Bound For Glory 2010 (2014 Redo): They Came, They Saw, They Aren’t Bad

Bound For Glory 2010
Date: October 10, 2010
Location: Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, Florida
Attendance: 3,500
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz

And then it all changed. A few weeks after Bound For Glory 2009, TNA announced the signings of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. The two debuted on January 4, 2010’s Impact and started promising big changes for TNA. This included making AJ Styles a Ric Flair tribute character and having Abyss be granted superpowers via Hall of Fame rings. Around this time, TNA basically stopped being the Little Promotion That Could and tried to take it to WWE, resulting in one of the worst thrashings in wrestling history.

As for the show, this is probably TNA’s biggest pay per view ever and it actually feels like a show you had to see. The main event is the culmination of a months long story where Abyss has been promising that THEY are coming. Along with that, Bischoff and Hogan have been in a power struggle with Dixie Carter while Sting has been saying that he knows what’s really going on. This may or may not be him acting like a crazy psychopath, but we’ll get to that later. I’m sure I’ll find way more to say about this story later. Let’s get to it.

The opening video is a series of clips of most of the people on the card, set to dramatic music. The main focus is on the three guys in the main event: Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle.

Tenay points out that it’s 10/10/10. They billed this up as once in a century, but isn’t that the case with every date?

The announcers run down the card. This is Abyss’ last match in the company and Angle is going to leave if he doesn’t win.

Tag Team Titles: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me

Generation Me is challenging and is currently known as the Young Bucks. The Guns FINALLY won the titles a few months ago and now they need some challengers. Shelley and Max (Buck, partner of Jeremy Buck) with Alex getting stomped down in the corner. Back up and a spinning leg trip puts Max down and the Guns take over. Sabin sticks out his boots so Shelley can send Max face first and things speed up.

Back to Shelley for some loud chops on Max’s chest, but Jeremy trips him up from the floor. Sabin kicks Jeremy in the face and Alex nails Max, setting up a double suicide dive to put the Bucks down. They get back inside with Shelley getting crotched on the top and taken down with a double DDT out of the corner. Jeremey nails a nice spinning enziguri for two on Shelley before a running flip neckbreaker into a backbreaker gets two more.

Shelley fights both Bucks off the top and hits a top rope double stomp on Jeremy before making the hot tag off to Sabin. The Guns speed things way up with double hesitation dropkicks to Jeremy in the Tree of Woe. A top rope clothesline gets two on Jeremy and a Dominator/running cutter combination gets the same on Max. Shelley misses a plancha to Jeremy, allowing him to hit a slingshot X Factor on Sabin. Everyone gets back in but the Bucks break up a Doomsday Sliced Bread #2.

Max hits a kind of neckbreaker off the top rope followed by a 450 from Jeremy. Shelly makes a last second save and catches a diving Jeremy in a Downward Spiral while DDTing Max at the same time. Max kicks Sabin in the face and sends Alex outside before a standing moonsault/springboard splash gets two on Shelley. The Bucks load up More Bang For Your Buck (a fast paced series of dives) but Sabin comes back in for a release German superplex to send Max flying. Skull and Bones (neckbreaker/top rope splash combo) is enough to pin Jeremy and retain the titles.

Rating: A-. GREAT choice for an opener here even though I can’t imagine much being able to follow it. The fans are totally hyped for the show and even I was way into this by the end. They kept playing “can you top this” and release German at the end looked great. The Bucks may be jerks but they can put on a spot fest. Really good stuff here.

Madison Rayne is glad that she unbanned Tara and is letting her fight in tonight’s four way. Mickie James can’t just walk into TNA and become the new boss. Actually she can as Mickie is refereeing tonight.

We recap the four way. The new head of the Knockouts division, Miss Tessmacher, is going to make Angelina Love prove she deserves to be champion. This is basically Beautiful People vs. non-Beautiful People.

Knockouts Title: Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky vs. Tara

Angelina is defending and Madison has Tara in her back pocket for reinstating her after Tara lost her career in a match earlier in the year. Newcomer Mickie James is guest referee in the same vein that Bret Hart was at Starrcade 1997. You have to tag here so it’s Angelina vs. Madison to start. Rayne quickly tags out to Velvet as Tazz says there’s no tagging. The Beautiful People have to go at it and we get a very basic sequence until they collide to put both girls down.

Madison tags Velvet to come in and chokes Angelina in the corner but gets caught in a flapjack. Tara comes in with a hangman’s choke but Madison runs over to tag in Velvet. Sky gets two off a headscissors followed by something like AJ Lee’s Black Widow. Tazz is shouting about bacon for some reason as Velvet gets two off a faceplant. Madison knees Velvet from the apron and everything breaks down. The Botox Injection drops Tara, the Rayne Drop sends Angelina to the floor and Velvet DDTs Madison. Tara gets back up and grabs a rollup with tights on Velvet for the pin and the title.

Rating: D+. This was when the division was starting to get going, but there was no real reason to have the tags here. Tara winning the title makes sense but, could they at least do something besides the same thing from last year with Nash and Young? Mickie was a total non-factor in this.

Madison freaks out on Tara post match but gets nailed by Mickie. James’ music plays and you would never know Tara won the belt.

Eric Young says Orlando Jordan (the bisexual wrestler) looks at him as a father figure. “Who cares if he’s bi…..polar?” Jordan comes up in a mask and offers Christy a sucker.

Orlando Jordan/Eric Young vs. Ink Inc.

Ink Inc. is a tattooed team comprised of Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal. This is the result of an Xplosion match and Eric is carrying a rulebook and has drawn on tattoos for some reason. Oh this is during Young’s latest crazy period. Jordan and Jesse get things going but Young quickly puts the referee on the apron and takes his place. Things settle down and Jesse gets two off a spinning cross body and it’s off to Shannon for a kick to the face and two.

Young comes in and gets rolled up for two so he congratulates Shannon for his success. He high fives everyone, including a tag to Jordan. Ink Inc. kicks Jordan in the corner and Eric wants to join in, only to get crotched on the top rope. Jordan gets crotched right along with him as comedy abounds. Back in and Orlando grinds on Shannon before planting him with a spinebuster. The fans want Eric but get a Jordan suplex for two on Moore.

Young breaks up Jordan’s cheating to give Moore another two count and now Orlando doesn’t want to tag. Instead Jordan nails Jesse and holds Moore open for a cheap shot but Eric goes over and takes Jesse’s place on the apron. Moore tags Eric in because why not and Young cleans house on Jordan. In the confusing, Shannon loads Jordan up in a fireman’s carry so Neal can hit a top rope neckbreaker for the pin.

Rating: D. If you like Eric Young’s comedy, this was gold. If you’re like me and he makes you want to pound a rusty spike into your eye, this was the longest eight and a half minutes of your life. I will however give him this: at least this was something different than the same four things he would do for years on end.

Jeff Hardy says he’ll win the title with a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb.

X-Division Title: Jay Lethal vs. Douglas Williams

Jay is defending and this is a rematch from a title match on Impact. They trade wristlocks to start with Douglas taking him down into an armbar. Lethal pops up and spins him down into an armbar of his own. Back up and Williams nails a shot to the ribs to take over, only to get caught in a quick Lethal Combination to send Douglas outside. Back in and Jay misses a springboard dropkick followed by a Williams knee drop for two.

A chinlock doesn’t get Williams anywhere and Jay is quickly up with a backdrop. Some dropkicks put Williams down again and a cross body gets two. Douglas comes back with a running knee to the chest and gets two off a snap suplex. Rolling Chaos (a rolling German suplex out of the corner) is good for a very near fall on the champion. The very grounded challenger tries a top rope hurricanrana but Lethal rolls through into a sunset flip to retain.

Rating: C. This was fine but forgettable and could have been on any given Impact. Lethal never did anything for me and still doesn’t to this day. Williams was the technical guy and the perfect villain for the division so it might have been a good idea to have him get the title before this show and losing it here. Still though, nothing too bad but pretty basic stuff.

Lethal goes into the crowd and gets jumped by Shore, a new act comprised of Cookie and a guy named Robbie E. Jay gets taken to the ring and laid out with with an RKO. Robbie promises to take the title back to New Jersey. Where Lethal is from. Well to be fair Robbie isn’t supposed to be a smart guy.

We recap Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss. The monster had been going crazy and then World Champion Van Dam tried to stop him at the Whole F’N Show. It ended in a huge brawl and Abyss nearly murdering Van Dam with his 2×4 covered in nails called Janice because THEY told him to. Abyss has promised that THEY will be revealed tonight but I can’t imagine it’s before the main event.

Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss

Monster’s Ball and this is Abyss’ last match in TNA for reasons not really explained. Rob hammers away to start and brings in a chair very early. A springboard kick to the face drops Abyss and he skateboards the chair into Abyss’ face in the corner. They head outside with Rob sliding in a barbed wire board, only to get taken down by an elbow to the face. Rob elbows his way out of a chokeslam and regular slam attempt onto the board before kicking Abyss down onto the barbed wire to really fire up the crowd.

Rolling Thunder misses Abyss nad hits the board again, sending Rob out to the floor. A trashcan to the head puts Rob down again and Abyss bridges a table between the ring and the barricade. They slug it out next to the board with Abyss getting the better of it but not being able to suplex Rob through the board. Instead Abyss gets kicked down onto it, allowing Rob to hit Rolling Thunder through the table for a nice crash.

Back in and a Van Daminator staggers Abyss but he pops up before Rob can launch the Van Terminator. Abyss pelts the chair at Rob to knock him off the top and through the barbed wire board at ringside. Back in again and Abyss sets up the barbed wire board in the corner but gets shoved face first into it, allowing Rob to stomp away at the board in the corner. The Van Terminator crushes the board into Abyss but the Five Star misses. Abyss pulls out Janice but Rob pelts a chair at Abyss’ head to knock Janice out of his hands. Van Dam sees Janice and drills the monster in the ribs for the pin.

Rating: B-. This was a good brawl and a solid way to have Rob get his revenge. The problem with Janice is you can’t show what it’s supposed to do because it would kill the guy, so a shot to the ribs is about as good as it’s going to get. Rob should have been the conquering hero here in theory, but it’s not quite the same with Abyss being the prophet for THEY. Still though, good stuff.

Rob leaves and Abyss tells the camera to come to them so he can say here WE come.

We recap the Band vs. Jarrett/Joe. The idea here is Sting and Nash are claiming that Hogan and Bischoff, the good guys, are up to something. It comes off as jealousy and heel turns for both guys, but Sting has never quite gotten to say the whole thing. All we’ve heard is talk of a huge conspiracy and a grand scheme between Hogan, Bischoff and potentially others.

Jarrett is here because he started TNA and supports Dixie while Joe is there because he has nothing else to do. Pope D’Angelo Dinero, a guy who debuted earlier in the year and hasn’t done much, has joined in with Nash and Sting but doesn’t sound nearly as evil as the other two. We’re also told that Hogan will NOT be here due to back surgery. A lot of people, myself included, saw this as a red flag.

Sting/D’Angelo Dinero/Kevin Nash vs. Jeff Jarrett/Samoa Joe

Joe grabs Dinero’s arm to start and runs him over with a shoulder. Dinero comes back with a flying tackle but Joe pops back up and stares at him. Some rights and lefts in the corner don’t have much effect on Joe so it’s off to Sting for a rematch BFG 2008’s main event. Sting hammers away and tries the Stinger Splash, only to charge into the release Rock Bottom. Joe takes Sting outside and nails some left hands to the jaw. Nash comes in from behind with a shot to Joe’s back to give Sting control.

They walk around just like in 2008 but thankfully stay at ringside instead of going through the crowd. It’s off to Nash back inside for some right hands of his own, followed by knees to the ribs in the corner. Back to Dinero for some stompings in the corner, followed by a slingshot elbow drop for two. Joe fights off Dinero, decks Sting and hits an enziguri in the corner to drop Nash. He crawls over to Jarrett but Jeff drops to the floor and leaves. Joe is all alone and tries to fight them off but three guys are too much for him. The Jackknife is enough to pin the Samoan.

Rating: D+. This was storyline advancement even though it didn’t make sense at this time. To be fair though, NOTHING made sense at this point which is what made this such a must see show, as we were finally promised answers. The match was just kind of there, much like Joe who had no connection to anything here. The annoying part here though was we were building to Sting vs. Jarret for months and now they’re either neutral with each other or on the same side.

Anderson says he’s going to end Kurt Angle’s career tonight because he has to.

Here’s Team 3D for a major announcement. Ray talks about all the titles they’ve won and say they don’t have anything left to do. They’re going to retire, but they want one more match against the Motor City Machine Guns for the titles.

The announcers talk about Team 3D’s challenge.

We recap Lethal Lockdown. This is a culture clash with EV 2.0 (Extreme Violence, the ECW reunion) being tired of Fourtune saying they’re not real wrestlers. The team being brought in wound up being one of the major plot points for what’s going on tonight but we’ll cover that at the end. Flair called EV 2.0 a gimmick and says his Fourtune is real wrestling.

Flair says Fourtune is the heart of TNA and that he’s ready for Foley. Each member gets in a jab at EV 2.0.

Fourtune vs. EV 2.0

AJ Styles, Beer Money, Kazarian, Matt Morgan

Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Rhino, Sabu, Stevie Richards

This is a one ring WarGames match. A man from each team starts and after five minutes, Fourtune gets a man advantage due to winning a match on Impact. That goes on for two minutes then a guy from EV 2.0 comes in. Two more minutes of that and then Fourtune gets the advantage again. Alternate until all 10 are in and then we lower the roof, complete with weapons. No pins or submissions until everyone is in. Foley and Flair are the seconds and everyone is at ringside for the match. They get in a brawl before anyone gets in the cage. Fourtune is all in blue here for a good team visual.

Things settle down so Richards and Kaz can get things going. Stevie hammers away to start and sends Kaz into the cage as Tazz isn’t allowed to say ECW. Richards chops him down in the corner before mocking Flair with a strut. A suplex puts Kaz down and there’s a Koji Clutch of all things. The clock runs down after about three minutes and it’s TV (Legends) Champion AJ Styles in for the save.

The drop down into the dropkick plants Richards and Fourtune puts him in a Figure Four with Kaz pulling at Stevie’s arms. Dreamer finally comes in for the save and clotheslines both of them down. A pumphandle suplex drops AJ and a Demolition Decapitator does the same to Kaz. Richards has a bad leg so Dreamer slams him onto Kaz before putting him on the top rope. Stevie tries a superplex but gets caught in a Tower of Doom by AJ, who sends Kaz crashing into Dreamer to put all four down.

Roode comes in to make it 3-2 and sends Dreamer face first into the cage. All of the Fourtune guys are back up now and in full control, with Flair helping by throwing punches through the camera hole. The destruction continues until Sabu comes in to make the save and somehow revive all of his partners in the span of about 20 seconds. A springboard into a tornado DDT drops Styles and Sabu puts on the camel clutch. Dreamer is covered in blood.

Fourtune starts getting back into it before Storm comes in to clean even more house. Beer Money does their SHOUT OUR NAMES bit as Fourtune is in full control. Raven comes in to even things up again as the extreme guys start getting back into it. Some pretty unspectacular brawling carries us to Morgan getting in as the final member of Fourtune. He drives Sabu into the cage and busts him open in the process. EV continues to get destroyed until Rhino ties things up. A series of clotheslines and suplexes set up a Gore to Storm as the roof of weapons is lowered.

The fans really wake up as the previous fifteen minutes or so were just killing time until we got to this point. EV takes over with the weapons shots as we see even more toys on the roof. Raven and Morgan slug it out until Kaz is thrown through the door and out onto the concrete. Stevie goes after Kaz and they head to the top of the cage. Richards sets up a ladder and a table up there as most of the other people have fought to the floor.

Kaz tries to put Richards through the table but Brian Kendrick pops out from under a tarp on top of the cage to make a save. He slams Kaz through the table and starts meditating because he’s a strange guy. Back in the ring, Dreamer nails AJ with a chair to crotch him on the top and a top rope Death Valley Driver onto the chair is enough to pin Styles.

Rating: D+. This was a pretty lame brawl as it followed the standard WarGames formula: they trade advantages and have a basic brawl until the next guy comes in. Ten people is WAY too much for one ring and that was the problem here. The fact that TOMMY DREAMER PINNED AJ STYLES doesn’t make things any better. Kendrick made things even more bizarre and the whole thing just didn’t do it for me.

Angle says he’ll retire if he doesn’t win and that he has to win the title. This one is for Hulk.

We get a music video on the main event, basically showing how everyone advanced through the tournament to get here and showing shots of them all.

The announcers preview the match for a good while.

TNA World Title: Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson beat D’Angelo Dinero and Hardy and Angle went to a time limit draw, forcing the three way. Hardy debuts new music which should tell you a lot. Anderson gets double teamed to start but Kurt is sent out to the floor. Angle comes back in and throws Jeff to the floor so he can kick at Anderson’s knee in the corner. A release overhead belly to belly gets two on Mr. with Hardy making a save. Jeff gets back into it and picks up Anderson, so Angle Germans both guys at the same time.

Anderson goes outside for the first time but Jeff backdrops Angle up and over the top for a bad landing. Thankfully he’s ok enough to pull Anderson out to the floor for a brawl, but Hardy dives over the top to put everyone down. Back in and Kurt puts Anderson in a chinlock until Jeff makes a save. He goes up top very slowly though, allowing Angle to run the corner for the belly to belly. Jeff pops back up, only to miss the Swanton on Anderson and give Kurt a near fall. Dixie Carter is watching at ringside.

Angle loads up a superplex but Andeson turns it into a Tower of Doom for two on both guys. It’s Angle up first to roll some Germans on Anderson before doing the same on Hardy. He wants to keep things together so there’s an ankle lock to both guys at the same time. Angle goes up top but Anderson’s ankle is fine enough for the rolling fireman’s carry for two. Hardy breaks it up with a Swanton for two on both guys.

Back up and Anderson goes up, only to get caught in a belly to back superplex to give Kurt a near fall. Whisper in the Wind puts Angle down and there’s a Twist of Fate to Anderson. The Swanton crushes Mr. but Angle grabs Jeff’s ankle. Anderson breaks it up with the Mic Check for two on Kurt and everyone gets two off a rollup. Kurt actually hits the moonsault for two on Hardy, who falls out of the ring. Angle escapes the Mic Check but accidentally clotheslines the referee. Everyone knows the big THEY reveal is coming.

Anderson hits the Mic Check on Angle but can’t follow up. This brings out Eric Bischoff with a chair but Hogan comes out (I’m as shocked as you are) before he can swing it. Hulk is on crutches and moving pretty slowly as we have to wait even longer. Bischoff throws the chair down but takes away a crutch. Hardy gets back in to calm things down but Hogan hands him his crutch.

Jeff squares off with Bischoff….and breaks the crutch over Angle’s back. Hogan smiles and Bischoff says that was awesome. Hogan points at Hardy and hugs Eric as they watch Hardy break the other crutch over Anderson’s back. The Twist of Fate is enough to pin Anderson and give Hardy the title.

Rating: B-. The match is good but this was ALL about the booking and big swerve at the end. Hogan and Bischoff weren’t really surprises so it was all down to who was going to side with the new mega heel faction. Hardy winning the title is fine and the best option given who was in there.

Bischoff introduces Jeff as the new World Champion and a smiling Jeff Jarrett comes out. Abyss follows them out and hugs Hogan. Fans throw trash in the ring ala the NWO debut (there were rumors this was planted) as RVD comes out to ask Jeff what he’s doing. Hardy lays him out with a belt shot and poses with THEY to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. This is a VERY tricky show to grade as it all revolved around the huge reveal at the end. I remember waking up on the day of the show and being genuinely excited to find out who THEY were. That kind of excitement is reserved for Wrestlemania and nothing else in wrestling. TNA did an OUTSTANDING job of building up this story, even though when you look back at the last six months, there are roughly 84,038 plot holes in the story.

The problems with THEY (later called Immortal) all came later when, just like the NWO, the team expanded to about a dozen people and you couldn’t keep track of what was going on. The same was true of the buildup as it went in so many different directions that the whole thing stopped making sense about halfway through. It’s a good twist ending because Hardy was kind of the forgotten one in the whole mix, but the problem with these kind of stories is in the details. There is so much material in a wrestling show that somewhere along the lines, someone did something that doesn’t add up in the end.

That’s where this story lost me at first: I really don’t like the idea of having to keep track of dozens of plot points to figure out if a show makes sense or not. That’s why the show is still good but doesn’t have nearly the weight behind it that it did live. In 2010, all I cared about was the reveal. Now I know what’s coming (including that Sting and Nash had been right all along), so much of the drama is gone. It completely changes the show and thankfully lets you see that there’s more to it than just the main event. Good stuff here though and still TNA’s biggest show to date.

Ratings Comparison

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me

Original: B

Redo: A-

Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara

Original: D+

Redo: D+

Ink Inc. vs. Shannon Moore/Jesse Neal

Original: D

Redo: D

Douglas Williams vs. Jay Lethal

Original: C+

Redo: C

Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss

Original: B-

Redo: B-

Sting/Kevin Nash/D’Angelo Dinero vs. Samoa Joe/Jeff Jarrett

Original: D+

Redo: D+

EV 2.0 vs. Fourtune

Original: D+

Redo: D+

Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

Original: B

Redo: B-

Overall Rating

Original: B-

Redo: C+

This is the point where I was watching the shows live so the ratings are going to be closer.

Here’s the original review if you’re interested:

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