Reality of Wrestling – September 13, 2015: I Can Dig That

Reality of Wrestling Episode 75
Date: September 13, 2015
Location: Clear Lake Recreation Sports Center, Clear Lake, Texas
Commentators: Matt Topolski, Brad Gilmore

You might have heard of this company before but I’ve never actually seen anything from them. This is Booker T.’s promotion which was previously known as the Pro Wrestling Alliance. They’ve actually been around for ten years now and I’m going into this one totally blind. Let’s get to it.

One more note: I’m not sure of the date this aired but it’s the date the show was uploaded to the promotion’s Youtube channel.

The opening sequence isn’t bad as this looks like a pretty well run place. I’ve seen FAR worse and the production values aren’t bad at all.

The announcers preview the show and call the promotion the Row (as in Row, Row, Row Your Boat).

Steele vs. Evan Snow

Steele is a good sized guy in something like a silver Vader mask. Snow is the hero and a hip hop guy. I’m guessing this is second generation Al Snow vs. George Steele. Snow speeds things up to start and gets two off a dropkick and cross body. We hit a chinlock on the heel which certainly isn’t something you often see.

Back up and Steele takes his head off with a clothesline and a HHH style spinebuster. Some knees to the head get two on Evan and we hit the chinlock. Snow fights up and nails a quick elbow for two but gets caught on top for a superplex. That’s fine with Snow as he shoves Steele down and drops a top rope leg for the pin.

Rating: C. Yeah this was fine with a basic story of power vs. speed, which has worked for the better part of ever and is going to keep working no matter how much wrestling tries to over complicate things. Snow was a simple gimmick but he was fine out there with some good charisma against a run of the mill monster (nothing wrong with that).

Bryan Keith, a cowboy, is polishing his belt and says last week’s bounty was one of his toughest. Apparently GM Sharmell has put a series of bounties on his head and he welcomes all comers.

A monster named Cedric (seriously?) gets yelled at for letting down Legion (sounds like a heel stable). The guy doing the yelling (who looks like Jimmy Jacobs) slaps Cedric and laughs.

Diamonds Title: Miranda vs. Athena

This is the Women’s Title and it’s vacant coming in. Athena is billed from Dallas/Chicago and gets run over before nipping up into a headscissors for a sweet comeback. Miranda snapmares her down again before kicking Athena square in the back. I think Miranda is the heel here but it’s not clear. We hit the chinlock for a bit before Athena hits a nice springboard cross body for two more. A bad looking spear gives Miranda the same but Athena sends her to the floor for a suicide dive. Both of them are down so here’s another woman named Ivory (not that Ivory) to attack Athena, drawing a DQ.

Rating: C+. This worked as well with Athena looking more polished, though I’m not sure Miranda really had a chance to showcase much. She didn’t really have much to make her stand out, whereas Athena was flying all over the place. It may not have been the best executed stuff but it was certainly exciting. Miranda doesn’t have the size or power to make a spear work, though that’s never stopped a bunch of wrestlers.

Post match Ivory says she wants a title shot. The match was billed as a no contest, which is nonsense as Ivory didn’t touch Miranda.

We see a clip of a previous match between Aiden Cristiano and Gino who seem to be former partners or mentor/mentee. Gino won with a rollup to shock his manager Rayna, who seems to have left Cristiano for him. Gino looks to be about 12 years old, albeit tall. The two of them bragged after the match but I could barely understand a word of it due to background noise. You can tell Gino is a heel as he speaks in the third person.

Parviz vs. Erik Lockhart

Parviz is another monster with a guy named X in his corner. Lockhart used to be part of a tag team with his brother but they split for unknown reasons. Erik tries an early triangle choke but gets powerbombed into the corner. A powerslam puts Erik down again and Parvis pulls down the straps to let Lockhart get in some open chops. Parvis’ chokeslam is countered into a DDT but here’s Andrew Lockhart (Erik’s brother of course) to pose on the stage so paparazzi can photograph him to distract Erik, allowing Parvis to grab the chokeslam for the fast pin.

Athena swears revenge on Ivory. Again, she could use some coaching but the core stuff is there. A little research says that the more coaching will come in NXT, where she signed two days before this aired. Good for her.

Erik Lockhart has an edited interview where he talks about how he might have to slap some sense into his brother but he’s just not sure.

Someone named Mysterious Q will break his silence next week.

The announcers debate Andrew Lockhart’s change of attitude. Gilmore: “I saw him in a People Magazine when I was at the grocery store.” Toploski: “What grocery stores do you shop at?”

Tag Team Titles: Heavenly Bodies vs. Pump Patrol

The Patrol (a pair of exercise enthusiasts named Jared Wayne and Curt Matthews) is challenging. One note here: Evan Snow was billed from Hip Hop, USA. The Patrol is from Pump City, USA. They need to come up with something more original as you shouldn’t be repeating an idea that soon. The announcers argue over whether someone named Jackson is the GM or not with Sharmell being brought up as the real GM. Power struggles even happen down in the minors.

Curt and Justin (no last name given) start things off with Justin missing an elbow, allowing Curt to do some pushups. The other Heavenly Body comes in and gets clotheslined in the corner as the announcers are promising a Flexorcism. Ok then.  A double elbow from the Patrol sends both champions (seriously, TELL US THEIR NAMES) to the floor, followed by Wayne with a flipping double clothesline.

Back in and a snapmare into a legdrop gets two on Dustin (thank you). The champions take over for a few seconds but Jared blocks Curt from hitting the corner off a whip. A double Stun Gun gets two on Curt and Justin makes it serious by stealing Curt’s headband. Dustin comes in for a leg lariat (clearly made no contact) and a blind tag keeps Curt in trouble. The referee misses the hot tag and the Bodies get in some double stomping.

Curt kicks out of a top rope splash and finally rolls away from both champs (The referee didn’t mind them both being in there because he’s a nice guy. Or incompetent.) for the hot tag to Jared. Everything breaks down and the Flexorcism (Codebreaker into a full nelson slam. I do like the move name) gets two with Dustin making the save. Jared charges at Dustin but gets caught in the Pearly Gates (A wheelbarrow slam into a cutter. Again, good name and a good move.) for the pin.

Rating: C-. I wasn’t feeling this one for the most part as both teams are screaming indy level teams. It’s not a bad match or anything but neither of them made me care about the match. There was no real story and the Patrol’s gimmick didn’t do much for me. The Bodies are as generic as you can get and it showed badly in the match. That’s a good finisher though.

Overall Rating: C. Totally watchable show here with more than enough good action and stories going around to keep my interest. Nothing really stands out (save for Athena who was already signed up by WWE at this point) but it’s a great way to have the people get ring time, which is the most important thing when you’re at this level.

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