Elimination Chamber 2012 – Oh Sorry I Have The Wrong Show. I Wanted The One About ELIMINATION CHAMBERS.

Elimination Chamber 2012
Date: February 19, 2012
Location: Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Commentators: Michael Cole, Booker T, Jerry Lawler

This is the final stop on the Road to Wrestlemania, or the beginning of the road, depending on how you look at it. The even money would seem to be on both of the champions retaining here but you can never be sure. I mean, Santino is scheduled to be in this match so how sure can you be? Let’s get to it.

The opening video is exactly what you would imagine it is.

The Chamber is lowered.

Raw World Title: CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho vs. R-Truth vs. The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

Jericho enters last due to winning a match on Raw two weeks ago. Punk and Kofi start us off. Naturally the two faces wrestle as faces. Also they’re not going to use a lot of energy this early in the match. Kofi goes to the ropes but might have slipped a bit. It was nothing bad though. They trade pinfall reversals and Kofi avoids the GTS. Punk avoids the Boom Drop and they go to the outside. Well as to the outside as you can go.

Punk blocks a kick and slingshots Kofi into the pod which has a great thud sound effect. Back into the ring but Punk has hurt his hip. It was probably due to that time when he got slammed out on the chain and landed on his hip, but that’s just speculation. Here’s the first pod opening and it’s…..a guy in pink trunks. The new idea they want to push is that it can go from a one on one match to a triple threat and so on. Great, another thing to have drilled into our heads.

Ziggler goes after Punk and does pullups on the Chamber wall. He splashes Kofi back in the ring and we’re told that pins have to take place in there. Good thing to clarify. A splash attempt on Punk misses and everyone is in some trouble. Punk and Kofi double team Dolph and go to the outside for a double springboard. In a cool looking visual, they both dive at Dolph but collide in the air off the springboards due to Dolph ducking.

Dolph can’t cover though so we open pod #2 after about three minutes. It’s R-Truth who works on the pink one. He’s no Bret Hart. Truth knocks Ziggler over the ropes to send Dolph leg first into the cage. Truth dives on top of him because he’s not that smart all the time. Scissors kick gets two in the ring. Punk does his usual ramming his head into the other guy’s ear to call a spot before superplexing Truth for two.

Trouble in Paradise misses Punk and Kofi gets thrown to the outside. Macho Elbow eliminates Truth but Ziggler grabs a rollup. Punk rolls through it and Kofi hits the kick on Punk (looked SICK). Ziggler goes after Kofi of course but Kofi fights him off. He can only get two on the champ though due to the delay. Kofi does the springboard into the Spider-Man cage grab then hits a tornado DDT Dolph onto the cage, basically knocking him silly.

Here’s Miz in fifth to clean house. Everyone is down now so Miz covers Dolph, getting two. Kofi gets up on the ropes and kicks Miz in the face but is knocked off and crashes into the cage. GTS and Finale are both blocked so Miz hits the short DDT for two. They head to the mat and Punk grabs the Vice on Miz, but wouldn’t you know it, Jericho comes in to break it up before the tap.

Jericho and Punk square off with Jericho in control. Walls and GTS are both blocked but the Lionsault hits for two. Ziggler comes back in and walks into the Codebreaker to get us down to four (Punk, Jericho, Miz, Kofi). Punk catches a Jericho dropkick and catapults Chris out to the cage again. Jericho gets rammed into the pods so he gets a finger into Punk’s eye and hides in the pod. That works for about two seconds as Punk follows him in.

Punk’s arm gets caught in the door and Jericho pulls on it to ram Punk into the pod door. Kofi remembers that he’s alive and tries the SOS on the cage, driving his own head into the cage. Miz and Kofi are the only ones up now but Miz misses the running clothesline and Kingston goes up. A superplex is countered as Punk powerbombs Miz for two. Kofi climbs to the top of the pod and dives onto both of them but can’t pin Miz.

Jericho comes in and Liontames Kofi for the elimination to get us down to three. He beats on Kofi after the elimination and throws him out of the Chamber. Punk kicks Jericho out of the Chamber and he’s unconscious. The referees say he’s done and say he’s not responsive. I’m REALLY not liking them doing this a week after what happened to Sorensen. The cameraman is down too but sits up a few seconds later.

Back in the ring Miz tries the Reality Check but Punk counters with a high kick for two. The running knee and bulldog get two but Punk springboards into the Finale for two. Miz freaks out and talks a lot of trash in the corner but misses a charge, hitting his head on the pod. GTS puts him out at 32:39 and I guess Jericho isn’t running in as a surprise since it’s over.

Rating: C+. The Chamber is one of those matches that gets an automatic higher grade to start. This was one of the weaker ones I can remember. For me the problem is that the main feud in this, Jericho and Punk, has no heat on it and there’s zero reason for this to be in the Chamber. They were the only two that had a chance in this but their feud has just begun with nothing but a run-in by Jericho, a promo and some staring. That’s the problem that these calendar based PPVs present and that looks like how the future will be.

We recap Santino getting his spot in the Chamber.

Santino drinks Raw eggs to Eugene’s music and with a towel that looks like it has the All That logo on it.

Remember those overly long videos on Rock and Cena? Here’s another one, this time on Cena’s training regimen and the gym he goes to. Some developmental guys work out there. This one wastes four minutes of PPV time.

Divas Title: Tamina Snuka vs. Beth Phoenix

Beth is wearing something inspired by Piper. This match could be subtitled “How many times can we remind you that Tamina is Jimmy Snuka’s daughter in a last ditch effort to make you care about her”. Tamina goes up quickly but gets knocked down to the outside. Beth pounds on her and Tamina barely gets back inside. Tamina gets up and hits a Samoan Drop but the Splash is broken up. Superplex gets two for Beth and Tamina chops her down. Superfly Splash gets two. Tamina goes up again but Beth brings her down, sends her into the buckle and the Glam Slam retains the title at 7:00.

Rating: D+. Call me sexist, call me a chauvinist, call me whatever you want, but I’m bored out of my mind every time the Divas are on screen. They’re waiting on Beth vs. Kharma which basically means they’re spending a year putting the whole division on hold, but at the end of the day is anyone going to care? I mean, who is Kharma going to feud with once she beats Beth? The division means nothing and it’s so uninteresting. The US Title can’t get on PPV because we have to see this. Right.

Santino punches some meat.

Jericho can’t talk.

Here’s Ace for his big announcement. He’s the Raw interim GM and he’s heard complaints about Smackdown’s GM Teddy Long. And never mind as here’s Alberto Del Rio! He says Teddy is a dog and likes to play favorites. Alberto wants Ace to be permanent Raw GM and the GM of Smackdown too. That brings out Henry who Cole thought was suspended (wasn’t he on Smackdown this week?).

Henry thinks Teddy is a bully who physically assaulted him. He supports the idea of Ace as permanent GM of both shows. Here’s Christian in a hat. Christian says that Teddy has been negligent and Smackdown is an unsafe working environment. He endorses Ace for GM as well. Ace has a picture taken of all four of them and then a second one. Now one with Otunga in it as well. And that’s that.

Santino runs some steps.

The Chamber is lowered. As in the ambulance match is main eventing ELIMINATION CHAMBER instead of an ELIMINATION CHAMBER.

Big Show says he has to win tonight.

Smackdown World Title: Big Show vs. Great Khali vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Santino Marella vs. Wade Barrett

Barrett and Big Show start in the ring. Show runs Barrett over to start but Barrett gets him down for one. They go outside and Show gets rammed into the cage door twice. Wade goes after the knee but Show kicks him off. We get a statement from Lawler saying that if you’re knocked out (like Jericho was) that counts as a submission. Why do I have a feeling this won’t be enforced later? Show wants Bryan as the buzzer goes off but gets Cody instead. Show is standing there waiting on him and things slow down a lot.

Cody gets thrown to the outside while Barrett is thrown back inside. Chokeslam to Barrett is countered and Wade chop blocks Show down. Cody and Barrett team up on Show and start fighting a few seconds later. Santino comes in fourth and after he hits his usual stuff, Show runs him over. Cody takes Show down by the knee though as the fans chant for Santino.

Barrett and Cody double suplex Show onto the steel to put him down. Cody hits the moonsault to Barrett and goes after Santino. No one is out yet. Rhodes rams the Cobra hand into the cage and Khali is in fifth. Chops and clotheslines for both heels and the Punjabi Plunge to Rhodes. One to Barrett as well and a chop to Santino. The giants face off and Show spears Khali for an elimination about 40 seconds after Khali entered.

Show keeps staring at Bryan and then even tries to reach in and grab him. He breaks the chains on the pod and has broken through. Bryan demands the door be opened but Show has broken in and climbed through the top. The place ERUPTS for this. The clock goes off to release Bryan but they’re both inside the pod. Bryan manages to get out but Show does the required breaking the plexiglass spot. You know, THE SAME THING THAT HAPPENS EVERY YEAR.

Into the ring now and Show loads up the right hand. Oh wait it’s the chokeslam instead but Barrett kicks Show in the face before there’s a cover. Santino pops up for a quick rollup for two on Barrett but is then thrown to the outside. Cody hits two Beautiful Disasters to Show followed by a DDT. Barrett hits a middle rope DDT and Big Show is gone to a big reaction. So it’s Cody, Barrett, Bryan and Santino to go.

Make that three as Santino rolls up Cody to pin him. Cody hits Cross Rhodes to Santino. There’s Cody’s next feud I guess. Barrett covers Santino but it only gets two. Barrett hammers on him and ties Santino’s arms in the Chamber wall. The beating continues on Santino for awhile until Bryan gets back up with a flying knee to Barrett. Bryan goes up but Barrett knocks him part of the way into it again by the back of the head.

Barrett loads up Wasteland off the middle rope but Santino breaks it up because he’s an idiot. Santino tries a superplex but gets shoved off. He avoids an elbow and Bryan hits a top rope headbutt, allowing Santino to steal the pin, meaning he’s eliminated Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett. Bryan is very happy to see what he’s up against as it’s one on one now. It turns into a cat and mouse game and Santino even gets the Cobra for two. The LeBell Lock goes on and Santino taps at 33:57.

Rating: B-. Better match with better drama, but at the end of the day this wasn’t that great. Khali being out quick was fine but I have some real issues with them jobbing out their heels AGAIN for the sake of a one off thing. Barrett was this evil violent and cunning man and he loses to Santino. The same for the longest reigning IC Champion in 8 years. And for what? A pop because they can’t put the freaking US Champion in there? Ok I’m shutting up before I go too long with this. Match was ok, but nothing great.

Here’s Sheamus post match who takes Bryan out.

Time for unfunny comedy with Natalya. Cheese is present. Horny says that jack cheese is his favorite. Jack Swagger gets a cameo with Vickie, prompting a cottage cheese line. Justin Gabriel gets in Jack’s face so Teddy makes our filler match. Jack says that one man should run both shows. Teddy agrees but says it should be him. The match is for the title.

Buy Rock’s new DVD!

US Title: Jack Swagger vs. Justin Gabriel

Please change the title. Swagger controls to start and hits the Vader Bomb for no cover. Gabriel gets in some basic offense but Swagger grabs the ankle lock and wins by submission at 3:00. Of all the matches I’ve ever seen added to a PPV to fill in time, this was one of them.

Undertaker will be on Raw tomorrow.

We recap Cena vs. Kane. Kane wants Cena to embrace the hate, Cena says no. Kane does something bad to Cena to get him to embrace the hate, Cena says no. Kane does something bad to Cena then hurts Ryder to get him to embrace the hate, Cena says no. Kane does something bad to Cena then hurts Ryder then makes Cena make out with a hot woman to get him to embrace the hate, Cena says no. Conclusion? Ambulance match, duh.

John Cena vs. Kane

You win by putting your opponent in the ambulance and having it driven out of the arena. You know Walt Disney was an ambulance driver in World War I when he was about 14. True story. Kane’s broken leg by Henry has been changed into a self imposed exile. Ok then. Cena charges to start and they head to the floor. They fight by the ambulance and use some of the stuff inside it as well.

Back to the ring and Kane goes into the steps but takes over anyway. Kane hits the side slam but Cena ducks the clothesline. He hits some of his signature stuff but the AA is countered into a smother. Cena goes down and is out cold so Kane throws him to the floor. He goes under the ring and pulls out a wheelchair. Well at least he’s making sure Cena is comfortable.

Cena escapes the chair and they fight to the ambulance again. Kane gets slammed into the vehicle and put into the chair. Cena rolls the chair into some production stuff. They fight into the tech area and Cena goes all beast mode. He asks Booker if this gets him a spot in the Fave Five and rams the steps into Kane’s head. John sets up the steps and tries to AA Kane through the table but Kane reverses into a chokeslam through it instead.

Kane goes up to the ambulance and gets a stretcher on wheels. Kane gets him in the ambulance but can’t close the second door. Cena kicks it into Kane’s face and they fight to the cab of the ambulance. John climbs onto the roof of the cab and then on top of the ambulance. They slug it out up there and Cena AA’s Kane off the ambulance into a conveniently placed area we can’t see. At least you couldn’t see the crash pad. He puts Kane in, closes the doors and it’s over at 21:21.

Rating: C+. The match was ok but it wasn’t great at all. Why this finished the show rather than one of the title matches is beyond me, unless something changes after the match. Cena winning was obvious and that’s fine. At least it ends this horrible storyline for good (in theory).

Overall Rating: D. Let’s see. The namesake match didn’t main event the show, the world titles didn’t change, the presumptive Mania matches are exactly what we thought they would be, and Cena wins again. Why exactly did this show exist again? I really didn’t like this one at all and it feels like WWE is being dragged into Mania instead of hitting it head on. They really need to crank things up before the PPV because in my eyes, what they’re doing heading into it isn’t working.

CM Punk b. The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Chris Jericho and R-Truth – Punk last eliminated The Miz after a GTS
Beth Phoenix b. Tamina Snuka – Glam Slam
Daniel Bryan b. Great Khali, Big Show, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes and Santino Marella – Bryan last eliminated Marella with the LeBell Lock
Jack Swagger b. Justin Gabriel – Ankle Lock
John Cena b. Kane – Cena put Kane in the ambulance

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33 Responses

  1. Sully says:

    You really don’t remember 1999 do you? Remember Undertaker being called Mark, Taker believing he really was Undertaker, Beaver Cleavage, Chaz, multiple title changes within weeks of each other, McMahon world champion, McMahon being the higher power, the divas division being worse than it is now, etc? Of course you don’t.
    Goldust vs Bluedust – Boring but short.
    Holly vs Snow – Okay match, served it’s purpose.
    Big Boss Man vs Mideon – Both were heels in an extremely boring match.
    Owen/Jarrett vs Henry/D-lo – Okay match, nothing exciting.
    Venis vs Shamrock – Way too long but not bad.
    Kane/Chyna vs HHH/X-pac – Great match if you like watching X-pac get beat up for 15 minutes straight.
    Rock vs Mankind – Rock wasn’t huge yet (he was upper mid-card here, he would be huge later in the year). Great match but the ending didn’t make sense.
    If Rock vs Austin was the main event at Mania, why didn’t he win here?
    Austin vs McMahon – This was awesome.

  2. Anonymous Reader says:

    I really liked the Raw Elimination Chamber match and considered it to be a MOTY candidate.

    I didn’t like the Smackdown one at all and considered it to be tied for 2nd worst Chamber match (with the Smackdown one from a few years ago with Viscera and Khali in it). I’m worried about Daniel Bryan’s health long-term. He doesn’t need to be doing that stupid diving headbutt move unless he wants a fate similar to what happened to Dynamite Kid or worse Chris Benoit.

    Of course, I also liked the Raw Chamber better last year (although I thought both 2011 Chambers were ****+).

    Despite the MOTY candidate, the show is still a mild thumbs-down in my book. The endless video packages and the Hornswoggle/Natalya garbage drag down the show, as do the subpar matches after the opener. Tamina simply doesn’t belong in the ring with Beth Phoenix. Its a shame that WWE mis-used Gail Kim and released Mickie James because Beth Phoenix has no decent opposition with the exception of Kharma. Natalya will never be taken seriously again due to the atrocious storyline that should be a lock for Wrestlecrap’s Gooker award next year.

    I watched the entire Attitude Era and saw the horrible stretch of PPVs from December 1998 through most of 1999 around a year ago. I can say without any doubt that the stretch starting at Over the Limit last year and continuing to the present is the worst stretch of PPV events I’ve ever seen (excluding the one obvious exception that proves the rule). Back in 1999, there were people who defended the horrible PPVs that both WWF and WCW was putting on back then.

  3. Sully says:

    To that Attitude guy, trust me when I say this, 1998 and 1999 ppvs in-between RR and WM were awful (there were good moments but as a whole it sucked). 2000-01 were good but not great ppvs. This was an okay ppv, nothing bad but it could have been better. I enjoyed it though.

  4. Hamler says:

    It’s funny, this is the first ppv I’ve missed since Royal Rumble 2011. I slept right through it. From the sound of it, it looked awful. But I can’t help but believe this is one of those PPVs that will labeled as “ok” within the next year or so. Was it really that bad? I still need to watch most of it.

  5. Bill Lesnar says:

    The show was boring guys. Really, nothing happened. Nothing changed.Kane vs Cena main evening really left a bad taste in Bill Lesnars mouth.

  6. Mike says:

    Entire review summed up into one sentence “I don’t like Santino”.

    Showing a lot of bias for a reviewer, one should not show this much if they tend to be taken credible. And not in any way mentioning the massive chants that he was getting and has been getting recently is a pretty big oversight. But God Forbid someone you think you’re above and think everyone including sub-par wrestlers like a Cody Rhodes or Wade Barrett are better than when they can’t get any reaction are above gets a reaction.

    No, let’s not include it when it made the reaction Cena got(which was half apathetic, shocking perhaps, but still there) look like nothing. I’m a commenter, I can afford to show my hand and have bias, but why on Earth would anyone read your site(which I doubt they do aside from the forum) when you don’t even aknowledge the biggest story of the night and go out of your way to downplay it more than the media downplays Ron Paul in their coverage (something a Liberal like yourself I’m sure enjoys)?

    Pathetic indeed.

    • Thomas Hall says:

      Show me one time where I say I’m unbiased.

      And Ron Paul isn’t downplayed because of the media. He’s downplayed because he’s a nutjob who is great at talking down others but would like America back in the 1790s. Also not many people vote for him, but I guess that’s their fault too.

      As for you not liking my reviews, that’s cool. Not everyone does.

  7. Jay says:

    I thought it was a Solid PPV and did its job of building up Wrestlemania. Both Chamber Matches were very good and I think the reason Jericho was knocked out of the RAW Match so he can say Punk never beat him & he wants another chance at Wrestlemania. Am I the only one who gets that? Santino was awesome in the Smackdown Match and thought for a moment he would actually do it. I was fine with the Ambulance Match and anyone who didn’t see Cena winning must have been kidding themselves. Nice to have Christian & Alberto both come back tonight as I assume they are all healed up now. I waiting for HHH to come out and break all that up but oh well. The Divas Match was not bad and good to see Swagger/Gabriel get on the Show also. So I enjoyed it and was a solid PPV outing.

    In response to AttitudeFanBoy,the Attitude Era did have its share of throwaway PPVs. Rock Bottom 1998 anyone?

    • AttitudeFan says:

      Are you blind? It clearly is to show that WWE once cared about FEBRUARY PPVS!!! Rock bottom was in December 1998.

      And you think this show was solid so anything you think from now on is invalid watch a legitimate solid show like Summerslam 2002 or Wresltemania 17 if you think EC2012 was solid i think you will shit yourself watching those.

      • Jay says:

        Ive seen WM 17 & Summerslam 2002 and yes I know Rock Bottom took place in December. Ive been watching since about 1990/1991 and excuse me for watching as a Fan & actually trying to ENJOY THE DAMN SHOW.

        Im not saying it was the Best PPV ever but it wasn’t that bad either.

      • TheSDQQKidJoe says:

        Yea, I am going to be “that guy” and say that the era was all that great as you make it out to be. All of the matches you named, all the those feuds WERE MAIN EVENT. If you didnt know, back then it only took up like what, 5% of the show? Lets be honest for a min, the Intercontinental belt was awful after HHH/ROCk and SCSA and Rock. The Women’s belt was worse, as Lita and Trish weren’t quite developed yet. Then you had all these other championships, like Hardcore, Light Heavyweight, etc. Previously mentioned took up the other 95% of the show. Now try and tell me about the the Attitude Era. The rating may have been better than now, but the quality of wrestling sure is not.

      • TheSDQQKidJoe says:

        I didn’t even go into the Tag Team division, which only had 3 teams that basically round robin to give us good matches.

      • AttitudeFan says:

        Quality of wrestling? Ok you are one of those guys who loves 60 minute draw matches and all that boring crap wrestling is drama as much as wrestling its self.

      • TheSDQQKidJoe says:

        What? I feel as if your misunderstanding my point. I can go for a good 60 min match if it has some drama. Do you even know makes a good wrestling match?

  8. AttitudeFan says:

    legal probably but just for Cena/Rock the last time i actually bought a PPV legally was a LONG time ago because nothing has really interested me in WWE for THAT long.

  9. Ice cream says:

    For now on their should only be 1 elimination chamber match two is a bit of an overkill.

  10. TheSDQQKidJoe says:

    This PPV was…….. I don’t have a word for it yet. Came kinda late so i didn’t see the Raw Chamber. I was impressed with Big Show and Barrett in the SD Chamber. Santino’s pop came off as kinda a shock for me. I had second thoughts when he was in the final 2. The ambulance match was dry and awful. You gave it a generous rating.

  11. TheSDQQKidJoe says:

    Don’t be one of those people. We all know your going to keep tuning in.

    • AttitudeFan says:

      “The good shit is on RAW these days” i think you need glasses. Why pay for shit when you get the good for free?

      • TheSDQQKidJoe says:

        I was talking about the PPV’s…..

        Raw is supposed to lead you to the PPV. No matter the outcome at a PPV, you’ve already bought it. Raw and Smackdown led you to believe that the PPV would have great matches. This wasn’t the case tonight, but this PPV leads you to Mania. See the connection?

        I assume you will watch ‘Mania. Legally (or illegally).

  12. Jordan says:

    Totally agree. The show was just there. Nothing happened to really get people excited for Mania. This show made me feel like WWE is just going through the motions, which is NOT a good sign going into the biggest PPV in the industry

    • AttitudeFan says:

      What did they do in the attitude era during this time with PPV’s? They had huge matches and didn’t have throw away PPV’s

      Febuary No Way Out PPV matches had stuff like

      .HHH/Foley HIAC
      .HHH/Austin in one of the best matches ever

      What i am trying to say is they didn’t do this shit back then and its little things like this why the attitude era is missed so much.

      • Thomas Hall says:

        Not so fast. They definitely had throwaway PPVs. See No Way Out 98 for proof.

        • AttitudeFan says:

          Technically that wasn’t attitude era ;)for me its WM14-17

        • TheSDQQKidJoe says:

          Remind him that all of those didn’t happen on one night.

          Oh and im sure Austin and McMahon was at St. Valentines day thingy (forgot). You can correct me if I’m wrong. Facts, man.

        • AttitudeFan says:

          The post was to show WWE once cared about the February PPV.

        • TheSDQQKidJoe says:

          It says February No Way Out. You sure that i need glasses?

          If they didn’t care about it, they would have dropped it.

        • AttitudeFan says:

          *Facepalm* Mistaken information doesn’t require glasses.

          Let me guess you probably liked this shit of a show tonight?

        • TheSDQQKidJoe says:

          Where to start…..

          1. HHH and Foley was the Best one you posted.
          2. Many of the PPV’s containing the matches you’ve listed were 1 match PPV’s as far as i can remember. Most E.C PPV’s have 1 or 2 good matches, and it’s usually the chamber.
          3. Wasn’t tonight a 1 or 2 match PPV? TBH, the Chamber is what draws people to this event now.
          4. It was St. Valentine’s Day Masscare. I believe Big Show debutted there. Yea, that match wasn’t that great either.

    • AttitudeFan says:

      Austin Vs McMahon on PPV… Not great? Jesus guess you had to watch it live.

      One match shows? Pretty sure i mentioned 2 for both 99 and 01.

      The chamber just like HIAC is no where near as good as it used to be

      LOL @ the chamber sells i would be surprised if it even got 200K buys.

      Yup HHH/Foley was a such a great match and some may argue the HHH/Austin match WAS EVEN BETTER! So two matches that are high on peoples all time favorites shows how far WWE’s feburary ppvs have fallen?

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