Thunder – September 20, 2000: What A World

Date: September 20, 2000
Location: Civic Center, Erie, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Jeremy Borash, Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay

We’re in a world where Vince Russo is the #1 contender to the WCW World Title because that’s how things are supposed to go around here. Odds are tonight is going to be about setting up that huge showdown on Monday with Russo getting some MANLY promos or maybe even a quick MANLY match. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Nitro highlights.

Here’s Russo, flanked by security, to get things going, complete with the black paint under his eyes that football players wear. Stevie is groaning louder than usual over this and thinks he’s going to be sick. Russo talks about being ready to be champion in five days and knowing that Booker needs tonight off because he’s a street thug and the visiting team on Monday.

As for tonight though, Vince wants to have a warmup match so he calls out Stevie Ray. This brings Stevie up from commentary but Russo doesn’t want to see him. That’s quite the quick plot change. As part of his new character, Tenay says that if Stevie leaves, it means more time for Tony and himself to talk. Stevie walks around the side of the ramp as per Russo’s orders, leaving Russo to rant about Booker as Jarrett and Steiner arrive.

Steiner beats up the security and maces Russo before yelling about how he wants his title shot. Russo says they can have a triple threat against Sting later and then have all the title shots they want. Apparently Russo made Steiner (no) and Jarrett (ok yeah he kind of did), which is enough to make Russo run off, only to have Sting and Booker come in for the brawl.

Jeremy Borash takes Stevie’s place and is now shilling for Russo.

Jung Dragons vs. Natural Born Thrillers

Sanders/Jindrak/O’Haire. It’s Hayashi vs. Sanders to get things going for some armdrags and right hands before it’s off to Yang and O’Haire. Sean blocks a sunset flip because he’s a big guy and Yang is a rather small man by comparison. It’s off to Jindrak to throw Yang down with a Samoan Drop before Sean drops the Seanton. Jamie comes in off the top with a guillotine legdrop for the save at two though, meaning they’re actually not squashing the Dragons just yet. That doesn’t mean they’re being treated all that well though as Sanders has jumped in on commentary because the Dragons just aren’t a big threat.

Jamie tries to DDT the two guys actually in the ring but Jindrak plants him with a powerbomb. Everything breaks down and Jamie is thrown hard into the barricade as Sanders powerslams Kaz. The Dragons’ manager Leia Meow is whipping Jamie for taking his beating, followed by hitting a top rope seated senton for the pin on Sanders. The referee is just fine with this of course.

Rating: D+.What did the Thrillers do to tick this company off? In a few days now they’ve gotten beaten up by a retired Orndorff, Tygress and now the Jung Dragons. I mean, I know they were actually getting somewhere so in WCW that’s probably the right time to knock them back down the ladder and use them as a way to give Nash an angle.

Disqo is in the back with the Cat and Ms. Jones, the latter of whom throws his duck on the ground.

Russo tells a masked guy to sell for him later.

Disqo suggests Rey vs. Juvy in a #1 contenders match for the Cruiserweight Title later tonight. Again, how does he have this kind of authority?

It’s time for the Lava Lamp Lounge with the contestants in the Miss Nitro competition on Monday. Torrie is going first but Major Gunns cuts her off to talk about how large her chest is. Paisley and Tygress talk a bit and the fact that Awesome might be a judge makes thing even worse. It turns into a catfight with two Nitro Girls coming out to argue as well. The set is trashed again and Awesome is ticked off. So we’ve seen the Thrillers lose and Mike Awesome used to put over a swimsuit contest while Vince Russo is #1 contender.

Scott Steiner promises to win tonight.

There’s going to be a battle royal for the vacant Tag Team Titles on Monday. So far we have Kronik and Mysterio/Guerrera confirmed.

Vince Russo vs. Masked Heel

Russo has his helmet on, which is pretty low level protection after having brain surgery like two weeks ago. The Heel is introduced as an international shoot champion and a 28 time Olympian. His shirt says THE MASKED HEEL and he comes out to the Leave it to Beaver theme that Booker had to use earlier in the year or whenever that was. Russo chops him in the corner a few times and we get the Hogan hand to the ear. Borash is going on like Cole went on about Miz in a kind of funny bit.

A big boot mostly misses Heel’s fast and there goes the MANLY shirt for some posing. Russo tries a legdrop but looked like he was missing a dropkick instead. The Heel pops to his feet and starts no selling, including a spear bouncing off of him. The mask comes off and of course it’s Stevie Ray with a slap jack to Russo’s ribs. He’ll leave now though so Booker can have a piece on Monday. Therefore, Russo wins via DQ/countout or it’s a no contest, meaning he is STILL undefeated! My but that’s MANLY!

Post break, Russo sends Kronik after Stevie Ray. Do they follow his orders now?

Konnan approves of Disqo’s idea.

Paisley vs. Torrie Wilson

Kwee Wee and Shane are in on commentary for what could be rather entertaining if Kwee Wee is allowed to be himself. The match is of course a disaster of a catfight with Torrie shoving Paisley’s leg away, which draws Shane away from the five man booth for some reason. The guys brawl and Paisley rolls Torrie up for the pin.

Shane gives Paisley the Franchiser so here’s Tygress to jump on his back. Konnan has to come out for the save with his rolling clothesline, which Tenay calls a DDT because his spirit has been broken.

Russo and Sanders are talking in the back.

Here’s Team Canada with something to say. After a quick speech from Storm on how we should all join Canada, Duggan blames the American fans for his recent change of heart. With that, it’s time to burn the American flag. Cue the Misfits who are beaten down because Storm has a flag and Duggan has a big board, but the powers of a sex pun turn the tide. Rection tries to save the flag but Duggan beats him down instead, leaving the General to cover the flag with his body as he takes a beating.

Sanders puts a forklift in front of Booker’s door. Clearly he was the only man in the building capable of doing this and not like, a forklift driver or something.

Jarrett guarantees a win tonight.

Kronik vs. Stevie Ray

Stevie is still in the Masked Heel shirt. Borash: “Suckas are kinda curious about how this match is going to go.” Tags are required so Stevie pounds on Clark to no avail as we get things going. A good looking bicycle kick puts Clark down for two but Adams comes in to help out on a double elbow to take over.

Kronik shoulders him down as the announcers try to figure out if Adams and Clark are working for Russo or not. Stevie hits the slap jack but can’t hit the Slap Jack. Adams picks Stevie off with the full nelson slam and they load up High Time onto the chair, only to kick the chair away in a show of mercy. The regular High Time is enough for the pin.

Rating: D-. This was exactly what you would have been expecting, which is to say a match longer than it should have been (just over three minutes) and nothing interesting. Kronik having shades of gray isn’t a good idea either, especially if it leads to a double turn with the Harris Twins because one set of heel monsters is enough.

Remember that forklift in front of Booker’s door? It’s still there.

This Week In WCW Motorsports.

Russo yells at Kronik for not using the chair. The pair of giants’ response? Nothing of course.

Rey Mysterio vs. Juventud Guerrera

Remember when this was one of the best matches in WCW? Why did they stop with that? The winner gets a title shot at some point in the future. Konnan and Tygress sit in on commentary (of course) with Konnan going into an actually interesting history about how Mexico has a lot of different weight classes and how successful these two have been. They go to a knuckle lock to start and do the now standard series of flips into a double cover with both guys bridging up for the save.

Juvy scores with a DDT for the first real advantage and the guys are suddenly mad at each other. A double clothesline puts both of them down but it’s Juvy up first with a springboard spinning dropkick to send Rey outside. Juvy follows with a slingshot dive (Konnan: “Also called a pescado.” When did Konnan turn into the best commentator in WCW?) but gets powerbombed back inside. The Bronco Buster crushes Juvy as Konnan says Disqo has officially been thrown off the team. A nice spinning ankle scissors sends Juvy to the floor and Rey hits a dive of his own.

Back in and Rey springboards into a HARD sitout powerbomb for two. Rey landed on the back of his head there and it looked bad. Juvy’s springboard splash gets two and Rey grabs a bridging rollup for the same. Back up and Rey tries a standing Lionsault which is caught in the Juvy Driver for another near fall. Rey gets in a powerbomb of his own but Juvy flips him into a sunset flip for the pin and the title shot.

Rating: B. You can’t go back to what you had with these two that easily but it was nice to see a flashback for a single night. I’m not sure what’s going on lately with Thunder but they’re actually letting us have the occasional good, clean match which shows how good the roster still can be. Unfortunately that makes it even harder to sit through how bad things really are as you know they can do better.

Disqo comes in post match and gets beaten down by the team.

Sting is ready for the triple threat.

3 Count vs. Harris Brothers

The beating is quickly on because the Harris Brothers are the real stars here and 3 Count can do whatever they want and actually have characters but it doesn’t mean anything because there’s nothing for them to do in WCW. On a side note: Ron is growing his hair out. That makes him so much more interesting by default. The H Bomb takes Shannon out but here are Kronik and the Thrillers to turn this into a preview of the battle royal and throw the match out.

This week’s interview is with Stacy Keibler and this week’s creepy Tenay line is when he asks if she needs a second hand to count all the people that she cheated with. Of course it was only one but Stacy won’t say who it is. Tenay actually thinks he could have gotten Stacy, “if it weren’t for the fact that I’m a married man with morals.” Stacy insists it wasn’t Ric Flair and leaves. Tenay: “Boy, she’s gonna make a great mother.”

The forklift is moved.

Scott Steiner vs. Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett

Russo is out for commentary. Before the match, Steiner insults Goldberg, Booker, and Booker’s mama. If there is one thing you don’t do, it’s insult Mr. T.’s mother. It’s a brawl to start of course with Sting getting the better of it early on. Steiner comes back with a belly to belly though as Russo hijacks commentary to talk about his title match being inside Caged Heat. Oh yeah they’re building up on those swerves.

The heels double team Sting and here’s Booker T. in Sting gear. By gear I mean a singlet and a Sting mask with nothing else hiding his identity. Booker starts cleaning house with signature Sting stuff (and the referee is too stupid to notice the difference you see) until we get a Spinarooni. Sting comes back in and puts Russo in the Deathlock, only to have Jarrett hit Sting with the guitar…..AND THAT’S A DQ???

Rating: D. Nothing match but they’ve actually made WCW referees look even dumber than they already were. This company continues to make my head hurt as they do one stupid thing after another, such as Booker wearing a Sting mask being enough to fool the referee. Of course it doesn’t really matter as the announcers were focusing on Caged Heat being announced for Monday because it’s all about Russo.

Jarrett and Steiner put on their submissions to end the show.

Overall Rating: D. Mysterio vs. Guerrera aside, this was the latest mess that focused WAY too much on Russo and had too many plot holes going on that stopped making sense. Booker being trapped was fine, but why in the world did Booker dress up like Sting? What did that change or enhance whatsoever, aside from making WCW look stupid? Bad show for the most part, but the worst is of course still yet to come.

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