Your Favorite Moment In Wrestling

It can be anything from a match to a segment to a line to a sketch.  There’s no real limit here.  Just your favorite moment.


My pick:

Foley wins the WWF Title over Rock.  This was an incredibly uplifting moment as Foley, the guy who had worked his entire life to get to this moment FINALLY (see what I did there?) after 12 years of hard work.  He paid his dues and worked his way up and was rewarded with the world title of the top company.  That’s such a cool moment and the line of “Mick Foley has achieved his dream and the dream of everyone else who has been told you can’t do it” is the perfect line by Cole.  It still makes me smile.

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4 Responses

  1. Your Eternal Reward says:

    I would have to go with Benoit winning at Mania 20 as well. I had only recently gotten into wrestling at the time and I ordered Mania 20 to see Goldberg/Lesnar and Taker/Kane. With the first match mentioned being garbage and Taker/Kane being meh. While I did enjoy other matches such as Christian/Jericho, Evolution/Rock&Sock and Eddie/Angle what blew me away was that triple threat. Honestly while watching it I had no idea who Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit were. At the end of it seeing Benoit and Eddie embracing in the ring as JR just lost it. It was at that point I thought “This is something I want to watch every single week” and here i am several years later still at it most weeks. It is a shame what happened to Benoit/Eddie but nothing can tarnish what got me into the product.

  2. Anton82 says:

    Benoit making HHH tap out at WM XX to win the gold. Jim Ross’s commentary is pefect, benoit’s emotion is real, and seeing him and Eddie embrace together as champions is awesome for so many reasons. Such a shame things ended so tragically for those 2 great athletes

  3. Wayne says:

    My favorite moment is definitely when Steve Austin won his first WWF title @ Wrestlemania XIV. I’ll never forget the post match activites after Tyson made the 3 count. Hearing J.R. say “Stone Cold’s 8 year journey has been culminated with WWF gold” still gives me goosebumps to this day.

  4. Rocko says:

    Mine was when Rock finally beat Austin at WM 19 (I still thought wrestling was real when that happened). For some reason I had always liked The Rock even when he was a heel (I think the reason was that I thought nobody liked him, so me liking him would make him feel better, I miss being young and dumb). So when he finally beat Austin, I just exploded with joy.

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