Monday Night Raw – October 15, 2012: FEED HIM PUNK!

Monday Night Raw
Date: October 15, 2012
Location: Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Jim Ross, Michael Cole

The main story tonight is Punk having to decide who he faces inside the Cell in about two weeks. He either has to face Ryback or Cena and if he doesn’t pick, it’s going to be decided by Vince himself. I’m assuming Vince will be here live tonight which is a good thing given how awesome he was last week. Other than that the PPV is mostly set. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of the ending segment from last week with Punk running away from Vince.

Here’s Big Show with something to say. He talks about how he overpowered Sheamus last week and Sheamus was in awe. Then on Smackdown they tested which finisher was stronger through a machine and the punch won by a landslide. Show gets mad about the 45 second reign and demands a match with Bryan (the guy that beat him for the 45 second reign) RIGHT NOW. Some guys including Bryan are watching in the back. Bryan says no, but AJ comes up and says yes. Kane laughs and Bryan gets in a yes/no battle with about half the roster.

Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan

Show charges right at Bryan but Daniel starts moving as fast as he can. Show shoves him to the floor and we take a break after about 45 seconds. I hate when they do that. Back with Show bearhugging Bryan but Bryan comes back with the rapid fire kicks. He fires off even more but as he goes up top, Bryan jumps into a chokeslam for the pin at 6:32.

Rating: C+. This was a lot better than I was expecting. Bryan going down is the right move here as it’s hard to buy that Bryan can go toe to toe with Show and win in a fair fight. Bryan was a total face in this and the rapid fire kicks looked great. Bryan has been turned by the force of the crowd which always makes for a great push.

Kane comes out for the save.

Here’s Heyman standing in front of something with a cloth over it. He brings out Punk to announce who he wants to face at the PPV. Punk talks about disrespect and how everyone wants to make it about themselves instead of him. Last week that was Vince and then Punk had to beat Vince up to prove his point. Then it took Ryback and Cena to run Punk off. We look at the HIAC poster on the screen which is Punk as the devil in the Cell.

Punk talks about how he’s got two devils to pick from: the one he knows in Cena or the one he doesn’t know in Ryback. Both names get reactions but Cena’s is clearly bigger, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Punk asks for some decorum while he unveils his opponent. He grabs the sheet over what appears to be a poster on a stand, but Punk says he’s going to think a bit longer because the fans won’t stop disrespecting him.

Cue Vince to make up Punk’s mind for him. Vince says he respected Punk last week, but now Punk has lost that respect. Tonight it’s a contract signing and Vince is going to announce the opponent. Vince: RESPECT THAT!

Brodus Clay vs. Alberto Del Rio

I wonder if we’ll hear about their history together. Brodus takes him into the corner to start and rams Del Rio to the floor. Alberto drapes the arm over the ropes and goes after it. Brodus misses a charge in the corner, gets caught in the armbreaker, and taps at 2:20. Brodus, welcome to Jobberville.

Punk rants to Heyman in the back and wants to fight Vince tonight. Punk yells at Heyman here and looks flustered.

Prime Time Players vs. Zack Ryder/Santino Marella

This is joined in progress with Young tagging in Titus to keep up a beating on Santino. Off to Ryder who pounds away on Titus and hits a middle rope missile dropkick to set up the Broski Boot for two. Everything breaks down and it’s the gutbuster to Santino, the Rough Ryder to Young, and the Clash of the Titus to Santino for the pin at 1:26 shown. Ok then.

Post match here’s the Band, now in jeans and leather jackets, to beat on Ryder. Now they’re called the 3MB apparently.

Here are Vickie and Ziggler to talk about how Ryback doesn’t deserve a title match in the Cell. It should be Dolph who gets the shot, and he should cash in the case that night and win both titles. This brings out…..David Otunga? He thinks HE should get the shot. Cue AJ who makes a handicap match.

David Otunga/Dolph Ziggler vs. Ryback

A LOUD Feed Me More chant starts up and a Vickie distraction lets Dolph hit a dropkick. The clothesline kills Ziggler and the annoying fans chant Goldberg. Off to Otunga who gets caught in the over the shoulder Stunner (called an atomic drop by JR) as Ziggler leaves. Otunga gets Shell Shocked for the pin at 1:48.

Heyman comes in to see Vince and offers another match with Vince where if Punk wins, he gets to pick the stipulation. Vince says ok, but it’s against Heyman instead of Punk.

AJ is in the back when Striker asks him about getting beaten up by HELL NO. He implies he wants an apology and AJ is psycho this week so it’s Striker vs. Kane tonight. Striker: “But….no…..”

Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel

Non-title. Gabriel escapes a German suplex to start but gets hit in the ribs to take him down. A HARD double stomp keeps Gabriel down and since we’ve got a Swiss guy vs. a South African, the Tennessee fans chant USA. Cesaro stays on the ribs with a gutbuster and a body vice. They slug it out and Gabriel uses AJ Styles’ moonsault into the reverse DDT to set up the 450, but the injured ribs slow down the cover and Cesaro gets the rope. Gabriel tries a springboard but he jumps into the uppercut to kill him dead. Neutralizer gets the academic pin at 3:51.

Rating: B-. This was a very solid match for less than four minutes. Gabriel can go and it’s always good to see that he has more than 450. They did the same thing with Kidd last week and we got a good match there too. This is what I mean by using the roster to your advantage: WWE has all these people working for them, and for once they’re USING THEM instead of giving us five Santino vs. Cesaro matches in a row.

Matt Striker vs. Kane

Striker has a mic to start and begs for mercy. He says he’d be fine with just an apology. Striker appeals to Kane’s therapy which Kane accepts, giving Striker a hug. Kane won’t let go of the hug and then the chokeslam ends this at 2:02, about 90 seconds of which were talking.

Kane interviews Striker who is out cold post match.

Time for MizTV. Miz insults the crowd a bit and brings out Kofi to hype up their title match on Main Event. Miz offers to carry Kofi like everyone else has. He talks about how Kofi has never done anything of note and how Kofi will always be the B guy that just makes people happy. Kofi says maybe Miz is right and Kofi needs to add some more moments to his career, like winning the IC Title on Wednesday. Kofi offers to have a match tonight, and Miz says ok. Miz says Kofi will always be the guy that says Boom Boom Boom and it’s on, with Miz getting knocked to the floor. More Kofi being serious is a good thing.

Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

Non-title here. They work on each others’ arms to start and Sheamus clotheslines him down and out to the apron. The ten forearms are escapes and Barrett comes back with a shot to the head. A pumphandle slam gets two for Barrett and it’s off to the chinlock. Sheamus fights up and knocks Barrett to the floor. A shoulder block off the apron puts Barrett down and here’s Show with a chair as we take a break.

Back with Sheamus in control as Show sits on the stage and cheers for Barrett. They head to the floor and Barrett tries to kick the steps into Sheamus like he did last week but Sheamus is ready for it this week. As they get back in Barrett fires off a kick to the ribs to take over. A kick to Sheamus’ face has the champion in trouble and they head to the floor again.

They head back inside with Sheamus put in a chinlock, but he gets the crazy eyes and fights up. Irish Curse puts Barrett down but Sheamus can’t follow up. The champ comes back with a knee lift and powerslam for two. Show is getting nervous. Barrett rolls to the apron and you just shouldn’t do that against Sheamus. After the ten forearms and a suplex for two, Sheamus starts smiling. Sheamus gets sent into the buckle and a middle rope elbow gets two for Wade.

Wasteland is countered but the Brogue Kick misses as well. Winds of Change (Boss Man Slam) gets two and Wade is frustrated. Sheamus goes up but has to roll through the shoulder block. The cloverleaf is put on but here’s Big Show. He distracts Sheamus but the champ loads up White Noise. Sheamus gets thrown at Show who low bridges him for the DQ at 15:26.

Rating: B. As usual these two have great chemistry together. I’d love to see them have some kind of a world title match on PPV where they can have a clean finish, as it could be one of the better brawls of the year. They’re both hard hitting guys and when you get two guys who are good at that, it’s going to be a good match. Solid stuff here, albeit with a weak ending.

Sheamus immediately Brogue Kicks Barrett and clotheslines Show to the floor.

Vince is in his office when Cena comes in. Cena says he’s no doctor but Vince doesn’t listen to doctors anyway so it doesn’t matter. John belongs out there and if Vince picks him, he’ll do what he does. Vince says he’ll take that under consideration.

Divas Title: Eve Torres vs. Layla

This is Layla’s rematch from whatever show she lost the title at. They fight over a tieup to start and Eve takes over. She sends Layla to the floor and hurts Layla’s ribs. Back in and Eve works on the shoulder. Well of course she does. Eve puts on a Figure Four headlock but Layla makes a rope after a minute or so. Layla comes back with a kick to the chest for two and screams a lot. The bouncing cross body gets two but Layla gets kicked off the middle rope and is pinned (with her foot on the ropes) at 4:38.

Rating: D+. These matches just aren’t interesting. Layla isn’t interesting at all without McCool there, nor is she interesting as a face. This went nowhere at all and just ate up time on this way too long show. Are there any other women left on the roster at all, or is this just setting up for the epic, yes EPIC I SAY, Kaitlyn vs. Eve feud?

WWE has a new charity thing, this one having to do with malaria nets.

Kane and Bryan have another arugment in the back and Bryan isn’t happy with Kane for laughing at him earlier. “Yes it was funny.” “NO IT WASN’T!” Bryan finally shouts and says next week it should be Kane vs. Big Show. Oh please… ANYTHING but that.

Ryback is in Vince’s office and Vince thanks him for the save last week. The fans are saying Ryback is heartless, merciless, cold-blooded and would run through a brick wall to get what he wants. Ryback looks straight ahead the whole time until Vince asks what Ryback thinks. Ryback says Feed Me Punk. Vince will consider that too.

Mysterio isn’t here tonight, so the finals are next week.

3MB goes to a bar and takes over the stage. Secuirty throws them out.

Rhodes Scholars vs. Epico/Primo

The cousins jump the Scholars before the bell and the Scholars hide on the floor. We start with Primo vs. Cody. Off to Epico who has some good luck with Rhodes but has to chase off Sandow (Damien: “DON’T TOUCH ME!”). Cody takes over and it’s off to Sandow for the windup elbow for two. Back to Cody and there’s nothing to talk about in this match. Cody beats on Primo, Sandow beats on Primo, no one cares, the beating continues. The hot tag brings in Epico for some suplexes but everything breaks down. Epico misses a cross body and the double arm neckbreaker (called the Terminus apparently) gets the pin at 6:53.

Rating: D. Considering one of these teams is likely going to win the tag tournament but couldn’t tonight because one of the people in the tournament final was sick, it’s kind of hard to buy Epico and Primo as a legitimate threat. That neckbreaker getting a name is probably the highlight of this match.

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

Miz charges at him but misses his shot. This is a big brawl very quickly and Miz rolls to the floor. Kofi kills him with a clothesline but back inside Miz takes over again and hits a running corner clothesline. Top rope ax handle gets two for the champ and we hit the chinlock. Kofi comes back with a suplex and a clothesline. The Finale is countered, as is the SOS and another Finale attempt. The Trouble in Paradise gets the pin on Miz at 5:25. That kick looked NASTY, as I don’t think Miz knew it was coming.

Rating: D+. Another dull match here where the ending was obvious. The only thing they could do here is have Kofi get the pin to set up the match he’ll likely lose on Wednesday. Not terrible here but they’re on at the end of a long show which is taking forever to get through. This was all they could do though.

Miz is looked at post match. He was totally blindsided by that kick.

Here’s Vince to announce the main event for the PPV. He brings out Punk, Ryback and Cena as we’re already past 11pm. I love Heyman holding up the title when the other guys come in. Punk cuts Vince off before his speech really gets going. I guess the scene with Vince and Heyman earlier canceled the proposed match? Punk signs without knowing his opponent.

Cena talks about Punk being champion for 330 days but says Punk needs to shut up. Vince tries to make his announcement but Cena cuts him off. Cena would love to fight Punk but he thinks Ryback just wants to beat someone up. That might be what Punk needs and Cena starts a FEED ME MORE chant. Ryback signs….and that’s the match. Ryback Shell Shocks Punk to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. As is almost always the case with this show anymore, it was going really well for the first hour and a half and then it got tiring in a hurry. Three hours can be made to work well, but at some point it’s just too much for one night. That’s what happened here, as the show started dragging badly at about 9:45. There’s good stuff in here, but if you cut out some of the less important stuff (Kane vs. Striker, 3MB, Alberto) this is a very good show. As is, it’s just ok. It’s nice to have a main event for the PPV though.


Big Show b. Daniel Bryan – Chokeslam

Alberto Del Rio b. Brodus Clay – Cross Armbreaker

Prime Time Players b. Santino Marella/Zack Ryder – Clash of the Titus to Ryder

Ryback b. Dolph Ziggler and David Otunga – Shell Shock to Otunga

Antonio Cesaro b. Justin Gabriel – Neutralizer

Kane b. Matt Striker – Chokeslam

Sheamus b. Wade Barrett via DQ when Big Show interfered

Eve Torres b. Layla – Pin after Layla was kicked off the middle rope

Rhodes Scholars b. Epico/Primo – Terminus to Epico

Kofi Kingston b. The Miz – Trouble in Paradise


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  1. Jay says:

    BEST RAW EVER 10/10

  2. Jay says:

    10 Matches this week and even if some of them are short,thats alot and a good thing. Solid RAW and Im pretty excited for Ryback getting the Title shot at HIAC,I will be there to see it.

  3. noahconstrictor says:

    Huh. I guess the dirt sheets were right about Vince loving Skip Sheffield.

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