Ring of Honor TV – November 2, 2016: It’s All The Rage In Japan

Ring of Honor
November 2, 2016
Location: Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Lowell, Massachusetts
Commentators: Steve Corino, Kevin Kelly

We’re still in Lowell and things are slowly starting to get ready for Final Battle. Kyle O’Reilly is probably on his way through the Bullet Club to get to Adam Cole and that’s likely going to include a tag match with Cole and Adam Page against ReDRagon, which has the potential to be a lot of fun. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of ReDRagon vs. the Adam’s.

Opening sequence.

Donovan Dijak vs. Danny Miles

The fans know this is going to hurt. Dijak kicks the handshake away and mauls Miles into the corner with forearms. The chokebreaker and back to back to back Feast Your Eyes wrap this up at 2:17.

Prince Nana says Dijak will never quit.

We look at the Motor City Machine Guns brawling with the Bullet Club after last week’s show went off the air.

The Briscoes are ready for the Addiction.

Briscoe Brothers vs. Addiction

Actually hang on a second as the Addiction is in street clothes. Frankie says they’re too banged up from Ladder War to compete here before going into the Briscoes’ legacy here in ROH. When Kazarian thinks about legacies, he thinks about Christopher Daniels, who has given everything he has to Ring of Honor and it’s Kazarian’s privilege to stand beside him and fight the wars with him. The Addiction leaves as I wonder what has lit a fire under them with these promos lately. I’m not a big Daniels fan but I’d love to see these speeches go somewhere.

The Briscoes say they didn’t lace their boots up for nothing so let’s get the Young Bucks out here right now for a World Tag Team Title shot.

Adam Page/Adam Cole vs. Briscoe Brothers

The Adam’s are here because the Bucks are still banged up. The Briscoes fight off an early ambush and it’s Page vs. Mark to start, only to have Cole jump Mark from behind. It’s Page sending Mark into the corner as the villains take over early on. The announcers use the stomping time to talk about Cole’s long list of challengers, which is one of the better uses of such time that you’re going to see.

We come back from a break with Mark having to fight off the double teaming with an enziguri to Cole. The hot tag brings in Jay (who is oddly booed) for a hard clot and neckbreaker on Page. Jay loads up the Jay Driller on the champ but takes a World Title shot to the head for the DQ at 7:30.

Rating: D+. This didn’t have time to go anywhere but I’m digging Page getting a push. He showed he can go in the feud with Jay Briscoe and it’s not like you can ever have too much talent. The Briscoes are one of those teams who can be fine no matter how many times they lose and I’m sure they’ll get another Tag Team Title feud soon enough.

ReDRagon makes the save despite Fish barely being able to move due to bad ribs.

Matt Taven says the Kingdom debuts next week.

Jay Lethal thinks he’ll get the World Title back in London.

We recap the Six Man Tag Team Title tournament so far.

Caprice Coleman says the Cabinet is ready to win the belts.

Six Man Tag Team Title Tournament Semifinals: The Cabinet vs. ACH/Jay White/Kushida

This is for a spot in the finals, despite the other half of the bracket not even starting yet. The Cabinet does their protest of the handshake but jump the good guys, meaning it’s time to stomp on White. We come back from a way too early break with White still in trouble until he kicks Coleman and Titus off the apron.

It’s off to ACH (now Super ACH apparently, which I actually kind of dig) and everything speeds up in a hurry. The announcers talk about how this is more traditional in Japan, which is as close of an admittance to “we’re doing it because New Japan did” as you’re going to get. The Hoverboard Lock sends Coleman to the ropes for a hilarious “GET HIM OFF ME!” in a high pitched voice.

Coleman’s arm gets worked on with a variety of wristlocks. King low bridges ACH to the floor as everything breaks down again. We come back from another break with King suplexing ACH for two as Corino thinks he and Kelly can get Nigel McGuinness to come out of retirement and win the belts.

ACH sends Coleman and Titus together and brings in Kushida to clean house. Everything breaks down and Titus gets triple teamed until Coleman and King have to save a pin. The Sky Splitter gets two on White and Kushida kicks King and Titus to the floor. A Rock Bottom plants Coleman and the Midnight Star gives ACH the pin at 21:07.

Rating: B-. I really can’t stand this tournament, though the Cabinet being eliminated helps a lot. They’re really not hiding the fact that these titles exist because New Japan has them and that doesn’t do much for me as a fan. You have three guys thrown together against a team with a stupid gimmick and if you win three matches in a row you get titles? These things just exist and I need more than that to care.

Overall Rating: C. This show was kind of all over the place with the tournament eating up a bunch of time, a quick squash and a long segment involving the Briscoes. It’s certainly not a bad episode but it basically comes down to your stance on the tournament. If you like that, you’ll like this show. If you’ve grown sick of all things New Japan like I have solely because of ROH, this probably isn’t your favorite show.

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