Smokey Mountain Wrestling TV – May 21, 1994 – There’s A Good TV Show In Here Somewhere

Smokey Mountain Wrestling TV
Date: May 21, 1994
Location: Knoxville Civic Coliseum, Knoxville, Tennessee
Commentator: Les Thatcher

Ah Smokey Mountain Wrestling. I’ve been looking forward to this. Now as any of you that regularly follow me or talk to me about wrestling know, I’m a Jim Cornette disciple. I love his mind for wrestling and he’s old school in his way of going about wrestling. Well what better place than Cornette’s company? SMW was Cornette’s attempt to restart the territory system which didn’t really work but it did survive for about four years and had some big time stars (including I believe the first big American job of Chris Jericho). I’ve been looking forward to this so let’s get to it.

I think this might be a special called Global Warning but I’m not sure. That might be the theme from WWE 24/7 where this is from.

Thatcher tells us that a lot of this is from the Volunteer Slam from the day before.

Thrillseekers vs. Well Dunn

Well Dunn was a team made up of people with those last names. The Thrillseekers are Lance Storm and Chris Jericho and this is joined in progress. Jericho is in there with I think Well and he hits a Lionsault Press for two. An enziguri clears the ring and we’re clipped to a tag to Storm. The Thrillseekers clear the ring again and we’re clipped to Jericho in a chinlock but he’s fighting out of it.

They ram into each other and double tags bring in Well and Storm. Storm hits a nice spinning cross body for two. Well Dunn takes over but Jericho distracts Dunn and Storm hits a springboard cross body for the pin. This was more of a highlight package so I can’t really give it a fair rating.

Well Dunn rants about the Thrillseekers and say they need to follow the rules. They swear they’re the better team and they’ll find a way to beat them.

The Thrillseekers say they don’t cheat so a match where they can’t cheat is fine with them. Neither of them is good on the mic yet but they’re trying. Storm might be a step ahead of Jericho here if you can believe that. They get the point across though and that’s all that matters. They’re basically rookies here so giving them practice is the best thing you can do.

Cornette and his protege Bruiser Bedlam (bald guy who is crazy. He never did anything outside of territorial places) rant against Bob Armstrong and Tracy Smothers. Armstrong is Commissioner and Cornette wants him to resign. Jim also rants against hillbillies and implies that Smothers’ mother wasn’t the nicest woman. This brings Smothers out and Bedlam sends him flying with a brass knuckles shot. Smothers is busted open and a bunch of guys come in for the save.

Armstrong brought in someone to fight Bedlam and here’s part of the match, also from last night’s Volunteer Slam.

Bruiser Bedlam vs. Randy Savage

Yeah this works. Joined in progress again with Savage in trouble. We’re told this is the opening part of the match so that’s not so bad. Off to a long nerve hold which Armstrong cheers Savage out of. Bedlam misses a headbutt and here comes Savage. They go to the floor and Cornette is in the ring. Savage takes over and slams Bedlam down. He knocks Cornette down and hits the elbow, but there’s no referee. Dory Funk comes out and gets beaten up by Armstrong. Cornette throws powder in his eyes and Savage drops Jim. Dory shoves Savage off the top and a knuckles shot gives Beldam the pin.

Rating: C-. This was far more of a brawl than a match. I’d assume the full thing ran about ten minutes which isn’t bad. Savage was still with the WWF at the time and this was part of a talent exchange they had going on. Not much of a match and Bedlam never did anything, but that’s how you get guys over in a territory: have them beat guys that everyone knows.

Cornette, Funk and Bedlam brag about the win. Dory wants to be commissioner.

Armstrong and Smothers say they’ll do whatever they can to get another shot at Cornette and his boys. Armstrong says if he can find someone else to be commissioner, he’ll jump into the ring immediately.

We talk about the tag title scene between the Rock N Roll Express challenging Chris Candido/Brian Lee. This leads us to a clip of Morton vs. Candido which is all clipped. The point of this is Candido is trying to piledrive Morton. Lee and Tammy Fytch (Sunny) run in as Sunny has uncuffed Lee which was a prematch stipulation. They set for a spike piledriver but Gibson runs in for the save.

Armstrong makes an unsanctioned piledriver match for the titles. That means you win by piledriving someone, not pinning them.

Sunny says this is ridiculous.

We recap the SMW Title picture with a video. Jake Roberts debuted and said he wanted the title from Dirty White Boy. He called White Boy handicapped and said he was a 4/10. Roberts isn’t going to hit a mentally handicapped person or a blind man (White Boy is in an eye patch) but Roberts gets a title match anyway.

We get a clip of the title match and a masked man runs in to steal the patch. Two guys run in for the save and White Boy is messed up because of the exposure to light. White Boy comes back with a bunch of rights and Roberts is knocked to the floor. Roberts gets his picture taken so he steals the camera and uses the flash to blind White Boy. The DDT gives him the title.

SMW Heavyweight Title: Jake Roberts vs. Dirty White Boy

This is the main event from Volunteer Slam. Joined in progress again as Roberts goes after the eye. Jake toys with him now as he lays on the mat and kind of stares at White Boy. They go to the floor and White Boy rams the arm into the post a few times. We’re told this is 15 minutes in. They go back in but Roberts tosses him out again. That doesn’t work as White Boy grabs the arm.

Roberts pulls the referee into a shot and Mark Curtis is down. Jake takes the tape off his wrist and ties him to the ropes. Jake’s bag is brought in and I think a fan runs in so Jake clotheslines him. Dirty White Girl tries to make the save but Jake shoves her down and eventually DDTs her. The match has been stopped pretty much. He goes to put the snake on her but the locker room makes the save. Not enough to rate but the match looked like a typical match from a territory with no ending. Think Memphis.

White Girl is taken out in an ambulance.

Jake says he got caught up in the heat of a battle. This turns into a discussion of Cain and Abel. He’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done because he has to do everything for himself. He’ll come for the girl too.

Overall Rating: C. Unfortunately this is the only episode I have of this show. This really isn’t the best representation of SMW because it’s more or less a clip show from last night’s big show. This is very much an old school territory as it’s about the house shows and building to them rather than those building to TV/PPV today. This was still pretty good and you can certainly see the old school storytelling in there. I liked it, but the clipping gets annoying fast. Worth checking out if you can find a show though.

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