Lucha Underground – October 16, 2016: Wrestling With An Accent

Lucha Underground
Date: October 12, 2016
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

Things started to pick up a little bit last week as Prince Puma and Matanza had one heck of a match for the Lucha Underground Title. On top of that we have some new characters coming in with Ivelisse’s boyfriend Jeremiah and whoever Killshot left behind in war. We’ll also have the Gift of the Gods Title on the line tonight as Sexy Star defends against Jack Evans. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap focuses on Rey Mysterio Jr./Chavo Guerrero/Dragon Azteca Jr., Johnny Mundo wanting the Lucha Underground Title and the Famous B. saga.

Chavo attacks Dragon in the back with a chair. Mysterio comes in and awkwardly shouts Chavo’s name.

Son of Havoc/Mascarita Sagrada vs. Famous B./Dr. Wagner Jr.

Havoc and Sagrada come in on a motorcycle with a sidecar, freaking B. out for some reason. Why he’s shocked that a biker comes out on a bike isn’t clear but Famous B. is a complex guy. The bad guys slide to the floor, allowing Havoc and Sagrada to hit stereo dives. Havoc throws the mini into a hurricanrana to send B. flying and the fans are way into this early on. Wagner gets rolled up for two as he starts with Havoc but it’s quickly off to Sagrada to frustrate the Doctor.

B. comes in (rocking the white suit and tie) to take over on Sagrada because B. isn’t exactly good in the ring. A headscissors is enough to keep Wagner down and allows the tag off to Havoc. Everything breaks down and Sagrada gets to beat up B., including a pretty impressive Wasteland. Havoc gets shoved off the top though and it’s a Dr. Driver for Sagrada, allowing B. to get the pin, with Wagner’s stethoscope of course, at 5:25.

Rating: C+. They were smart to not give this one too long as it’s not the most interesting story. Famous B. is a good choice for the Jimmy Hart role though as he can go and work an easy match like this if necessary, which so many managers can’t do at the same level. I’m not sure where this story can go though, unless we’re actually getting Sagrada vs. B. at Ultima Lucha III.

The Rabbit Tribe is coming soon.

Dario’s Dial of Doom is back next week. Also next week: Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes.

Gift of the Gods Title: Jack Evans vs. Sexy Star

Star is defending. Before the match, Evans rhymes about this being Sexy’s last match because she’s going to need a lawyer after facing the star destroyer. I’ve heard worse, like from Men on a Mission. Star hits him in the face with whatever she can but gets dropkicked back down.

For some reason Star decides to speed things up against JACK EVANS, though it actually works as she armdrags him to the floor. A running seated senton off the apron has Jack reeling but he easily takes her down for a chinlock, complete with him making her speak Spanish. Jack’s multiple flips set up a double thumb to the eyes but gets caught in some slingshot bronco busters. That’s a new one, followed by some old knees to the back for two.

With that being a bit too complicated, Star shoves him off the top and dives outside after him, only to have PJ Black springboard in for a distraction. Cue Johnny Mundo to spear Star for two, followed by Aerostar and Drago to take them out. Then it’s Aerostar interfering to distract the referee, allowing Star to hit Black low. A fisherman’s neckbreaker retains the title at 9:17.

Rating: C-. I really don’t like the WWE style starting to sneak into this promotion. This match didn’t even go ten minutes and had five people interfere, along with a kendo sick. Lucha Underground goes hardcore and violent at times but I’d like that kind of stuff to stay far, far away from the regular matches. At least Star retained for a little while longer though and that’s important.

Chavo is in Dario’s office and the boss puts him in the main event for attacking Azteca. Mysterio comes in to blame Chavo for the attack and a fight breaks out. Dario puts them in a three way match with Pentagon Dark for the main event.

Pentagon Dark vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero

The good thing here: Pentagon comes out for his match with Azteca but is told the match has been changed. In other words, there was something planned before the new main event was announced. You almost NEVER get that in WWE or anywhere else for that matter. Mysterio and Pentagon split the chants as NO ONE CARES ABOUT CHAVO. Rey starts fast with some headscissors and both villains are quickly knocked out to the floor.

Pentagon comes back in and eats a springboard crossbody as Chavo looks for some toys. That earns him a baseball slide to drive a chair into his face, leaving Pentagon to shout into the camera. A hard shot to the knee has Rey in trouble but Chavo sends him face first into the chair in the corner. To be fair, Pentagon had to expect that when he loaded the thing up in the first place. It’s just wrestling logic.

Chavo comes back in with a suplex for Rey and a lot of stomping ensues. Now it’s Pentagon getting back up and dropkicking Rey to the floor, followed by something like a monkey flip into a Codebreaker for two. Chavo can’t quite hit Three Amigos, which Striker calls blasphemy. No, blasphemy is suggesting that Matt Striker deserves to be on commentary in wrestling. A Guerrero using a Guerrero move is pretty normal. Mysterio has had it with Chavo and takes him out with a 619, only to get caught in the package piledriver out of the corner to give Pentagon the pin at 8:50.

Rating: C+. I always approve of any match where Chavo Guerrero is beaten up. Pentagon winning is a good thing as he deserves more than what he’s doing at the moment. I’m not entirely sure why we’re still on Mysterio vs. Guerrero but maybe the next step is getting Dragon Azteca on to something better as well.

Post match Chavo cleans house with the chair and crushes Rey’s knee.

Overall Rating: B-. The wrestling was better here and that’s going to solve a lot of the problems in any promotion. Unfortunately, this is turning into just a run of the mill wrestling show with a theme instead of the off the wall and completely insane show that made me have so much fun with it for such a long time. I’m still having fun with it but it’s not must see anymore and that’s a shame.

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  1. Bloodbuzz Bunk says:

    It’s a clever move of them to turn a feud between Pentagon and everybody whose arm he snapped at the end of season 2 that mattered into two separate feuds with Chavo v Rey and Azteca v Pentagon.

    Puma v Mil should be fun next and I’m really starting to love Johnny’s evil chase for the GOTG and LU titles. Helps make them feel important.

    I’m sure the craziness will return eventually( we got a lot of that updated in the first three episodes) but the craziness is the shows great strength and Weakness because it can enrich the overall story and all of the in ring feuds on a subtle level but it is impossible to deal with directly in the ring for a lot of reasons so the in ring side has to exist on its merits as a pure wrestling show otherwise the whole house will fall in itself.

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