Monday Night Raw – April 4, 1994: Everybody in the Ring for a Ten Man Tag

Monday Night Raw
Date: April 4, 1994
Location: Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, New York
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Gorilla Monsoon

I still can’t get away from this year. This is just over two weeks after Wrestlemania X so Bret Hart is reigning on high as the WWF World Champion. There isn’t much else going on at the moment as we’re still firmly in the fallout stage, meaning things aren’t going to pick up again for a good while. Let’s get to it.

Adam Bomb and Earthquake got in an argument backstage and a match was set up for later. That would be a Wrestlemania rematch in case you needed the extra spice.

Opening sequence.

The announcers, in front of a horrible green screen, welcome us to the show and talk baseball.

Earthquake vs. Adam Bomb

Bomb jumps him at the bell (I guess he has a short fuse) but gets clotheslined outside for his efforts. Back in and the shoulders have no effect on Earthquake so let’s head outside for another breather. Vince: “Maybe he can find some direction from North Korea.” Bomb comes back in with a slingshot clothesline for two as Howard Finkel and Harvey Wippleman get into it on the floor. As Vince plugs house shows, Bomb charges into a boot and gets suplexed down. The Earthquake ends Bomb without too much effort.

Rating: D. This was far longer than their Wrestlemania match (which only lasted about thirty seconds) and I’m not sure I get the point in having Earthquake win here, unless they were setting him up to be fed to Yokozuna or something. Anyway, not a great match here by any stretch but given who was in there, this could have been worse. Not much more standard, but worse.

We look back at Mr. Perfect costing Lex Luger the WWF World Title at Wrestlemania.

Luger blames Perfect because he wants revenge.

Here’s Perfect for an explanation. An explanation of him being shoved and disqualifying Luger as a result? Monsoon rants about what Perfect did and wants to know what was going on. Perfect says he has nothing against Luger or Yokozuna but Luger pulled both Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji into the ring. That was ok though and Perfect let them go.

Then Luger turned Perfect around but that was allowed too because it was a championship match. But then Luger turned him around again and pushed him and that was too far. If the people have a problem with that, they’re the ones with the problem. Monsoon threatens him with some Luger violence to wrap things up.

Razor Ramon tells us to keep watching.

Razor Ramon vs. Austin Steele

Non-title. Steele looks like Buddy Landel. Razor throws him down and grabs a modified STF so he can slap Steele in the back of the head. We hit a long abdominal stretch before a chokeslam and a hard Razor’s Edge put Steele away.

Rating: D+. Razor’s offense looked crisp as usual and Steele looked good bouncing around on the mat. Most of the match was spent hyping up Ramon vs. Diesel on the upcoming house show tour and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not like they had anything else to talk about at this point.

We look back at last week’s show with Johnny Polo and the Quebecers issuing an open challenge so Captain Lou Albano brought out the freshly face turned Headshrinkers.

Polo and the Quebecers aren’t sure who they’re facing next week (it could be the Smoking Gunns, the Bushwhackers or Men on a Mission) but they’ll fight anyone.

Tatanka/Thurman Sparky Plugg/1-2-3 Kid/Smoking Gunns vs. Headshrinkers/Jeff Jarrett/IRS/Rick Martel

This was originally scheduled for Wrestlemania but the heels couldn’t pick a captain (read as Shawn vs. Razor went REALLY long) and it was cut. Billy and Samu start things off with Gunn backsliding him for two, earning himself one heck of a clothesline to turn him inside out. The beating continues until Tatanka gets in a shot, allowing for the hot tag off to Bart (work with me here).

Jeff sends him into the buckle though and the villains take over again. IRS hammers away and we take a break. Back with Plugg working on Martel’s arm and getting two off a crossbody. The announcers talk about IRS wanting Tatanka to pay a gift tax on his new headdress (I’ve heard worse actually) as the armbarring continues.

It’s off to IRS vs. the Kid with a kick to the head almost knocking IRS’ tie off. Everything breaks down (as you might have expected) but IRS avoids a charge in the corner (which looked like a Bronco Buster to someone standing up, which basically means it was designed to miss) and pins the Kid without too much effort.

Rating: C. Longer than it needed to be here but it’s nice to have something that actually feels important for a change. If nothing else it’s nice to get whatever we missed from Wrestlemania, which actually bothered me back in the day. Even back then I didn’t buy the argument and thought it was just the show running long.

Pick the Quebecers’ opponents and give us your money!

It’s time for the debut of the Heartbreak Hotel with Shawn listing off the rules, including don’t take the towels and ashtrays. Now to the point: Diesel wants the Intercontinental Title. That’s about it and remember: at the Heartbreak Hotel, you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave. I can always go for some Eagles and it makes up for the lame segment, at least to a certain extent.

Video on Wrestlemania X.

Yokozuna vs. Scott Powers

Forearms to the back and the big legdrop set up the Banzai Drop for the quick squash. The only matter of note is Yokozuna checking the ropes because he’s scared after falling at Wrestlemania.

One more hotline plug ends the show.

Overall Rating: D+. A totally ho hum episode here with the only moderately interesting thing being the ten man tag. Shawn and the Heartbreak Hotel is hardly noteworthy, especially when it was clear that Shawn didn’t have the thing down yet. We’re firmly in the Wrestlemania fallout period here and that doesn’t mean the most interesting time in the world.

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