ECW on TNN – January 7, 2000: There’s A Nice Video. It’s Not Needed At All But It’s Nice.

Date: January 7, 2000
Location: Westchester Country Center, White Plains, New York
Attendance: 2,800
Commentators: Joey Styles, Joel Gertner

It’s the go home show for Guilty As Charged with the real main event being the tag title match with the Impact Players challenging Raven and Dreamer. Unless I missed it, the world title match hasn’t been announced at this point but it’s nothing that you’re going to want to see in the first place. The next year’s edition of this PPV would be the final ECW PPV, so you can tell things are starting to fall apart for these guys. Let’s get to it.

We open with clips from last week with Awesome taking the title back from Tanaka. By clips I mean they air the last few minutes of the match. Spike Dudley came out post match and his female groupie got run over. Spike himself got thrown through a table.

Theme song.

We run down the PPV card.

We get a video on Shane Douglas making the ECW World Title in the famous moment after the NWA Title Tournament. He then lost it to Sandman, who lost it to Mikey Whipwreck, who lost it back to Sandman and I think you get what we’ve got here. For some reason we’re getting a history of the ECW World Title. We’re getting clips of every title change with Heyman doing commentary. This leads up (after nearly five minutes) to Spike saying that he’ll be serious against Awesome on Sunday.

It should be noted that this show has forty five minutes of footage on it and after nearly fifteen of those, we haven’t had a new match yet. The title video was cool but did we really need to see it?

PPV ad.

Hardcore Hotline ad.

Awesome and Judge Jeff Jones say they’ll crush Spike on Sunday.

Lance Storm says Justin Credible is going to beat Dreamer tonight in Dreamer’s home town.

Dupps vs. Kid Kash/Nova vs. Danny Doring/Roadkill

If the Dupps don’t talk, I’ll upgrade this match by a full letter. They would dominate the beginning months of TNA and THEY’RE FREAKING HORRIBLE. This is under elimination rules as well. The Dupps get sent into each other and Nova bulldogs both of them down. Kash headscissors Roadkill down and dives on the other four guys on the floor. Roadkill, who weighs over 300lbs, gets up on top and everyone runs. Smart guys.

Everyone comes back in and Roadkill is dumped over the top through what sounded like a table. After Doring and Kash go to the floor, Roadkill comes back with a double clothesline on the Dupps off the top rope (not out of the corner but on the middle of the ropes). One of the Dupps kicks Nova’s head off but the Dupps have some heel (I think) miscommunication and a double dropkick from Kash and Nova eliminate the Dupps.

Roadkill powerslams Nova down and Doring hits a top rope guillotine legdrop for two. Kash shoves Roadkill off the top as Doring gets another two. Kash hits a top rope rana on Doring but stops to dive on Roadkill. Nova hits a frog splash on Danny but here are Jazz and Elektra for a cat fight. Chris Chetti comes in to help Elektra up and gets slapped in the face. Roadkill holds Kash up in a wheelbarrow slam and Doring adds a guillotine legdrop to drive Kash’s face into the mat at the same time for the pin.

Rating: B. That’s the bumped up version. This was fine but I have no idea if it’s going to mean anything, as the tag titles would float around the main events for a few more months. Doring and Roadkill were a team that came out of almost nowhere and got insanely over by the end of the promotion’s run. Fun match here but the Chetti/girls stuff didn’t need to happen.

We run down the PPV card again.

House show ads. This is getting ridiculous.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Justin Credible

This is a Stairway to Hell match, which means there’s a Singapore cane above the ring and you can climb a ladder to get to it. Dreamer is crying because of his dad not being able to be here. Justin walks out before the bell so Dreamer goes out to get him. Dreamer catches him and beats up both Justin and Jason…and there’s no scheme? Was Justin really just that stupid?

We head back to ringside with Dreamer in control, only to get crotched on the barricade. A ladder is brought in with Dreamer whipping Justin back first into said ladder. Dreamer pounds away on the forehead and we head inside for the first time. Justin’s superkick is caught and Tommy puts him down with a spinebuster. Dreamer kicks Justin in the balls which seems to be shrugged off. That really is in credible.

Dreamer blocks a superplex and throws Justin onto the ladder to take over again. The ladder is placed on the bottom rope and a slingshot drives Justin face first into the rungs. Dreamer puts the ladder on the middle rope but a superplex attempt is countered by a good old fashioned crotching. Justin drop toeholds Dreamer face first on a chair for two. Credible puts the ladder in the corner and rides it down onto Dreamer for another two.

Dreamer counters a whip to send Justin into a ladder in the corner and out to the floor. Back in and ANOTHER low blow puts Dreamer down. Justin goes up on the corner for no apparent reason and gets dropped from Tommy’s shoulders onto the ladder in the other corner. Dreamer puts him down in the corner and drives a ladder into Justin’s balls with a chair shot.

Tommy goes up and gets the cane (yeah remember this is a kind of ladder match) but Jason kicks Tommy in the head. Francine takes Jason out and there’s a Bronco Buster for the annoying manager. Dreamer saves Francine from a tombstone (called That’s Incredible) but Lance Storm comes in to break up the piledriver on Justin. Raven crotches (what is up with that spot being in this match so much?) Storm and now it’s a cat fight between Dawn and Francine. Dreamer loads up a piledriver on Dawn but Justin hits him with the cane a few times and tombstones him for the pin.

Rating: D. You hear the term “a spot fest” thrown around a lot but that’s exactly what this was. There was nothing between all of the spots in here and most of them weren’t even that good in the first place. On top of that, the match was WAY too overbooked. Then again, that’s ECW in a nutshell for you.

Rhyno is ready to destroy Sandman.

We run down the PPV card again to end the show.

Overall Rating: D-. Between taking FOREVER to get to the wrestling, the constant talk about the PPV without explaining why we should care about most of those matches and the bad wrestling, this show pretty much sucked. They’ve had worse episodes of this series, but man this just wasn’t that good at all, even by ECW standards. They pushed the main events decently I guess, but they didn’t do a good job at all with anything else.

Here’s Guilty As Charged if you’re interested:

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  1. AWESOME TANAKA II The rematch was a good one here but i have a dvd of some of the best matches these 2 had and this was a good match and the only highlight on the go home show heading into the first ppv of 2000 aka ecw gulity as charged also set the scene for spike and awesome 2 days later with what happened afterward all in all Not a good show except one good match Awesome Tanaka II In this one

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