Lucha Underground – July 26, 2017: The Old Lucha Way

Lucha Underground
Date: July 26, 2017
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

I believe the second round of the Cueto Cup wraps up tonight but the bigger deal is Rey Mysterio getting back into the ring for the first time in a good while. Worldwide Underground has a new pesky agent who has gotten PJ Black a match with Mysterio. That could be a lot of fun and when you couple it with the tournament stuff, this show has potential. Let’s get to it.

Standard opening, looking at the tournament as a whole and the matches for those competing tonight.

Striker mentions that the tournament final is in four weeks, which will also see Mysterio vs. Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground Title.

Cueto Cup Second Round: Texano vs. The Mack

They actually speed things up to start instead of going with the power brawl, including a series of near falls into a standoff. That’s quite the surprise. It even warrants a handshake before Mack grabs a headlock for a negligible advantage. Mack sends him outside for a running flip dive, followed by a running basement Blockbuster for two inside.

Some very loud chops have Texano in even more trouble but he comes back with some softer chops. They head outside again with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker dropping Texano, only to have Mack go down as well. Back in and Mack gets two off a swinging slam but here’s Famous B to spray him with a water gun. That earns B. a Stunner but the distraction allows Texano to grab a Batista Bomb to advance at 7:19.

Rating: C+. Good power brawl here though the ending felt like a cop out rather than a win for Texano. It’s not like either of them are going to win the tournament but the ending didn’t work for me. The match was fun while it lasted though and that’s a good thing, but Famous B. isn’t doing anything for me and hasn’t in a long time.

Son of Havoc is at a bar when Son of Madness comes out and takes his drink. They were in the same biker gang and Madness is here to bring Havoc back whether he likes it or not. At least it’s a story.

Mascarita Sagrada brings the Rabbit Tribe a present, with the card saying it will bring them good luck. It’s a rabbit’s foot, meaning panic ensues.

Cueto Cup Second Round: Pentagon Dark vs. Drago

They hit the mat to start, which is a lot more technical than you would expect from someone as violent as Pentagon. Drago sends him outside for a big flip dive, earning himself some rather loud cheering. Back inside and they trade some hard running kicks in the corner with Pentagon getting the better of it because he’s rather good at the whole beating people up thing.

Pentagon suplexes him into the corner for two but Drago grabs a hurricanrana for the same. A running Blockbuster gets the same, only to have Pentagon catch him in a half nelson driver for another near fall. Drago runs up the corner for a tornado DDT followed by a top rope hurricanrana but the top rope splash only gets two. Pentagon is tired of playing around though and hits a Mexican Destroyer…..for two. Well of course that doesn’t finish it. The package piledriver finishes Drago a few seconds later at 7:57. Then just have the Destroyer finish the thing.

Rating: C+. Ending aside, this was a nice back and forth spot trading showcase with each of them hitting most of their big stuff. Pentagon is coming off like a bigger star every single week and they would be crazy to not put him back into the title picture, likely destroying everyone in his path, very soon.

Post match Pentagon lays out Kobra Moon and goes for the arm but Aero Star makes the save. Drago lays out Aero Star and Pentagon breaks Star’s arm as a trophy.

Pentagon runs into Catrina in the back where she reminds him of his issues with Mil Muertes. Catrina promises that Mil hasn’t forgotten and will take him out of the Cup.

PJ Black vs. Rey Mysterio

They start fast with Rey grabbing a hurricanrana and a victory roll for two, sending us to a standoff with Black smiling. An ankle scissors sends Black outside but he catches a dive and drops Rey with something like a reverse Rack Attack. A top rope fist to the face gives Black two and it’s off to a double arm crank.

Back up and the 619 is broken up by a superkick but Rey misses a springboard. They slug it out until Rey flips him out to the floor for an Asai moonsault. The spinning crossbody gives Rey two but he gets caught in the Tree of Woe for a top rope double stomp. Can we please ban that spot all over wrestling? I’ve got money. A Styles Clash gives Black two but he gets caught in a tornado DDT.

The referee gets bumped though and here’s Johnny Mundo to lay out Mysterio. Jack Evans comes in to make it a triple team but here’s El Dragon Azteca to make the save. Taya takes him out though, leaving Black to get a close two. Azteca chases the Worldwide Underground off, leaving Rey to reverse a Razor’s Edge into a hurricanrana. The 619 sets up a springboard frog splash for the pin at 11:29.

Rating: B-. Black has really showcased himself over the last two weeks and that’s quite the improvement. I’ve never been the biggest fan of the guy in the world but it’s a good sign that he’s able to do a lot more than just have a flashy finisher. Mysterio might not be what he used to be but he’s still far better than many other cruiserweights and he gives Lucha Underground credibility, which they really can use.

Mysterio says everyone here will win the title from Mundo in four weeks.

Overall Rating: C+. Not a great show this week but we’re down to the final eight in the tournament and are starting to get some real build towards the title match. As usual, the best way to make TV seem important is to give it a long form build and that’s what we’ve gotten so far. These shows have been FAR more entertaining than what we had been seeing in the months leading up to it and that’s a very important upgrade.

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