History of Wrestlemania with KB – Wrestlemania 10: Maybe The Best Mania Ever

Wrestlemania 10
Date: March 20, 1994
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
Attendance: 18,065
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler
America the Beautiful: Little Richard and the Harlem Boys Choir

This show is ALL backstory so get used to that word. Yokozuna had won the title back from Hogan at the first King of the Ring PPV after a Japanese photographer’s camera blew up in Hogan’s face. Hogan left the WWF and wasn’t seen there again for almost 9 years.

On the 4th of July in the previous year, Yokozuna held a huge thing on a US ship, challenging anyone to bodyslam him. There were a ton of people showing up to do it but no one could. Finally a helicopter landed on the ship and out walks the former heel Lex Luger.

He nails Yoko with the forearm and kind of slammed him, although you could argue it was a hiptoss. This launched Luger into one of the biggest face pushes of all time, resulting in his title shot at Summerslam. Luger knocked Yoko unconscious but he knocked him out of the ring as well.

Luger wanted another title shot but was told he would have to win the Rumble to get it. Bret Hart also wanted his rematch at Mania but was told HE had to win the Rumble. Low and behold they’re the final two. They go out at the same time, and we have a tie. The WWF President Jack Tunney decrees that there will be a coin toss deciding who gets the match first.

The loser will have to have a match before getting their title shot and no matter what, whoever comes out of the first match with the title would have to face the loser of the title match. If Bret lost the toss he would have to face Owen and if Lex lost he would have to face Crush. Lex wins the toss so Bret would be the one to close out Mania. I hope that made sense.

This Mania was a new beginning for the company as there was no more Hulk Hogan to carry the load. With him gone, it was time for the young guns to step up and take over. Following last year’s awful Mania, something big had to happen here and it went about as well as it could have given the ridiculous story that I just listed off to you.

There was also a thing called a ladder match that I’m sure will bomb completely. Anyway, after Little Richard rocks the house, it’s time for what is still likely the best opening contest of all time. Also our own NSL was in attendance.

We open with a highlight reel of the first Mania which really is a cool thing.  The first one was absolutely amazing from a mainstream perspective.

We recap Bret vs. Owen.  Bret had been feuding with HBK all of the previous year which resulted in a Survivor Series match between Shawn’s team and Bret’s team of him and his three brothers. Owen was accidentally knocked off the apron and into the railing leading to his elimination.

Later Bret attempted to help his brother get his first title by teaming with him to go for the tag titles. Bret was injured during the match and it wound up costing them the match. After the match, Owen kicked Bret’s leg out from under him, fully turning heel. This was the showdown that had been building for awhile.

Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart

Ok so this is considered the best opener ever, so let’s see if it’s still that good.  Remember Bret has to be in the main event later tonight against the winner of Lex vs. Yoko for the title.  There’s the bell and it’s game on.  It’s MSG so the entrance is behind the ring rather than off to either side.  Owen keeps celebrating every tiny victory which is funny stuff.

Naturally it’s a technical style to start which is exactly what you would expect it to be.  A little leverage sends Owen to the floor so Owen slaps him in the face.  Almost all Bret to start as Owen can’t get much going but it’s being destroyed at all.  Rollup gets two for Bret and it’s to the mat with Owen.  Bret speeds it up again and sends Owen to the floor where he’s very frustrated.

Now it’s Bret with a slap and a rollup for two again.  Crucifix gets two and to my shock and awe, Lawler says Bret is the better wrestler.  You’ll likely never hear that again.  There’s that spinwheel kick and Owen takes over for real for the first time in the match.  Bret’s back meets post on the floor and Owen SCREAMS at him.  Camel clutch goes on and Owen yells some more as you have to wonder how legit that is.

Belly to belly puts Bret down for two.  Of course it’s only two.  It’s not like Owen could ever beat him or something.  Give me a break.  Owen tries to suplex Bret back in but Bret reverses but Owen reverses that into a BIG German for a long two.  Bret grabs a small package for two as Owen continues his dominance.  Owen gets a Tombstone out of nowhere and Bret is in trouble.

No cover though as Owen goes up for a splash which hits.  Too bad it hit the canvas and not Bret, but it did indeed hit something.  Russian Leg Sweep gets two for Bret.  The middle rope elbow gets the same.  Owen gets an enziguri “out of nowhere” and goes for the Sharpshooter.  Bret reverses into an attempt of his own but can’t get that either.

Bret with a Pescado but hurts his knee and amazingly enough isn’t goldbricking.  Owen goes after it and Vince is surprised for some reason.  That reason would be that Vince from this era is a very stupid man.  The leg goes around the post and Bret is in trouble.  Owen’s mocking of Bret is great as for him it’s personal.  Well granted it has to be personal as it’s between two people but you get the idea.

The blonde Hart gets a leg lock which gets two as Bret’s shoulders are down.  Lawler points out that it would be smart for Bret to give up so he has a better chance in the title match later.  That’s actually very true.  Figure Four by Owen and WOO Bret is in trouble.  Bret rolls out but Owen grabs a rope as we keep going.  Bret comes back with an enziguri as for once Vince’s WHAT A MATCHUP isn’t overkill.

Owen’s selling is awesome as every time he gets hit he stays in one place like he’s been shot.  Bret gets a Piledriver to probably tick off Jerry a bit.  A superplex gets two as Bret can’t finish him.  A sleeper from Bret is countered by a low blow as Owen takes over again.  Owen gets the Sharpshooter as Bret is in trouble again after the back and knee work from earlier.  Ladies and gentlemen, PSYCHOLOGY!  Oh how I love it.

Bret counters into his own but Owen is right in front of the ropes so it’s not like it means anything.  Bret finally starts throwing punches but they’re to the ribs which Vince makes sure to point out.  Owen reverses a whip-in but Bret gets his feet up.  Bret goes for a Victory Roll but Owen rolls into it and gets a rollup for the pin to silence the entire arena.  Awesome finish to an awesome match.

Rating: A+. This match had been viewed as one of the best matches of all time and it holds up today. The psychology here is off the charts here as both wanted the submission but Owen goes for the pinfall and uses Bret’s own wrestling technique against him.

The best thing about this match is simple though: Owen pinned him perfectly clean. The better man won and that’s what makes the match so much better and one of the best ever. This was proof that a match could work on basic wrestling and the buildup for it. Classic all the way.

We get a post match promo in the back from Owen talking about how great his victory was and everything he says is absolutely right. He even gives credit to Bret for putting on such a great match. Love this promo. Excellent start to the show so far.

WM Moment: WM 2 Battle Royal.

The president of the hair club for men has a toupee for the Fink. Humorous if nothing else.  Is there any reason why some dude named Bill Dunn is doing the announcing here and not the Fink?

Bam Bam Bigelow/Luna Vachon vs. Doink/Dink

This is what gets to follow that opener.  These guys feuded forever for no apparent reason and no one cared.  This has the distinct look of a comedy match here and I don’t it’s going to end well.  Thankfully Howard does the announcing here.  Doink is played by some dude from Puerto Rico here I believe.

Bigelow jumps the big clown and we’re off.  A dropkick puts him down and hopefully this is dominance.  Vince’s overall conclusion about Lawler: he’s not a nice person.  Off to Dink and Luna as I search for a reason to have this at Wrestlemania.  Get on with this already.

Luna misses a top rope splash and it’s back off to the big guys.  You know, the future pyromaniac and the full grown wrestling clown.  This is after a classic match and before one of the best gimmick matches of all time.  And we get to the “comedy”, and I use that term loosely, of the match.  Bigelow sits on a sunset flip attempt and the beating is on.  After some time is wasted, a top rope headbutt ends Doink finally.

Rating: F. This was a complete waste of time.  Thankfully this is the end of the feud and it was never mentioned again.  Bigelow went from potential IC Champion to this in six years.  There’s your explanation as to what a knee injury can do for you.  Get on to something else.

Post match Luna and Dink do a stupid segment that just extends this longer with nothing coming from it.

There’s a Bill Clinton impersonator here for some reason.

WM Moment: Attendance record at WM 3.

Randy Savage vs. Crush

No backstory here but that’s what I’m here for. Crush had challenged Yokozuna for the WWF title and got beaten pretty badly. Yoko hit some banzai drops on him and put him out of action. Savage came in at the very end to help Crush, after he got hurt. Savage was about to be reinstated as a wrestler when he and Crush got into a fight at ringside. Savage was suspended from commentating but came out of retirement to wrestle. They had been feuding since November but this was their big match.

Savage is a full blown legend at this point, along the lines of what HBK is at this point. Needless to say, he was mad over in this match. The rules here are you get a pinfall but then the person has sixty seconds to get back into the ring. Therefore you could get a ton of pinfalls in this.  Savage charges at him in the aisle and the fight is on.

Crush gets Snake Eyes on the railing and the first pin is in less than a minute.  Fuji blasts him with the flag and Savage makes it back in with seconds to spare.  Crush is dominating and gets him in the Tree of Woe.  Fuji hands him some salt but Savage is like boy I wrestled in Memphis and throws it back in Crush’s face.  That and a slam sets up the elbow but no cover.  Oh ok he throws him to the floor and THEN gets the pin.  That was smart.

Fuji has to grab some water to throw on Crush to kep the match going which is kind of funny.  They hit the floor for awhile and it’s all Savage for the most part here.  Savage reverses a backdrop in the aisle and we head to the back.  Savage slams him on the concrete and then in an incredibly creative finish, Savage uses a rope and ties Crush upside down from a scaffold to get the guaranteed win.  Awesome ending to a fun match and also the extent of Savage meaning anything as a WWF wrestler.

Rating: C+. This match was a real grudge match and you could see the emotions coming out. This was the precursor to what would become hardcore and the last man standing match. The falls having to be outside of the ring was just a bad idea though and holds it back. Savage as the legend is something that really works well for him.  I’ve always liked this match for some reason, partially because Savage was still awesome at this point and was clearly having fun out there.

Todd talks to the fake Clinton again. It’s pointless. To be fair though, he’s a pro imitator and it’s made to look legit so this is a huge improvement over what we usually get.  IRS is there with him and congratulates him for raising the taxes.  I’ll spare you a long rant on that one.

We recap fan fest which is the precursor to Axxess.

Savage goes into the crowd to celebrate as we see another WM moment with Savage winning the belt.

Women’s Title: Alundra Blayze vs. Lelani Kai

For some reason, Kai’s music here is the same that Harley Race came to the ring to during Flair’s retirement ceremony last year. Very odd indeed as there’s absolutely no connection between the two that I know of. Kai was the Women’s Champion going into the first Mania, 9 years before this.  She was the best option they had?  Seriously?

Blayze is more common known as Madusa in WCW.  Sunset flip out of the corner gets two for the champion.  This isn’t going to be anything special at all is it?  Another sunset flip is the high point of it so far.  The crowd is DEAD.  A slam gets two as I think you can get what’s going on here.  All Blayze does is leverage stuff although I’d bet a lot of this ending with a German suplex.  This needs to end badly and the German finally does it.  Moolah, Mae and Nikolai Volkoff are sitting together for some reason.

Rating: D-. The match itself isn’t bad, but this is at Wrestlemania and it’s clear that this match was thrown onto the card. There’s no story, no build, no time given to it, and no one cares. Blazye was solid, and in case you can’t place here she’s far more famous as Madusa in WCW. The problem she had though was there was no competition for her anywhere at all. She was the woman that dropped the Women’s Title in the trash on Nitro which allegedly triggered Montreal.

WM moment: Roddy sprays Morton Downey Jr. at WM 5. Funny actually.

Tag Titles: Men on a Mission vs. The Quebecers

Zero transition between the previous moment and this.  Oh my I had forgotten about M.O.M. This very well may be the worst gimmick of all time. The idea behind the team was that they would help young kids improve their lives in the inner cities by preaching positive values to them.

Of course there’s one thing they need to get over. What’s the one thing that every young kid is into? What does everybody love? No not head you sick freaks. Get your minds out of the gutters. They love RAP of course. Therefore, the team had a rapping manager named Oscar.

The team was therefore Mabel (more commonly known as Viscera or Big Daddy V), Oscar, (more commonly known as annoying) and Mo (more commonly known as Felix, the bum that washes your windows in exchange for a non-urine soaked blanket and a bag of Funions). Mabel, Oscar, Mo. M.O.M.

Now after that description, what’s coming next is absolute proof that Satan himself is a wrestling fan: THEY GOT OVER. Yes, somehow this team was wildly popular to the point that they were regular tag title contenders, even winning the belts at a house show literally by mistake. Mabel fell on one of the Quebecers and he couldn’t kick out in time because of the weight.

Anyway, this is for the tag titles so let’s get it over with. It’s a basic formula for MOM: Mo does all the work until Mabel comes in to clean house. For some reason that no one knows, we cut to the back for an interview with some annoying blonde tv show host? Before she can talk though, HBK interrupts for some reason but the girl doesn’t mind.

They pose for a picture until Burt Reynolds interrupts. He says Shawn should shave his chest before Shawn leaves. Can someone pick Bex up off the floor? Apparently the girl’s show is called Up All Night and Burt makes a joke saying she keeps him up all night and they both wish there was something they could do about that as the dirty jokes of Mania continue their hallowed tradition.

We go back to the arena after that totally random moment for the Quebecers entrance. They’re accompanied by Johnny Polo, a.k.a. Raven in a gimmick that astounds me to this day. Considering what he would become in less than two years, to be Polo here is amazing.

Oh I forgot to mention: MOM’s outfits are shiny purple and gold with the writing on Mabel’s chest saying whomp there it is.  Let’s get this over with.  The champions jump the apparent Laker fans and double team Mabel.  Mo gets a cross body on Pierre and a big old legdrop from Mabel to the back of Pierre’s head nearly kills him.

The Quebecers do a sneaky switch and Mo, of course, is in trouble.  Jacques backdrops Pierre onto Mo for two.  I want this to end very soon.  Mo hits the ropes and kind of rolls forward to take down Pierre.  False tag to Mabel sets up a missed guillotine legdrop and the tag to Mabel to ZERO reaction.

Mabel misses a charge into what must be a hard buckle as it somehow gets through the layer of flab known as Mabel’s gut.  On their second attempt the Quebecers actually get a suplex on the fat one.  A Cannonball gets two on Mabel as this is DRAGGING.  Mabel hits his spin kick and the double splash from him and Mo for no count.  After another double splash the champions take a walk for the countout.  Well at least it’s over.

Rating: F. This was dull stuff and the ending was completely awful.  Mabel was so fat that he fell on a Quebecer at a house show and it was enough to accidentally switch the titles.  Mo was totally worthless to the point that Mabel was the better one.  What does that tell you?

Another Mania moment is the Ultimate Challenge from Mania 6 which is awesome.

We bring in the celebrities which are a bit weak this year.  Some chick from USA and some actor named Donny Wahlberg are here.  OH!  That isn’t a TV station they’re saying.  It’s NKOTB: New Kids on the Block.  WOW this is even worse than I thought it was.

WWF Title: Yokozuna vs. Lex Luger

Here we have the first of two WWF Title matches tonight. Due to Lex Luger winning the coin toss he gets the first crack here. The winner of this match faces Bret Hart in the main event, which is stupid as Bret already lost but that’s logic and therefore doesn’t belong in wrestling. This is a rematch from Summerslam and the theory is that Luger has Yoko’s number.

First though we have a guest referee: Mr. Perfect, who hadn’t been seen in forever.  This Donny dude isn’t a bad announcer actually.  The fans chant USA almost immediately.  Perfect is in a referee shirt and matching pants, making it look like he’s in pajamas.  Manly pajamas mind you but still pajamas.  They stare it down in the middle and Luger hammers away.

Clothesline hits but Yoko doesn’t move.  Yoko hits one of his own and Luger certainly does move.  To the floor and Yoko eats steps so we go back into the ring.  This isn’t looking good early on.  Luger goes aerial and gets a cross body for two.  Lex goes for a slam but can’t get the fatness up again so Yoko gets going again.  Granted he didn’t get going in the first place but it sounds better that way I guess.

Yoko tries to get the buckle off a corner but Lex stops him with punches.  We hit a nerve hold which is a nice way to say Yoko is tired and needs to lean on someone to rest for awhile.  Two minutes have passed and nothing has changed.  Literally, ALL nerve hold for that stretch.  It’s broken up, Luger fights him off, gets knocked down again and we hit the nerve hold again.  We’re seven minutes into this match and over half has been nerve holding.

Luger is sent to the floor and Fuji trips him which is somehow the most interesting thing we’ve had going on so far.  Oh look: MORE NERVE HOLDING!  I get that Yoko isn’t able to move that well and needs to conserve energy for later, but maybe, just maybe, THAT MEANS THIS WAS A BAD IDEA!  Luger gets some clotheslines and slams Yoko before the forearm hits.

Cornette and Fuji are brought into the ring which gets them nowhere.  Luger covers Yoko who is out cold but Perfect won’t count due to the loaded arm.  It’s a heel move but it’s perfectly legal which is my favorite kind.  Perfect won’t count, Luger isn’t happy because he thinks Perfect has better hair, Luger shoves him and it’s a DQ.  At least it’s over.

Rating: F. Sweet merciful crap this was dull.  Luger’s offense consisted of various clotheslines and punches.  Aside from that there was probably 1/3 nerve hold.  The fans have one of the loudest BULL chants I’ve ever heard.  This was an awful match to put it mildly and the ending kills it even worse.  Just awful all around.

While it’s a ridiculous finish, allegedly it was Lex’s own fault. There’s a fairly popular theory in wrestling that Luger was supposed to leave WM with the title but went out to a bar and got drunk before telling a bunch of the people that he was going to win it. WWF found out and changed the plans, leading to this finish. Whether that’s true or not, I wouldn’t be surprised. Luger’s push was monumental at this point and him getting the title would have made sense.

Luger screams at Perfect in the back over what happened.

WM moment: from WM 7, the awful blindfolded match. Even Vince says “yet another WM moment” as he’s getting sick of them too.

Harvey Whipleman and the Fink get into an argument. Adam Bomb runs out to protect Harvey from the horrible terror that is the Fink and his slaps of death. Earthquake runs out for this.

Earthquake vs. Adam Bomb

Seriously? Quake still had a job in 19 freaking 94??? This is literally three moves long. Belly to belly, powerslam, Earthquake, pinfall. What in the world was the point of this?  No rating of course.
Jim Cornette cuts another of his great fast talking promos that so many people should study. Really, this guy is gold. You can just hear the passion flowing out of him whenever he speaks.

Another Mania Moment is Taker appearing at Mania 8.  There was nothing to it and I have no clue why this was listed here.

Intercontinental Title: Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon

No backstory again, so here I am to save the day!  The idea here is Shawn was the IC Champion but was fired/released from the company for testing positive for steroids. He was the IC Champion at the time and was stripped for not defending it often enough. However he was rehired a few months later and still had the title belt. He said he was the real IC Champion, despite Razor Ramon having won it in his absence. The solution: this match. Put both belts above the ring and the first person to go get them wins both.

The announcer says there are no rules in this match, then lists off how you win.  That sounds like a set of rules to me.  Dang if you can’t trust wrestling what can you trust?  I can’t really overstate the importance of this one enough as it made both guys’ careers and changed wrestling forever, as now instead of being about power and muscle guys, younger and more athletic guys were stealing the show with high flying and innovative stuff.  Huge stuff to say the least.

Also for a bit of known trivia, Shawn vs. Bret was the first ladder match nearly two years before this.  Razor stares at Diesel as we get going.  Shawn tries to move around and use his speed so Razor grabs him by the throat and hits a chokeslam.  The cameraman runs into the referee on the floor as it’s been far too long since I watched this match.

Diesel hits a clothesline to Razor on the floor and is thrown out almost immediately.  NOW we get to the good stuff.  Razor hits a HUGE clothesline to send Shawn to the floor as this is incredibly hard hitting already.  Razor peels back some mats on the floor but the fight goes back to the ring.  Shawn backdrops his way out of the Razor’s Edge and Razor crashes onto the concrete.

IT’S LADDER TIME as this is about to get awesome.  Shawn gets the baseball slide into the ladder into Razor’s ribs and the Bad Guy is in trouble now.  The ladder is fully in the ring now and Shawn begins his dominance.  The ribs take a big old pounding now as Shawn literally drops the ladder on his back.

Shawn goes up but Razor grabs a foot.  Oh great it’s Shawn’s back again.  And do we really need to zoom in on it?  We get the famous spot of the match as Shawn jumps off the ladder with a splash onto Razor which has aired in about 1000 highlight reels.  Shawn goes up again but Razor shoves the ladder over, sending Shawn into the ropes to put both guys down.

We get the always cool Wile E. Coyote shot from above which is cool to see as Razor looks a bit dead.  Shawn goes into the ladder in the corner and crashes to the floor.  So far all of the big bumps involving the ladder have been done by Shawn as the biggest Razor has done was being thrown over the top before the ladder came into play.

Slingshot into the ladder and Shawn hangs on so it falls backwards and crushes him against the floor.  Razor is alone in the ring now with the ladder and goes up but Shawn dives in off the top for the last second save.  Both guys climb and the slug out is on.  Razor slams him off the ladder and takes a rather slow fall down onto the ropes to the point where he doesn’t actually hit the ground.

Shawn dropkicks him off the ladder and Razor takes a decent enough bump this time.  Razor is still down so Shawn just shoves the ladder on top of him.  Why mess with the simple stuff?  Big Piledriver to Razor has his down for a good while now.  Shawn gets in another famous spot as he rides the ladder down onto Razor and both guys are in pain again.

And alas it has to end as Shawn puts the ladder over top of Razor which doesn’t really do much.  Razor gets up, shoves the ladder and along with it Shawn over.  His leg gets caught in the ropes and Razor climbs unhindered to the top to become the undisputed Intercontinental Champion.  Shawn did the majority of the bumping here but the idea of Shawn doing everything in this is absurd.

Rating: A+. The best gimmick match of all time at that point by a long shot.  This is one of the handful of WWF matches give five stars by Meltzer and for once I agree with him.  These two beat the tar out of each other and it still more than holds up over fifteen years later.  This is what made Shawn and Razor, which is rare to see for two guys.

There was a scheduled ten man tag scheduled that had to be cut for time reasons. It was held on Raw a few weeks later. Nothing special.

DiBiase tries to buy the President who brushes him off.

We get a pretty sweet video package on Bret, further cementing his title win tonight. A similar package airs on Yoko but it’s far worse, and it leads us to the main event.

WWF Title: Yokozuna vs. Bret Hart

This is the first time ever that we get a rematch in the main event of Mania. A bunch of mid 90s celebrities introduce themselves and maybe 10 people care. Seriously, this NEVER works as they’re outdated in two years 99% of the time. However, the guest referee is introduced: HOT ROD HIMSELF, Rowdy Roddy Piper! Holy goodness, this makes absolutely no sense but who cares???  Burt Reynolds is the drunk ring announcer for the evening.

Yoko is out first, as if Bret needed anymore guarantees that he’ll be winning here. This is a year after their first match and Bret has come a LONG way since then and here it actually seems that he’s got a chance to pull it off. If you watch WM 9’s main event and then this one back to back, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.  A very subtle difference also is Bret’s music. Last year he was using the Hart Foundation’s old music, whereas this time it’s his own song.

This match also truly feels like a main event. You really get the feeling that this is truly it. The more I see the finish the more I like it. Oh yeah we have an actual match here.

Yokozuna jumps Bret to start as Bret’s knee is still messed up from earlier in the night which is the kind of continuity you rarely get anymore.  Yoko misses what can only be described as a running Frog Splash and both guys are down.  Piper counts a bit fast for my taste.  Bret gets a headbutt and hurts himself.

Down goes Yoko off a solid shot as the crowd is clearly pretty tired.  Bret knocks him back down with just strikes which isn’t considered a huge deal this year.  Huge difference there which helps a lot.  Piper drills Cornette for interfering.  Legdrop hits Bret and he’s in big trouble.  He fights back and gets a bulldog for a long two.  You can’t blame Piper as he DOVE to get the hand down.

Bret gets up and limps ever so slightly.  NICE.  A clothesline puts Yoko down for two again.  Bret comes off the middle rope and jumps into a belly to belly and the Canadian is in trouble.  Yoko takes him to the corner to set up the Banzai Drop but he literally slips and falls off the ropes and Bret climbs on for the pin to get the title back.  It sounds corny but this surprisingly worked.

Rating: C+. The main reason this match is miles ahead of last year’s is it gets a little more time. With Yoko you can’t go much longer than 15 minutes as he gets tired as well as he starts to run out of moves that he can use. This match clocks in at about 11 minutes, which doesn’t sound like much when compared to the nine and a half that it got the year before, but the time really does help.

There’s far less of the match dedicated to Bret trying to find a way around Yoko’s size and he just goes for it from bell to bell and it’s a huge improvement.  He comes off as a challenger and not an underdog the entire time which helps it out a lot.  Rather than having Bret doing whatever he can to survive, Bret looks like a guy looking for a way to win, which is a subtle but key difference.  FAR better than last year.

Luger comes down to congratulate him as the locker room empties for the big celebration.  Owen won’t get in there though and we have the feud for the rest of the year.

Overall Rating: A. You have a 9 match card with two all time classics and do I really need to go on?  This show is all about that and the rest is just kind of there, but all the bad stuff is pretty short.  When you have two A+ matches on one show, it’s kind of hard to say it’s anything but great.  The one criticism I have: why wasn’t Luger vs. Bret the main event?  Either way, this was a great show as it feels epic on all levels and it comes off that way too.  Definitely worth seeing.


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6 Responses

  1. Chrisman says:

    From what I have read, Vince’s ‘plans’ tend to be pretty fluid and subject to last minute change. In Jericho’s book he mentions a few occasions where descisions were changed and unchanged, and on occasion the victor din’t know he was going be the victor till his opponent entered the ring and said ‘you’re going over’. I think Vince is secretive about his plans precisely so they can be changed last-minute.

  2. DJ Pat says:

    Actually, much more than 100 people heard about it. The Sunday NY Daily News had an article in the main section titled “Grapplers are Tattlers about Wrestlemania” which recounts the story above. According to the article, Luger was supposed to win the title from Yoko, but lose the title to Bret due to referee Mr. Perfect. [which makes some sense as Perfect lost to Luger at WM9]


  3. nickb03 says:

    Well, that’s the story I’ve read a million times. However, I’ve also read an interview where Luger says the whole story is complete bullshit. I tend to question the truth of the person in question, but I’m not sure I buy it either.

  4. nickb03 says:

    Wasn’t this the PPV where Luger was supposed to win the title, and starting running his mouth in a bar the night before? Telling people he was going to win the strap? I’m pretty sure something like that happened, if I’m remembering correctly.

    • Thomas Hall says:

      I’ve heard that and I don’t buy it.

      1. Vince would really change the ending to his entire PPV and the entire summer’s worth of plans because MAYBE 100 people heard about it?

      2. Wouldn’t it be in character for Luger to say he’s going to win the title? I mean, how many times have you heard a guy going into a title match saying he has no chance?

      3. How would Vince have known Luger was running his mouth and had the time to change things that fast? I don’t buy it at all.

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