Bound For Glory 2007 (2014 Redo): The Dumbest Idea I’ve Ever Seen

Bound For Glory 2007
Date: October 14, 2007
Location: Gwinnett Center, Duluth, Georgia
Attendance: 4,000
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Don West

This is one of the last shows in TNA’s glory years as things would start to trend down after this era. Not that the show would get bad, but the company cooled down a bit and lost its best chance of being actual competition to WWE. Part of that might be the main event: Sting is again challenging for the World Title, this time against Kurt Angle. Let’s get to it.

The opening video talks about becoming an immortal icon. Like Hulk Hogan. Seriously.


This is an Ultimate X match and the winners get a Tag Team Title shot at some point in the future. XXX is Elix Skipper and Senshi who teamed together with Christopher Daniels and are the heels in this one. Homicide hammers on Skipper in the corner to start while the other two fight on the floor. Senshi dives back in to take down Hernandez and Skipper stops Homicide from pulling down the X.

Hernandez gets back up and starts throwing people around like only he can. An over the shoulder backbreaker drops Skipper and Homicide goes for the X again, only to have Senshi climb the ropes and kick Homicide down. Senshi cranks on a dragon sleeper to hold Hernandez against the ropes but the big guy just powers out of it. He shrugs off a bunch of strikes from Senshi and bull rushes him out to the floor. Homicide adds a big flip dive and LAX is in full control again.

Skipper tries to go up but Hernandez just stares him all the way up. Elix gets pulled down and the big man starts climbing but can’t pull the X down, allowing Skipper to dropkick him down. Senshi goes up and is pulled down into a powerbomb, leaving Skipper and Homicide to go to the top of the tress. Elix knocks Homicide back down and hits a HUGE dive onto Hernandez.

Homicide and Skipper go across the ropes but Homicide pulls him down in a huge neckbreaker to put all four guys on the mat. It’s Homicide and Senshi up first with Senshi tying him in the Tree of Woe for a sick looking Warrior’s Way. Both guys head to the floor and Hernandez Border Tosses Skipper over the top to take both of them down. Hernandez goes up and grabs the X for the win.

Rating: B. This took some time to get going but once they just started hurting each other it got awesome in a hurry. LAX was a great combination and they both worked well together here. XXX was hanging in there but at the end of the day, neither of them were any sort of match for Hernandez’s power. Good high spot fest to open the show.

We see Kurt Angle, Karen Angle and Kevin Nash arriving earlier today.

The announcers run down some of the card we’ve already paid for.

Christian cuts off his lackeys AJ Styles (a clueless putz at this point) and Tomko (a serious muscular guy) to complain about Joe keeping him out of the Fight For The Right tournament. AJ says he’s happy to be home.

Fight For The Right Tournament Stage One: Reverse Battle Royal

Jimmy Rave, Lance Hoyt, Havok, Shark Boy, Petey Williams, Kaz, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Kip James, BG James, James Storm, Eric Young, Robert Roode, Chris Harris, Junior Fatu

Oh sweet goodness this match. Let this one sink in for a minute. You have 16 people starting on the floor. The first 8 people to get inside the ring are going to have a battle royal, meaning the 8 that stay on the floor are all eliminated. Then the battle royal takes place and the order of elimination determines the seedings for a standard single elimination tournament with the first person out being the #8 seed. The final two people in the battle royal have a singles match for the #1 seed and the first person out being the #8 seed. The winner of THAT gets a World Title shot in about a month. You might want to read that one again.

You should know most of the people in this. Rave is a small guy, Havok is Johnny Devine and Junior Fatu is Rikishi. It’s a big brawl to start and it’s almost impossible to tell what’s going on. Fatu quickly makes it into the ring as a lot of other people start fighting on the apron. Kaz brings Roode in with a Flux Capactior (C4 2000) and Shelley is in soon after them. Hoyt gorilla presses Young on the apron but Eric rakes his eyes to get in. Lance throws Havok onto a bunch of guys and hops in. Storm sneaks in right before Harris can get in for a nice heel move.

So the eight people that couldn’t get in are gone and it’s time for a battle royal. Young throws Storm out in about three seconds and Fatu cleans house. Fatu drinks a beer and spanks himself a few times before nailing Young in the face. The big man cleans house again and crushes four guys in the corner at the same time. Young hides behind Hoyt to avoid a Stinkface. Everyone gangs up on Fatu for the elimination and we’re down to six.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Sabin and Shelley) double team Hoyt but kick him down instead of out. We get a freaky looking submission where the Guns tie Roode and Young’s legs together and put holds on both of them. Hoyt is back up and the Guns go after him again, only to have Kaz eliminate Shelley. Roode and Kaz are sent over the top but hang onto the ropes. It’s Kaz being put out to get us down to Sabin, Roode, Young and Hoyt.

Lance goes up for a moonsault but gets shoved out to the floor and we’re down to three. Shelley goes up but Roode throws Young into him for the elimination. So it’s Roode vs. Young with Eric getting a few rollups for two each. He misses a moonsault but counters Roode’s fisherman’s suplex into a small package for the pin.

Rating: F. TNA just had a reverse battle royal, a regular battle royal and a match to determine the seedings for a tournament for the #1 contender ship. You could run for MONTHS off these ideas and TNA just did them all in about fifteen minutes. This isn’t even factoring in that the tournament was a mess with Young losing in the first round and Christian facing Chris Harris in the second round despite not even being in the first round. Kaz would win the tournament and of course lose the title shot, making this thing entirely pointless. Somehow this was the less complicated and messy of the two versions of this tournament.

We recap Team Pacman vs. AJ Styles/Tomko. So you might remember Pacman Jones. He’s the guy that played in the NFL and wasn’t allowed to go anywhere without security around him for fear he might get arrested. At one point he was involved in a shooting where a MMA fighter/pro wrestler was shot and paralyzed, earning him a year long suspension. TNA, being the bumblers that they are, MADE HIM A TAG TEAM CHAMPION. Ignore the fact that his NFL team banned him from wrestling, making Team Pacman Ron Killings wrestling handicap matches and winning the Tag Team Titles. YOU THINK I CAN MAKE THIS STUFF UP???

Ron Killings says Rashad Lucius Creed (Xavier Woods) is taking Pacman’s place. You know, like a real tag team.

The Angles argue some more.

Tag Team Titles: Team Pacman vs. AJ Styles/Tomko

Tomko is one half of the IWGP Tag Team Champions here. Creed is dressed like Apollo Creed from Rocky. Styles and Creed get things going with AJ nipping up out of a wristlock. A headscissors puts Creed down but he comes back with a running forearm and clothesline for two. AJ knocks him into Tomko and Creed looks terrified. Killings comes in and gets pounded down in the corner, only to come back with a spinning forearm for two. We get the backflip into the splits followed by the side kick to drop Tomko and it’s back to Creed.

Tomko gets tired of being in trouble and kicks Creed’s head off. He tags out to Styles but stays in to hammer on Creed even more because he’s just that mean. AJ scores with the drop down into the dropkick but Creed comes back by climbing up Styles’ back and drops an elbow on AJ’s spine. Back to Killings who gets kicked in the face as well, allowing for the tag off to Tomko.

Everything breaks down and Creed suplexes AJ into the corner. Creed and Tomko go to the floor so Killings dives on both of them. Styles busts out a HUGE springboard shooting star to take everyone out. Back in and Pacman gets on the apron with a handful of money but Killings grabs a rollup, sending the money flying (making it rain you see). Hebner grabs the money instead of counting, allowing Tomko to come back in for the Tornadoplex (spinning neckbreaker from Tomko and a side slam from AJ) for the pin and the titles.

Rating: C. This got better near the end but I still think TNA should feel ashamed by having Pacman Jones be part of their organization. The guy may have reformed later on but at this point he was the scum of the earth but he had a name so TNA felt the need to hire him for a publicity stunt. That never felt right and it still doesn’t here. It also didn’t help that the title change was about as obvious as you could get.

Karen Angle tells Kurt to keep the title so she can have money. Kurt doesn’t listen so Karen tries to get Nash to talk to him. Kevin references Scott Hall instead.

We recap the X-Division Title match. Not much to say here. Lethal is champion, Daniels wants the belt.

X-Division Title: Jay Lethal vs. Christopher Daniels

Lethal is Black Machismo and defending. They trade shoulders to start with no one getting anywhere so Lethal tries another and runs into a shot to the face. The announcers are already ignoring this match to talk about Sting vs. Angle. Back up and a hurricanrana sends Daniels to the floor, followed by a big suicide dive to take him down again. Daniels is up first and Rock Bottoms Lethal onto the barricade before slamming him down onto it as well.

They go back inside where Daniels slaps on a Crossface for a bit. Back up and Lethal gets two off a quick fisherman’s suplex. A superkick misses but Daniels can’t hook the Angel’s Wings. Lethal drops him with a facebuster but springboards right into a nice Death Valley Driver. BME gets two and Daniels is really starting to get frustrated.

The announcers respond to a THIS IS AWESOME chant and finally ignore the World Title match to talk about what’s going on in front of them. Jay comes back with a quick dragon suplex for two but can’t follow up. Daniels goes up top and gets crotched when loading up a hurricanrana, only to have Jay miss the top rope elbow. Instead they head back up with Lethal nailing the Lethal Combination off the top for the pin.

Rating: C+. The match was decent but the commentary really dragged it down. I know the X-Division isn’t as important as it used to be but could you at least pretend you’re paying attention to it? The Lethal Combination was good but this was step down from what the title had done at the previous entries in the series.

The Steiners respect Team 3D but are out to prove they’re the best.

We recap the dream tag team match. Scott Steiner was a heel but was injured in Puerto Rico, leaving him very close to death. Doctors saved his life and now he’s come back as a face, setting up this match which I believe was supposed to happen at Slammiversary.

Team 3D vs. Steiner Brothers

This is a 2/3 tables match, meaning both members have to go through (though it’s not elimination), likely so neither team has to job. It’s a brawl to start of course with all four guys fighting anywhere but the ring. Rick (who looks HORRIBLE) gets in the ring to hammer on D-Von before the partners join in. Scott suplexes Ray and we get the classic Steiners’ pose. The fight heads back outside and they go into the crowd. At least we can see what’s going on.

Scott nails Ray in the head with a chair as Rick hammers D-Von down against the same wall in the crowd. They finally come back to ringside with the Steiners still in full control. We get our first table brought in but D-Von breaks up a belly to belly superplex. With Scott down, a 3D puts Rick through the table and it’s 1-0. Team 3D gets another table in the ring but Scott hits Ray low and hits a Frankensteiner to put Ray through the table.

Next table wins now. Scott avoids a D-Von top rope headbutt but Ray gets back up to plant him with a forearm. Ray whips Scott with a weightlifting belt and brings in some chairs while D-Von grabs another table. For some reason Ray doesn’t like that table and throws it to the floor while Rick and D-Von brawl on the floor. Scott is laid out on the table and D-Von is back in. They try to drive a chair into Scott’s injured throat but the Motor City Machine Guns run out for the save. D-Von accidentally drives a chair into Ray’s face, allowing the Steiners to hit their namesake bulldog to put D-Von through the table for the win.

Rating: D. This was a sloppy brawl but there wasn’t much else they could do given the limitations of the guys in there. By guys I mean Rick if that’s not clear. The match was a big mess and was clearly only there for name value. It’s not any good and the whole thing could have been solved by giving Scott another partner. I know that defeats the point, but it wouldn’t have been as embarrassing.

There are five new Knockouts for the gauntlet match: ODB, Angel Williams (Angelina Love), Talia Madison (Velvet Sky), Shelley Martinez and Kong, who scares the other four off.

We get a quick slideshow of the girls in the gauntlet match.

Knockouts Title: Gauntlet Match

This is to crown the inaugural champion. As usual, it’s over the top with one minute intervals for the ten entrants until we get to the final two when it becomes one fall to a finish. Miss Brooks is in at #1 and Jackie Moore is in at #2. Jackie runs Brooks over and knocks her face first onto the mat until Shelley Martinez is in at #3. Brooks goes after Shelley and gets dropped with a reverse DDT for her efforts. Jackie goes after Shelley, allowing Brooks to hit a top rope seated senton on Martinez.

Awesome Kong is in at #4 but takes 55 seconds to get to the ring and can’t do anything. Jackie throws out Brooks and Kong dumps Martines. ODB is in at #5 and also takes her time getting in, allowing Kong to plant Jackie and dump her out. We’re down to ODB vs. Kong and of course ODB starts swinging. Angel Williams is in at #6 as Kong is hammering away on ODB. The girls wisely double team Kong but are quickly suplexed down.

Christy Hemme (looking GREAT) is in at #7 and immediately gets put in a torture rack. Kong slams her down until Gail Kim comes in at #8 with a missile dropkick. Hemme is taken out by medics as the other three gang up on Kong. They finally dump Kong out (and break her top at the same time) as Talia Madison is in at #9. ODB and Gail Kim double team Williams out Roxxi Leveaux is in at #10 so we have a final grouping of Gail, Roxxi, ODB and Talia. Gail throws out Talia and Roxxi dumps ODB to get us to the one on one match.

Roxxi nails her with a forearm to the chest and plants her with a fall away slam for two. The fans are almost entirely behind Gail, as they’ve been since the beginning. An Octopus Hold has Roxxi in trouble but she falls into the ropes. Gail misses a missile dropkick and they trade rollups for two each. Back up and Kim grabs White Noise for the pin and the first title.

Rating: C-. These matches are hard to get into and it would have helped quite a bit if we hadn’t had a battle royal about an hour ago. Kim is a good choice for the first champion and has a built in challenger in Kong, who had some great matches with Gail in the coming months. I do like that she won the title with a pin instead of dumping someone out though. It feels more proper.

Nash tells Kurt to apologize to Sting for hitting Sting’s son. Angle won’t of course and calls Nash a bad name. Kurt says Sting slapped his wife which is a stretch of course. Nash says he can’t help Kurt tonight and Angle says he knows because Nash can’t get in the ring. Ok then.

We recap Christian vs. Joe, which is simply about respect. Matt Morgan is guest enforcer for no apparent reason.

Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe

Christian has yet to be pinned or made to submit in about two and a half years in TNA. Joe beats Christian like he stole something to start and the fans aren’t sure who to cheer for. Christian gets tied up in the Tree of Woe for a delayed dropkick and there are some Facewashes for good measure. A middle rope Rough Ryder drops Christian and some chops put him on the apron.

The suicide elbow sends Christian into the barricade and the Canadian is in big trouble. We get a badly contrived spot as Joe backdrops Christian up against the ropes so Christian can come down with a DDT on the floor. Back in and Christian nails his reverse DDT but misses the frog splash, leading to a slugout. Joe wins as you would expect him to and kicks Christian out of the air, sending the Canadian to the floor. He tries to walk out but gets blocked by Morgan, who finally does something in the match.

Joe doesn’t like Christian trying to leave so he hits a big spinning plancha to take him down. Back in and Joe sidesteps the cross bosy as only he can. Joe locks on the Clutch but Christian swings back over him and tries the Unprettier, only to be shoved off just as quickly. A powerbomb puts Christian into the corner but he pops back up with a powerbomb of his own and puts his feet on the ropes for two.

Back up again and Christian tries an O’Connor Roll but gets countered into another Koquina Clutch. Christian escapes again and they go up top for no real reason other than to have both guys fall to the floor. This brings out Tomko for a fight with Morgan, allowing AJ to sneak in and try the springboard forearm on Joe, but Morgan breaks it up and chases both lackeys off with a chair. Christian uses the distraction to hit Joe low and the Unprettier gets a VERY close two. Cage puts on a Clutch of his own but Joe powers up and hits the MuscleBuster and puts on the real Clutch to make Christian tap for the first time.

Rating: A-. This was AWESOME and really got rolling once it had the time to get going. Morgan wasn’t a factor here for the most part and the wrestlers got to wrestle. This is a good example of the main event style getting to flow and the ending worked really well with Joe just being too much for Christian to handle once he got rolling. That’s the Joe that TNA was ready to build around before they sold their soul to Kurt Angle for the better part of ever.

Nash begs Sting to not do this with Kurt because Kurt is all Nash has. Since he can’t wrestle anymore, he’d have no way back to the spotlight. Again, Joe vs. Christian just happened but this is the focus of the show.

We recap the Monster’s Ball match. This video has a religious overtone and we hear about how brutal the match will be for everyone involved.

Abyss vs. Black Reign vs. Rhino vs. Raven

Black Reign is Dustin Rhodes in a freaky monster/alter ego thing. Basically it’s evil Goldust but they can’t call him Goldust. Rhino charges in to fight before Abyss comes out. Abyss gets here and cleans house as the announcers find it shocking that Abyss has never won a Monster’s Ball. Rhino brings in the weapons and the match gets violent in a hurry. A low blow puts Reign down and Rhino puts a garbage can between his legs before hitting it with what looked like a golf club.

Raven gets crushed by a shopping cart, leaving Rhino to fight with Abyss. All four fight up the aisle and Rhino Gores his way through a wall after Abyss sidesteps the charge. Raven is busted open and heads to the balcony with Reign. He tells Reign to jump off and land on Abyss but when Reign won’t do it, Raven dives himself, sending Abyss through a table.

Reign tries to steal a pin on Abyss back inside but Raven makes a last second save. Abyss grabs the bag of tacks but gets taken down by a no arms Pedigree from Reign. Now it’s Rhino getting back in to Gore Reign before Raven nails everyone with weapons shots. James Mitchell comes out as Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam to drive Raven into tacks and glass for the pin.

Rating: D+. The last two of these just haven’t been as good as the first one as it feels like they’re just going through the motions with these. At the end of the day, when you’ve seen one of these you’ve seen most of them and that’s the case here. There’s only so many things you can do without killing someone and they hit that ceiling years ago.

We recap Angle vs. Sting. There’s not much here other than they both have history in Atlanta. The stuff with Sting’s son and Nash isn’t mentioned.

TNA World Title: Sting vs. Kurt Angle

Kurt is defending and looks about 40lbs lighter than usual. That’s not a compliment. Sting is challenging because he’s Sting. Good sign in the crowd: Angle Fears Hair. Feeling out process tos tart with Angle going to the rope to get away from Sting. An armbar takes Sting to the mat but he reverses into a headlock. Kurt counters into a headscissors and we have a standoff. A big hiptoss sends Angle out to the floor and we get a breather.

Back in and Sting hammers away in the corner but Kurt comes back with some kicks and uppercuts. The ankle lock is countered and Sting clotheslines him right back to the floor. This time Sting follows Angle out and rams him face first into the announcers’ table. Back in and Kurt escapes the Death Drop and nails a release German to put both guys down. Off to a bodyscissors on Sting who quickly fights up, only to get caught in an overhead belly to belly.

Angle hooks a reverse chinlock with his knee in Sting’s back but the painted one fights up again for a double clotheslines. Both guys are down and it’s really not clear why there’s no count with Sting’s arm on top of Angle. Back up and a pair of Stinger Splashes stagger Angle before a bulldog puts him down. Sting goes up for the top rope splash but Kurt runs the ropes to superplex him down. Kurt rolls the Germans but Sting counters the ankle lock into the Scorpion for a nice counter.

Karen Angle comes out to break it up and we hear about a restraining order for the first time. The distraction lets Nash sneak in to nail Sting, setting up the Angle Slam for a very close two. Sting fights out of a belly to belly superplex but again the middle rope splash hits knees. Angle busts out a 450 but totally messed up, driving his knees into Sting’s chest for two. The ankle lock is countered with Kurt being sent into Nash but the referee gets bumped, and wouldn’t you know it, Sting just happens to hit the Death Drop a second later.

Another referee comes in for two but Nash pulls him out at two. Nash destroys Sting in the corner but Sting fights them off because he’s Sting and therefore Superman in TNA. A low blow stops Sting but he blocks a baseball bad shot. He nails both guys and hits the Death Drop on Angle to get the title back.

Rating: C-. Is anyone else as tired of Sting in these title matches as I am? TNA comes off like a tribute company to him at times and it gets boring seeing him do this stuff every year. The match was decent but there are so many other people that could use this rub. It’s booking like this that has held TNA back over the years and they never learned. I’m still not sure what Nash and Karen had to do with this.

Sting celebrates while he can, as he would lose the title at the next Impact.

Overall Rating: C. The show is good for the most part but it’s very forgettable. I had to go back and look at some of the matches again to remember what happened just a few hours later. Christian vs. Joe was good, but why bother with good when you can have EPIC AND AVERAGE with the main event? Yeah I know it’s star power but how about making some new stars?

Ratings Comparison

LAX vs. Triple X

Original: B-

Redo: B

Reverse Battle Royal

Original: F+

Redo: F

AJ Styles and Tomko vs. Team Pacman

Original: D

Redo: C

Christopher Daniels vs. Jay Lethal

Original: C-

Redo: C+

Team 3D vs. Steiner Brothers

Original: D+

Redo: D

Gauntlet Match

Original: C-

Redo: C-

Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe

Original: B+

Redo: A-

Abyss vs. Raven vs. Rhino vs. Black Reign

Original: D

Redo: D+

Kurt Angle vs. Sting

Original: C+

Redo: C-

Overall Rating

Original: D+

Redo: C

This one got better over time but it’s really nothing great.

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