Truth, because that’s what General Managers mean around here. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

Maverick opens the show and addresses the criticisms against him for chasing the 24/7 Title. Therefore, tonight he’s made a fatal four way match to crown a new #1 contender for the Cruiserweight Title at Stomping Grounds. See? He can do his job and be obsessed over the comedy title at the same time.

Opening sequence.

Jack Gallagher vs. Chad Gable

Gable is a surprise addition to the roster. Gallagher takes him to the mat to start and puts on a leglock, but throws in a little smile to show it’s ok. That’s escaped with a roll out and Gable spins to his feet for a standoff. The handstand walk gets Gallagher out of a headlock (that’s always cool) so they fight over a test of strength, giving us the exchange of monkey flips into the stereo neck bridges.

Back up and Gable tries to take out the legs but gets rolled over, allowing Gallagher to dropkick him to the floor. A whip sends Gallagher into the steps and seems more than pleased with a countout. That’s only good for a nine though so Gallagher starts bending the fingers back (English: “Don’t let an Englishman get a hold of your fingers!!!”). Gallagher’s rather delayed vertical suplex gets two but Gable whips him hard into the corner.

Some rolling belly to belly suplexes into a dragon suplex gets two on Gallagher and we hit the ankle lock. That’s reversed into a loose Fujiwara armbar from Gallagher, which is reversed into a tiger driver for two. Back up and Gallagher blasts him with a clothesline and they’re both down. Gable gets sent outside but catches a suicide dive and hits a heck of a release German suplex. Gallagher gets up at seven, falls down at eight, and can’t dive back inside in time for the countout at 11:55.

Rating: B-. The ending was a little weird as it seemed that Gallagher messed up the timing a bit. If nothing else it’s strange to have Gable debut and win via countout, but the point was proven. What mattered most here was to make Gable look like a different kind of cruiserweight and that’s what they did. He’s tailor made for this show and he could easily become a top star around here in a hurry. Why it took them this long is beyond me, but at least it’s finally happened.

Mike and Maria Kanellis come in and rant to Maverick about how Mike should have faced Gable instead of Gallagher. Maverick is tired of their whining so Maria hints that Maverick might be losing his job.

We look back at Drew Gulak attacking Noam Dar last week and taking his spot in a match.

Dar doesn’t feel safe working here and wants to be in NXT UK permanently.

Singh Brothers vs. Dos Locales

They’re Sacramento’s Best Luchadors, but more importantly, the Singh Brothers have won the Boscar, which may or may not be an award the two of them invented. Sumir starts with we’ll say #1 but stops for some dancing. Sunil comes in and dances with #1 before getting dropkicked down. #2 comes in and gets kicked in the face but we need to stop for some dancing. Stomping in the corner sets up a superkick and the Bollywood Blast (Demolition Decapitator from the top) is good for the pin on #2 at 3:25.

Rating: D. The Singh Brothers are fine for a tag team around here, though they need some other teams to feud against. The Lucha House Party is going to be fine for part of that, but the Brothers need more than one team. Then again 205 Live specials in figuring out how to make the most out of a small roster so they can figure something out for everyone involved.

Tony Nese would be happy to face any of the four people in tonight’s #1 contenders match, though Drew Gulak seems to intrigue him more than anyone else.

Drew Gulak vs. Humberto Carrillo vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Oney Lorcan

One fall to a finish and the winner gets the Cruiserweight Title shot against Nese at Stomping Grounds. Gulak dropkicks Carrillo at the bell and it’s Gulak and Lorcan catching a springboarding Carrillo for good measure. Carrillo is right back up to knock Tozawa down and hit a standing moonsault for an early two. Tozawa fights out of the half and half and hits a release F5 on Lorcan.

A sitout version hits Carrillo and, after a shot to the face, it’s another sitout version to Gulak. It’s Lorcan back up with the running uppercuts though, followed by a standing version to knock Carrillo out of the air. Gulak puts Tozawa in a torture rack and tosses him into an uppercut to the back of the head as we get the soon to be broken alliance. Indeed, it lasts all of ten seconds before they start fighting each other but Carrillo breaks it up.

Gulak German suplexes Carrillo for two with Tozawa making the save. Another suplex gets another two on Carrillo and it’s off to the neck crank. Gulak has to roll out of a half and half suplex attempt so Carrillo superkicks him instead. Tozawa and Lorcan double hiptoss Carrillo into Gulak in the corner but then get in the required argument over who can have the pin. Carrillo’s Gory Bomb is countered into a rollup for two and it’s a superkick each for Carrillo and Gulak.

Lorcan breaks up the top rope backsplash though, followed by a half and half to Castillo onto Gulak. It’s Tozawa breaking up the cover with a top rope backsplash though and all four are down. Everyone winds up on the apron and this is just dangerous. Carrillo is the only one who doesn’t get knocked to the floor so that means a big running flip dive onto Lorcan. Back in and Lorcan hits a double running Blockbuster on Castillo and Tozawa to send them outside again.

That leaves us with a Lorcan vs. Gulak showdown, which is actually quite the moment. They chop the heck out of each other but Lorcan dives onto the other two at ringside instead. Cue Ariya Daivari to chair Lorcan down though, leaving Tozawa to hit Trouble in Paradise on Carrillo. The top rope backsplash is broken up again though, only to have Gulak shove Carrillo to the floor. Gulak actually hits a top rope superplex on Tozawa but they lock their legs and it’s a double pin at 13:34.

Rating: B+. This was a heck of a match and the ending should set up either a singles match next week or a triple threat match at the pay per view, either of which should be good. The four of them all worked very hard here and while I’m not overly interested in Lorcan vs. Daivari again (though their first match was good), they set up a bunch of stuff in one match here, which is quite impressive. Very well done here.

The referees argue as Maverick comes out to see what’s going on. There is no winner announced (Fans: “ROCK PAPER SCISSORS!”) to end the show.

Overall Rating: B. The Singh Brothers match didn’t help things here but 205 Live continues to become one of the best shows WWE puts on every week. It’s very light on the storylines but you’re guaranteed at least one if not two very good matches and that’s a lot more than you’re going to get on the big shows. How interesting is it that this, NXT and NXT UK are all rolling right now while Raw and Smackdown are just disasters? Funny how that works, no?

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I wonder how guys like Gulak or Lorcan think about possible call-ups to the main roster. I guess they are lucky Right now. They are players around those small shows and would probably just get stuck in an elevator on the main roster…